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Inbox: Patience leads to progress

So many folks are focused on tomorrow when we haven’t even gotten through today

G Jon Runyan
G Jon Runyan

Mike from Baraboo, WI

What date and time will be Aaron Rodgers' decision day? Asking on behalf of the Packer Nation.

I confidently can say it wasn't 2/22/22.

Jeff from Cincinnati, OH

I only have one question/concern about Aaron Rodgers: Is David Bakhtiari responsible to update Aaron's golf cart for the years listed as MVP?

That's the biggest question of the offseason.

Julian from Gastonia, NC

I don't understand the recent posts by Aaron Rodgers. If he has decided what direction he wants to take, why not just announce his decision? If he hasn't made a decision, what is the point of the posts? Can you figure them out?

Because it's his life. If he wants to write an Instagram post about gratitude, then he should do it. If he wants to pop on "The Pat McAfee Show" and talk about significant others and 12-day cleanses, that's absolutely his right. Guys, the answer is going to come sooner than later. This isn't going to carry on until June. However, you also can't rush these things. Because it's a monumental decision Rodgers is making. It affects his daily life, football legacy and perhaps even his long-term health. I say take all the time he needs to make the right decision.

Jimmy from Rockford, IL

Regarding A-Rod's Instagram post: How cool is it that he and Jesse Pinkman are friends?!

I honestly thought the same thing when I saw that.

Justin from Los Angeles, CA

As we all await Aaron Rodgers, I just want to give props to Jordan Love for his professionalism and patience in what must be a hard situation. If Rodgers does come back, is it realistic to expect a first-round QB pick to sit for three or four years in today's NFL? And if he does, how do you decide on a fifth-year option or contract extension without getting an extended look at him in game action?

Love has been a total professional since the Packers drafted him. It doesn't happen often that a first-round pick sits three seasons but I also don't see anything wrong with it. Every year, this league chews up and spits out prospects who were prematurely thrown into the fire. So many folks are focused on tomorrow when we haven't even gotten through today. Love just needs to keep improving and making sure he's ready when his time comes.

Richard from Woodruff, WI

Considering Jordan Love, I have to think that he is in a good situation, learning from the best and watching the other young quarterbacks develop while avoiding injury. That said, how difficult is it to wait for your time to come? Playing second fiddle can be frustrating but it is essential. Thank you.

I'm sure it can be but playing the waiting game also played out well for Rodgers, Steve Young, Matt Hasselbeck, Tony Romo and many others. In Young's case, he played right away with Tampa, it didn't go well and then he had to wait five years to get another chance at being "the man." As tempting as it can be, playing right away can be a double-edge sword in the NFL. Just ask Mitchell Trubisky, Marcus Mariota and all these other former top picks working to get a second chance.

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Jeff from Lake Forest, CA

Hi Wes, I realize that AR/DA will determine what happens with much of the roster, but I'm curious if there is somebody down line you have your eye on to see if they return? Perhaps somebody that's been developing and is starting to come into their own, or a solid, complementary player that plays a necessary role? I think for me it's Tyler Lancaster. Not sure if we've seen everything there is to see from him or not.

Lancaster is a good pick. He's an unselfish guy and key reserve who's played a lot due to injuries and other circumstances. My choice would be Jon Runyan. He made some emergency appearances as a rookie but never actually started a game. It appeared like he was headed for the same role this year before injuries began to dismantle the offensive line. Instead, Runyan ends up starting 17 games (including playoffs) and looked the part at left guard all season. Runyan was patient and patience leads to progress.

Jim from Tucson, AZ

Wes, it seems everyone hates the cap. Not me. I love it. The hard cap has allowed the NFL to evolve into the most competitive, entertaining sports league in existence. Can you say "Cincinnati?" If not for the hard cap, Green Bay would not be the home of an NFL team. Do you agree?

Jim, I am 150% with you. The hard cap is what makes the NFL the greatest sports league in the world. I want players to get every penny they deserve but the hard cap levels the playing field for the entire league. That parity not only helps small-market teams survive but also enables a franchise like Cincinnati to turn around its fortunes after a couple decent offseasons. Truthfully, one of the reasons I no longer follow baseball is because small-market teams fight an uphill battle every year. Even if they do field a good team, it's difficult to keep that foundation together.

Dar from Mansfield, TX

Wes, you were stalwart in your support of LeRoy Butler's Hall of Fame chances, so I'd love for you to weigh in on last week's intriguing discussion about which former Packer should next join the Hall. Sterling Sharpe, Mike Holmgren, Gale Gillingham, and Verne Lewellen were all mentioned as worthy. I'd also add in LaVern "Lavvie" Dilweg, the All-Decade end from 1920s and '30s, who has been inexplicably snubbed like Butler was, except decades longer. Any thoughts or favorites?

I'm treading lightly right now because I was so vocal about Butler's candidacy. For that reason, I'm probably going to take a year or two off from stumping for anybody in particular. I will say if Bill Cowher is in Canton, then Mike Holmgren should be in, too. I liked the Centennial Slate idea in theory but I wasn't thrilled with the execution. The selectors righted some wrongs with the 15-person class but I would've preferred that initiative concentrated more on pre-1960 players whose careers ended before the Pro Football Hall of Fame came into existence. Bobby Dillon got in. So, that's a win, but it would've been nice to see Lewellen, Dilweg or Cecil Isbell be honored, too. Diehard readers know my feelings on Isbell and I plan on continuing to bang the drum for his candidacy until I retire. Hutson is in. Arnie Herber is in. Cecil Isbell should be in. I'm still educating myself on Gillingham but many of those who watched him play feel he's been overlooked, as well.

Grant from Janesville, WI

Hi Wes, welcome back. With all this talk about first-ballot Hall of Famers, what do you think of Eric Weddle's chances? He already had the Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors, and now he has an iconic Super Bowl performance. I'm guessing he is not a first-ballot guy, but his resume reads like a Hall of Famer.

I love that Weddle came back, even though it resets his Hall of Fame clock. I do think he has a case for Canton. Weddle was a five-time All-Pro (two first teams), six-time Pro Bowler and a member of the NFL's 2010s All-Decade Team. Weddle returning and capturing a ring is the storybook ending to a great career.

Etienne from St Joachin de Tourelle, Canada

How does Elgton Jenkins' injury compared to the David Bakhtiari one, on a recovery time frame? I understand nobody heals the same and that the answer isn't set in stone. Could he miss a full calendar year of play? Can't wait for that Elvis.

Like Bakhtiari last year, the timing was tough with Jenkins' injury coming in late November. As you said, not all ACL injuries are equal. The typical window is 10-12 months depending on whether there was structural damage around the ACL. We'll just have to see where he's at this summer but hopefully Jenkins can get back out there next season.

Joe from Hampshire, IL

Kudos to Wes for the analogy of pruning a tree leading to future vitality with coaching staff pruning :) Even I, Joe the arborist, am impressed. With Bobby Tonyan both in injury recovery and uncertain contract status, who do we have on Vic's proverbial "tight end tree" for 2022?

Like most years, there aren't many "sure things" in this year's draft at the tight end position. Colorado State's Trey McBride seems to be the consensus top TE in this year's class and possible first-round pick. There probably will be several Day 2 picks, but it's difficult to unearth Pro Bowlers at that spot. While Tonyan's status is up in the air, the Packers are scheduled to return Marcedes Lewis, Josiah Deguara and Dominique Dafney next year.

Bill from Richland Center, WI

I enjoy reading your columns every day! I have wondered about this for years. When the defensive end crashes inside who then has the contain responsibility?

It depends on the play call. If they're running a game/stunt, it could be the defensive tackle's responsibility to play the edge. It also could be an inside linebacker, nickel cornerback or strong safety who needs to crash down. There always is a plan, though. It's not just throwing caution to the wind in hope of a big play.

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Gene from Anderson, IN

Hey Wes, not a question but a remembrance. If Bart's sneak is the greatest play, the greatest verbal message has to be "OK, run and let's get the hell out of here" – Vince Lombardi.

Probably, in all its glory.

Eric from Washington, D.C.

Can you provide some history lessons and perspective? Can you provide another team that went "all-in" besides the Rams? Did it work out for them? Did they fall into mediocrity? Just because a team does go "all-in" doesn't guarantee anything. Does going "all-in" guarantee a lull after success or does the salary cap allow fixing past mistakes? It's hard to think losing so many first-round draft picks won't put a ripple in the pond a few years from now.

Plenty of teams have pushed "all-in," but I don't call a team that liquidated all its draft capital like the Rams have. Again, LA has a fifth-round pick and two sevenths this spring. That's it. When you mention teams that bottomed out after going "all-in," the 2000 Washington Football Team and the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles are the first two that pop into my brain. I'm sure there are more examples.

Brandon from Green Bay, WI

Wes, I will be a first-time high school head coach in the area this upcoming spring (I won't get into what sport or exact location). Past the perspective you already offered in regards to the Wisconsin-Michigan outcome, what other advice can you offer to set myself and team up with success in year one? Appreciate all you and Spoff do, keep up the good work.

First, God bless you. I never coached other than assisting my brother-in-law with my nephew's 5-year-old soccer team. However, I covered high school athletics in some capacity for nearly 10 years. My advice is to be who you are and not let outside forces steer you from your goals. Parents can be fickle and opinionated. That doesn't mean they're right. You gotta do what's best for the people on the field, not the sidelines. All the best!

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

I meant you could change three plays to change three different outcomes. I'll pick Favre's OT INT in his last game to a Packer TD, Nick Collins doesn't get injured and the '14 onside kick gets recovered. Honorable mention goes out to LaFleur going for it on fourth down against Tampa Bay and Rodgers throws a TD.

Oh, I'm aware. I chose to use all three wishes on the 2014 NFC title game. If forced to differentiate, then I'd say M.D. Jennings getting credit for his interception in 2012, Favre's INT against the Giants and Micah picking off Kaepernick for the pick-six. Are you happy now, Derek?

Keith from Dodgeville, WI

Why do you think Coach Gard was fined $10,000? I thought it was Juwan Howard's fault by not accepting a gracious defeat and shaking hands and leaving.

I guess $10,000 is the going rate for touching Juwan Howard's biceps in 2022?

Randy from Billings, MT

You'll be 43 in 2031? "Final 12 years" with an 18-game schedule would put you at 55. You planning on retiring at 55?

Yes, and possibly earlier if I can swing it. There's a laundry list of things I want to do before I get off this spaceship. Also, how old do you think Spofford is? He practically said the same thing last week.

Brian from Bemidji, MN

Wes, what's the book of choice? Every time I saw my one niece, I read her "Curious George." She'd bring me the book until she was in high school!

"Little Blue Truck."

Bernabe from Monterrey, Mexico

I'm sorry. I know you probably received this correction, but it's not soccer – it's fútbol or football. Which is precisely what they play, you hit the ball with your foot. American football should've been called American Rugby, but who cares?

It appears you do, Bernabe. We apologize for the error.

Jim from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

As a new part owner of the Green Bay Packers, I would like to commend you on the fine job you and Mike are doing. Keep up the good work.

Thanks boss.