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Inbox: Rich Bisaccia's resume speaks for itself

Both sides prospered from De’Vondre Campbell’s decision to sign with the Packers

Packers special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia
Packers special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia

Neil from Tunbridge Wells, UK

Wes, any chance of more music references in your answers after the "Careless Whisper" one?

Oh no, I got to keep on moving...

Rudy from Cedarburg, WI

After Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams, who is the most important free agent to keep this year? De'Vondre Campbell? Rasul Douglas? Jaire Alexander? We can't keep them all, right?

Jaire is under contract for another year because the Packers exercised his fifth-year option. Outside of Adams, I think Campbell is the most irreplaceable unrestricted free agent. Douglas was terrific, but cornerback is a position of strength for the Packers. Inside linebacker is a spot Green Bay has been trying to fill for years and this defense was different with Campbell on the field. It would be nice if the Packers can find a way to make it work because I feel like this is the best spot for Campbell's talents to be utilized, as well. Both sides prospered.

Kristin from Sister Bay, WI

Hi, reading up on Rich Bisaccia has me wondering, how do they find these guys? In his case, he has been a name we have heard before, but sometimes the coaches are pulled from deep waters, and it makes me wonder if teams have someone on their staff whose main job is just to be on a coach hunt, all the time. Are coaches (and I don't mean head coaches, but all coaches), on edge all the time regarding job security?

That wouldn't be a great way to develop a good culture. But no, there isn't a staff member responsible for finding coaches for Matt LaFleur. He does it himself. Hiring is often about connections and comfortability, especially at the coordinator level. In Bisaccia's case, he's an established special teams coach who has worked extensively with defensive coordinator Joe Barry in the past. His resume speaks for itself.

Dwight from Brooklyn, NY

You've answered a lot of questions about the special teams roster, but I'm wondering if, now that we have a new ST coordinator, in the upcoming draft and free agency, will the front office check player resumes in the third, fourth, etc., rounds and free agency to see if they're multi-tool players in which a lot of snaps were on special teams as well as their core position?

Sure. Back in 2011, one of the reasons the Packers drafted Ryan Taylor was because of what he might bring to special teams. So, I'm sure that factors into that equation. At the end of the day, it's about identifying talent and understanding what that talent does well, even if that player isn't a "starter" on offense or defense.

Matt from Albert Lea, MN

Looking at new special teams coach and hopefully much better production in that area. I think Kylin Hill could play a role next year if healthy. Any updates on his progress from his knee injury?

I haven't heard anything but I liked what I saw from Hill in a limited capacity this past year.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

ML's coaching staff is nearly complete, with one fairly big exception: QB coach. I'm wondering if Coach LaFleur might be interested in someone on either the Rams or Bengals staff? Or, if the uncertainty in GB's QB situation might be a factor? GPG in '22.

We haven't seen or heard any reports on the QB coach front, which is understandable. That may be the one assistant post LaFleur needs to look outside the organization. Where he looks, I have no idea.

Brittany from Warren, OH

What's going on with Rodgers?

He was golfing on Wednesday and likely will be named NFL MVP today. So, he's got that going for him…

Dan from Algonquin, IL

I detest the notion Rodgers has been a disappointment based on how many Super Bowls he has won. There simply aren't enough titles to go around for all the worthy all-time-great QBs in the Super Bowl era. Consider the following (with number of Super Bowl titles). All are in the top 20 in all-time passing yards (among other categories). HOF or likely, too: Brees (1), Favre (1), Rivers (0), Marino (0), Ryan (0), Rodgers (1), Stafford (0 or 1), Moon (0), Tarkenton (0), Palmer (0), Fouts (0).

This topic gives me a headache – and it's not exclusive to Rodgers. The same narrative followed Peyton Manning until he won his second Super Bowl despite having the worst statistical year of his career in 2015. By the time the clock hits midnight, Rodgers could add a fourth MVP award to a first-ballot Hall of Fame resume. I understand you want more Super Bowls. He does, too. But I don't get the disappointment angle with fans. Few in the game's great history have accomplished more than Aaron Rodgers.

Jeffrey from Eveleth, MN

I love Aaron Rodgers and would love to see him stick around. However, if someone is offering four No. 1's or a huge package of other high draft picks, I'm listening. That draft capital could be packaged together to move up high in the draft to find the next Aaron Rodgers. Would you agree?

Same song, different verse. So many Packers fans are locked on what comes next. I'm focused on what's in front of the Packers right now – what gives them the best chance to win a championship in 2022. Aaron Rodgers is that person. Again, Rodgers is about to win his second MVP in a row. Most Valuable Player. Most. Valuable. Player. We're not talking about a fringe starter here. We're talking about "The man." You want next? Ask the Miami Dolphins what came next after Marino. Ask the Buffalo Bills what came next after Kelly. Ask the New York Jets what came next after Namath. Maybe it's a third straight Hall of Fame QB in Green Bay, but that's not a given. Carpe diem.

Richie from Oceanside, CA

Assuming David Bakhtiari returns 100% and there's a young, solid O-line in the middle, that leaves RT open for competition. With Billy Turner in his last year, does Yosh Nijman have an opportunity to convert to RT and compete for the spot? Do you think that's realistic?

We have to see what the roster looks like this summer but both LaFleur and Adam Stenavich have been strong proponents of getting your best five O-linemen on the field and figuring out the rest from there. Based on how Nijman played this past season, I believe he's earned the right to compete for a starting job in 2022. So, too, has Turner, but he also can play pretty much any position on the O-line.

Jared from Tampa, FL

To carry on the conversation of Heisman winners and Super Bowl winners, it speaks volumes to the differences between the two games, but the understated part of the conversation seems to be how long those differences have persisted. Which do you see as the driving factor, college or NFL? Do colleges react to trends in the NFL game, or does the NFL react to the athletes the college game is producing?

I think there's validity to the notion of the pro game reacting to college trends but the NFL game is so much bigger, stronger and faster. Urban Meyer caught a lot of grief for his quip about every NFL Sunday being like playing Alabama but there is truth to that. Even the "bad" teams are good.

Fred from Divide, CO

Not a question, but a suggestion for the Pro Bowl. Since the elite pros tend to be reluctant to play the Pro Bowl because of injury, I suggest the game use all the practice-squad players from all teams and have them play a real game so that scouts may evaluate the talent on the practice squads. I would call it the Practice Squad Bowl (the PS Bowl).

Oh boy.

Jimmy from West Fargo, ND

As a football fan, I'd love to see the best of the best play each other but I also understand the risks that come with it. I am totally fine with the league scrapping the Pro Bowl game altogether. My proposition is this: Have first and second All-Pro teams and run the Pro Bowl after the Super Bowl. Have a skills competition like they normally do but include more events and maybe include some lucky fans, too. Each player chooses a charity and all winnings go to them. Good family fun for a good reason.

The NFL is pulling record ratings. It's making money hand over fist. Here's my question: Is the Pro Bowl really necessary? Like, can we just not? I loved the TV show "Breaking Bad." It's an all-time great. You know what was part of the allure? It was like 60 episodes over six years. My point is more isn't always better. It's just more. My idea to fix the Pro Bowl is to put it out to pasture. You want to have a skills competition or game of musical chairs to fill an afternoon block on ABC? Fine. But we have 17-game schedules, 14-team playoffs and a Super Bowl that's now played on the eve of Valentine's Day. Let's be done with the Pro Bowl.

Margeaux from Tallahassee, FL

Count me in with Jessi from Sterling, KS. I've watched the Packers play 14-17 regular-season games plus a playoff game for basically the last 30 years. Having heartbreaking losses happen seemingly every year in the playoffs is rough but having it happen almost every game like the '70s and '80s left a bad taste many weekends of the season. Can you guys imagine what it would be like in the Inbox for nearly every season?

I would rather not think about that, Margeaux. I feel for the Packers fans who were so emotionally invested into a Super Bowl season. Rerack the tournament and maybe they win the whole darn thing. But it's a best-of-one world.

Michael from Dover, PA

While I was disappointed as was everyone else here when the Packers were eliminated, I am more disappointed that the regular season is over. Our weekly ritual of gathering with friends to watch (sometimes on a split screen) our favorite teams is now also done. No more three games. No more arguing over whose QB is better. No more smack talk when our teams play each other. We planned our meals, snacks, card games around the Sunday schedule. I miss the regular season already.

The open weekends are nice, but there's nothing better than pulling up to Lambeau Field on a Sunday afternoon. It's always difficult to get back to "normal" once that weekly adrenaline rush subsides.

Aaron from Phoenix, AZ

I'm about as big a fan of AR12 as anyone. The success the Packers have had during his tenure has been remarkable, short of winning more SBs, of course. That being said, I think it would be fascinating if we could extend him to the end of his career and witness how the team might adapt as his skills eventually begin to diminish (bite my tongue). Peyton's Denver SB ring had little to do with his play. Perhaps 12's leadership on a defense and run-heavy team will bring the title back to Titletown.

I've always viewed Rodgers more like Brady than Manning. Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, but his body was breaking down near the end. Rodgers hasn't undergone a major neck surgery like Manning and shown no signs of slowing. If Rodgers were to play into his 40s, I think he'd adjust just fine.

Kyle from Osceola, WI

An MVP wide receiver? Show me a receiver who posts a 150-catch, 2,500-yard, 25-TD season and I'll show you a football team that likely has an MVP at quarterback. As Vic would say, dime a dozen.

Cooper Kupp is special, but the ball's gotta start somewhere. The players touching the ball the most are QBs and running backs.

Brandon from Pleasant Prairie, WI

As far as I'm concerned, all the "pressure" is on the Rams (whom I'm personally rooting for because of Stafford). The Bengals can come in with nothing more than your run-of-the-mill Super Bowl nerves.

I see both sides of it. To your point, the Rams heavily invested into this year to make a run at a Super Bowl and the onus is on them to finish the job. While few expected the Bengals to be in this position, they are at the party. Just because Burrow is young doesn't mean he's about to reel off seven world championships. This could be it. It was for Philly. The Bengals have to capitalize on what could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Chris from New Canaan, CT

...Imagine a tailgate bender in Munich with wurst, blood sausage and pickled herring as an inaugural for the NFL in Germany... I kinda like that idea...

Sure…after London.

Josh from Seattle, WA

Anybody else excited for the halftime show?! All I want for an answer is a photo inserted of Wes with bleach blonde hair!

Oh, believe you me, I tried. The Marshall Mathers LP was the first album I ever purchased, in May 2000 at the K-Mart once located in Titletown. No idea how I snuck that one past Pa Hod.

Shannon from Ovilla, TX

I believe tonight is the night. Best wishes to LeRoy Butler getting in.

I've said all there is to be said. It's out of my hands, but I'm hoping the next time we talk Butler is bound for Canton. And just so everyone is aware, Inbox is going offline for a few days. When it returns next Tuesday, you'll be getting a week-long serving of Spoff as we begin alternating vacation time. I hope you all enjoy the Super Bowl.