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The entire team needed a jolt


Jeff from Vandenberg SFB, CA

I was fortunate enough to the do the Lambeau double dip this week. At least I can say the low from Thursday doesn't come close to the high from Sunday, so I got that going for me.

Which I guess is nice.

Ryan from Freeport, IL

From my vantage point in section 749s, it appeared the Lions offensive and defensive lines dominated the Packers for much of the game. I am certain the team can learn from this experience. Guess that's not a question.

It's not, but I detect no lies.

David from Ringle, WI

Can we please just call this a humbling experience and move on to the next game. Let the professional coaches and players figure it out. Enjoy the game for what it was.

I didn't particularly enjoy it, but I hear you.

Steve from Rockford, IL

Just watched our coach in his postgame interview. While I am sorely disappointed in the game result, watching his disdain and frustration erupt made me very happy. My optimism that this very young team is projecting the right way is only enhanced. You in agreement?

This team has the right leader, and you can tell he does not want to use youth as an excuse for shortcomings. I can appreciate that.

Sergio from Minden, NV

I'm a firm believer that it's players, not plays, most of the time. But ... on that rushing touchdown in the first quarter, I really don't see how that defensive call could have possibly worked. It's just one play, and that's going to happen, but it's an example. What are you guys seeing with the defense? Are Barry's calls putting this defense in the best position to succeed? I can't help but believe that the defense is loaded and are better than what we saw tonight and against Atlanta.

LaFleur seemed to suggest after the game that something needs to change schematically against the run. I don't know if that's just his gut reaction and he'll feel any differently after scrutinizing the film, or if change is afoot with how the Packers will go about it. Wherever things go from here, it was a feast-or-famine display Thursday night, emblematic of the whole team, frankly. On 15 running plays, the Lions gained two or fewer yards (not including the short TD runs and late kneel-down). But on 16 runs, they gained five or more (not including the long reverse). As you noted, the TD runs felt particularly easy.

Tom from Highland Village, TX

We currently have eight first-round picks on defense. We have three more players on large multi-year contracts. Is it wrong to expect more on that side of the ball?

No. But it's also not wrong to expect the offense to get its initial first down sooner than halfway through the second quarter.

Ben from Columbus, OH

Tough loss but I'm proud of the boys for putting up a fight. It feels like Matt LaFleur not running the ball until our third offensive drive (fifth for Aaron Jones) put us in a hole from the start. Did they feel they needed to go easy on AJ that much coming off the injury? His consistent positive runs fueled our offense in Week 1 and you must know it's going to be tough getting the passing game going on its own given how banged up our O-line was and how good Detroit's D-line is.

I addressed the slow start and the running game as best I could here.

David from Henderson, NV

What a wild ride that game was! I was about ready to turn it off at halftime but it was quite surprise to see the way they came out in the third quarter. This game may have been lost but this team sure has shown its resilience in the last two games.

The fight this team shows is meaningful. It was just pretty clear the opponent Thursday night was far and away the best one they've faced this season, and the Packers didn't have the benefit of rallying against a backup QB. One thing that'll be interesting to follow, though, is whether this is the best team the Packers will face until it sees the Lions again on Thanksgiving. Certainly the Vikings and Chargers could get things turned around, and the Steelers have a whale of a defense and might start finding themselves on offense. So who knows? But the Lions are pretty darn good.

Graeme from Tucson, AZ

Is Quay Walker going to make it in the National Football League? No doubt he has the talent, but does he have the temperament? I'm worried as to how many chances he will get with the Packers. That penalty was just plain dumb, much like his indiscretions last year.

It wasn't smart, but I don't compare that penalty to his personal fouls from last year. Not at all. Last season's were emotional issues and a lack of self-control. This was being overzealous and losing sight of a rule he should know. I'm not making an excuse for him. He can't do what he did. I'm just saying I don't think the situation resembles those from last year.

Jake from Marshfield, WI

It's certainly not the end of the world now is it? Came out with some fight second half that was good to see. Now, what's the rule? If Walker cleared the line on his jump without touching a lineman would have it been OK? Or can't jump over period?

Can't take a running start.

Tom from Saugus, CA

I realize the way things were going offensively that the kickoff team was trying to get something going with all those returns rather than taking the ball on the 25, but we never got to the 25 on any of those returns and the risk of a penalty that did occur several times put the offense in an even worse position. Thoughts?

There's always risk-reward. The entire team needed a jolt. Not just the offense. Everybody. I don't blame the return team for trying to provide it.

Dave from Comer, GA

That was disheartening. The score doesn't even come close to indicating how badly we were beaten in every phase. How does a coaching staff go about fixing this self-defeating, mistake-ridden, penalty-prone team?

By first examining what they can do better and then evaluating every player under their command to provide a specific plan for improvement. Collective progress will stem from individual progress, and that means everybody. Trust me, there isn't one player or coach who's going to spend the weekend break believing they did everything right in preparing for and/or playing that game.

Bill from Bloomfield Hills, MI

Deja vu's not fun when lightning doesn't strike twice.


Dan from Kewanee, IL

Disappointing on some many levels. Not just the score, but the sea of blue was hard to look at. Having to shell out $14 for a beer didn't help matters either!

I was concerned how many Lions fans would get their hands on tickets with a Milwaukee game coming on a Thursday night. Those fears turned out to be well-founded. There were a lot of Lions fans here for the finale last season, and that contingent increased considerably last night.

Ryan from Bloomer, WI

It seemed like we got out of this one relatively unscathed. What does the injury prognosis look like after the short week?

It appeared Jones and Christian Watson got out of the game no worse for wear. Tough news on David Bakhtiari, and the offense can't get Elgton Jenkins back soon enough. Same with Jaire Alexander in the secondary. We'll see if there's any news there in the coming weeks. Any concussion is concerning, so hopefully Luke Musgrave is OK.

Robbie from Sturgeon Bay, WI

I knew the Packers were doomed when Wes used "personification" incorrectly. We need better use of literary terminology if this team is going to succeed.

Ah yes, I'm sure that's it. Because my grammar lessons have done so much good the past couple years, too.

Check out photos from the Week 4 matchup between the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field on Thursday, Sept. 28, 2023.

Jeff from Foothill Ranch, CA

Simple observation, take it or leave it. The Packers are built to be a finesse team, a la the Dolphins or Chiefs. The Lions are built to be a grit/power team, a la the Steelers or Ravens. This is just a poor matchup for the Packers. The Packers can't match the Lions' physicality, and the Lions will occasionally get pencil whipped by scheme and personnel and moxie of those other teams, and that's where their losses will come from. That's my quarter-season assessment after this game.

All I know is Thursday night exposed a gap between these two teams, and the Packers have to get to work on closing that gap, however they feel they can best do so. The bad news is it appears to be a sizable gap. The good news is there's plenty of time to shrink it.

Mike from Algoma, WI

Saw an interesting fact on the broadcast last night. The Lions have won ONE playoff game in 65 years. How can I complain about a regular-season loss?

I said it after the Chiefs game Week 1 and I said it again to Wes late in the fourth quarter last night. The key for the Lions now is how they handle success. This is not a position they're accustomed to being in. They're the front-runners. There's an expectation they will make the playoffs after just four games. I'm not saying they won't handle it well, but it's worth monitoring. What they have going for them is a QB who's gone to a Super Bowl and a head coach who seems adept at blocking out any and all distractions, positive or negative.

Cassidy from Carlsbad, CA

There were Thursday games in 1926?

Wild, huh?

Tim from Charlotte, NC

Which network was that 1926 Bears v. Cards game on TNF?

Good one.

John from Melbourne, FL

What happened to "Packers Unscripted" this week?

Due to the Thursday game, we posted just one episode this week on Tuesday, and we will be back again next Tuesday.

Nate from Plover, WI

At any level of competition, which football game would be your most memorable? I was on the sidelines, as a sophomore, for Lincoln in Wisconsin Rapids in 1998. We played D.C. Everest. The final score was 70-63. If I remember correctly, D.C. Everest had the ball last and unfortunately won.

I covered that game for the Wausau Daily Herald. Most amazing scoring barrage I've ever witnessed. If I remember correctly, only one of the 19 touchdowns was scored on defense or special teams. The two offenses combined for more than 1,200 total yards, in a 48-minute high school game. I distinctly recall after the game interviewing Everest star Derek Abney (who went on to a great college career at Kentucky) and he jokingly wondered whether they were going to add a "1" digit to the scoreboard, like in the basketball gym. Greatest quote I ever got from a 17-year-old.

Chris from Eau Claire, WI

With the mention of the three undefeated teams remaining, we also have four winless teams left, two within our division. Which happens first, every team has a win or every team has a loss?

Every team has a loss.

Kevin from Arlington, OH

I don't care. I'm still excited for this team…

I'll be eagerly anticipating whatever's next all season long.

Ryan from Bloomer, WI

Trenches. Funny, how even after 100 years, this game is still won and lost in the trenches.

Cliches are dull. They're also true. Happy Friday.

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