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Inbox: They're there to play

You’re just going to have to tune in and find out

LB Rashan Gary
LB Rashan Gary

Hank from Onalaska, WI

Mike/Wes, I noticed yesterday not one question and/or commentary began with "Insiders." What gives? Obviously, I avoided starting with the moniker fearing eradication of my posing question.

You realize you guys are the insiders, right? Not us. At least, that was my intention when I threw out "Insiders Inbox" in our brainstorming session in 2016. By reading Inbox, you are in the know. This is your "inside" scoop. Insider…Inbox.

Clarence from Portage, MI

What are the Packers doing about receivers for this upcoming season?

Developing 'em.

Robert from Corpus Christi, TX

With fantasy drafts now underway, which Packers will be drafted in the first two rounds?

Aaron Jones is the best bet, but AJ Dillon would be high on my draft board. Both are going to touch the ball a lot this year and should be valuable, especially in a PPR league. That'll do it for my fantasy football advice this season.

Brett from Boston, MA

Do you think Jones and Dillon will play at the same time a lot this season, given Jones' ability to run routes downfield?

That's been my contention all offseason and nothing I've seen this summer has changed that. In fact, watching Dillon run routes has only hardened my viewpoint.

Bruce from Jackson, WI

Morning Wes, was it just me or did others take the news of the return of Elgton Jenkins, Robert Tonyan and Christian Watson to the field as great news? Now if we can get David Bakhtiari out there, as well, I think we are in store for an exciting year of Packers football. This team and coach are not getting any respect from the sports talking heads. That's all right as all this bulletin board fodder will just make it all the sweeter when we get the last laugh! Go Pack Go! Go Pack Go! Sorry... just practicing.

Small steps to hopefully significant impacts. By getting Jenkins, Tonyan and Watson back now, it widens that window for them to make early contributions. Bakhtiari seemed upbeat about his outlook during his interview last week with Larry, too. You just gotta take it day-by-day.

Doug from Parker, CO

It was great seeing Aaron Rodgers temper expectations on the younger receivers. Splash plays are great, but it's the little things that will take them to the next level. Running the correct routes. Being where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there. Catching the 5-yard outs as well as the 45-yard goes. Consistency develops trust. Think Donald Driver, Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings and Davante Adams. Remember, NFL stands for Not For Long.

Splash plays will win you a game every now and then, but consistency is what makes you a true winner. That's where Rodgers and the offensive coaches are trying to get these young receivers – and it doesn't happen overnight. Driver, Nelson, Cobb and Adams all needed a season or two to find their groove at this level. That's why Rodgers is looking to Allen Lazard, Sammy Watkins and Cobb in the here and now.

David from Green Bay, WI

Is Jordan Love the quarterback of the future?

Rodgers is QB1 for as long as he wants to be in Green Bay, but I keep saying Jordan Love is a lot better than many give him credit for. He's also level-headed and confident enough to carry himself like a starter regardless of whether it's been a good day or a not-so-good day. Love has two more cracks at this thing before reverting to backup mode. I can't wait to see what he does with the opportunity.

Luke from Andover, MN

Is it weird for veterans when a player like Quay Walker comes in and just takes a first-team spot? Or how does his role on the team as a rookie mesh with the rest of the locker room?

That's football. When you have a highly touted first-round pick like Walker, it's expected he's going to see the field in the not-so-distant future. Every case is different, though. In 2019, Darnell Savage started out of the gate in Week 1 and Rashan Gary was brought along at a slower pace. But they're first-round picks for a reason. They're there to play.

Bill from Wilmington, DE

Hi Wes, how does Caleb Jones look? Is he working with the twos or is he further down the roster? TY

Jones is in the hunt for a roster spot right now. Jones not only has gifts you cannot coach but he's also made strides with the areas of his game that needed refinement at the next level. It won't happen overnight, but the fact the Packers are using Jones at both tackle positions with the No. 2 unit suggests the coaches like what they've seen so far.

Roger from Hewitt, WI

With the Saints in town, where do they have film study and position meetings? Do the Packers allow them to use the facility along with them?

The Saints have conference rooms at their hotel for all that.

Jared from Pittsburgh, PA

I saw recently that Dexter Williams is back on the 90-man roster, and when we drafted him a few years back I was pretty excited because his college tape was so good. Hard runner, breaks tackles, not easy to bring down. I think he didn't get a fair shake because of how talented our backfield already was. What does he have to do this time around to claw his way to the 53-man roster?

Williams looked good in Santa Clara, especially on the 25-yard run. He has a lot of ability. Williams had one of the best short shuttles (4.16 seconds) among RBs at the combine in 2019, a trait Green Bay likes. He also keeps himself in great shape. Williams needs a strong performance against New Orleans and then another in Kansas City if he makes the cut to 80, but he's here for a reason.

Nick from Janesville, WI

I may have missed this, but was there a reason behind B.J. Baylor's release? He looked to be doing well, at least well enough to make it another round of cuts. Does cutting this early give better odds to sneak through for the practice squad?

I was somewhat surprised but difficult decisions must be made in the second half of August. I'd never say never about a player coming back, though. We've seen it time and time again – and Baylor's last memory here was a positive one.

Clipton from Pasadena, CA

I often hear commentators say a receiver is "a good route runner." What does this mean? Is there a good and bad way to run a button hook, slant, or post? And if so, why can't more receivers learn it?

It just means they're crisp in and out of routes and are where they're supposed to be. Both Samori Toure and Romeo Doubs talked about this after practice. In college, talented receivers can get away with breaking off their route early or not running it to the yard line they're supposed to. In the NFL, that doesn't fly. The DBs are too talented. Everything needs to be synced up to beat them.

The Green Bay Packers held a joint training-camp practice with the New Orleans Saints on Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022.

Joe from Wausau, WI

Where did Kobe Jones come from all of a sudden? Kingsley Enagbare, too. The battle for No. 3 OLB is interesting. Should be something to watch Friday night.

I mean, Enagbare was a fifth-round pick who played a lot at South Carolina. It's not like he came out of nowhere. Jones has caught my attention. He bounced around a few practice squads last year and was unsigned until Green Bay's rookie minicamp. Jones has had some nice rushes this past week, including a "sack" on Wednesday.

Jon from Minneapolis, MN

Now with the season starting around the corner, which week will be the toughest for the Packers?

Week 6 against the Jets will be a challenge. It's quite the coincidence the Packers only home noon game of the season comes one week after their London matchup with the Giants. No rest for the weary.

Steve from Colorado Springs, CO

With Dominique Dafney gone, and now Malik Taylor, I must say I was surprised those two are gone this early. Best of luck to them. Just a good reminder that it is a business and that there will likely be some more shockers coming. I won't ask for any names, but what positions do you see that might result in some surprising cuts in the coming rounds?

I don't know what played into those decisions or what cuts will happen next. Brian Gutekunst is scheduled to speak with us later today, so we may get some answers on the departures of Dafney and Taylor. It could be as simple as the Packers wanting to look at some new guys over the next two weeks. Both Taylor and Randy Ramsey have been with the Packers since 2019. As cool a story as Dafney was, Josiah Deguara was tabbed to fill that H-back role. Deguara is healthy again and off to a good start in camp.

Jason from Austin, TX

Insiders, Aaron Rodgers is a very trust-rewarding QB, meaning he rewards those whom he trusts and has worked with. I think Rodgers would rather throw a 50/50 ball to a receiver he trusts than throw a 70/30 ball to a receiver he doesn't have a rapport with yet. That being said, which receivers do you feel fall into that "trust" category with Rodgers and how critical were those missed weeks Watson spent recovering? Among rookies, does Doubs have a greater relationship with Rodgers now?

I think everything is pretty much equal, but it's good to see Rodgers giving all three rookies opportunities in practice. Doubs, Watson and Toure have all had the right attitude to correcting their mistakes. Plus, I don't think Watson is as far behind as people want to believe. It's not like the Packers are counting on him to start Week 1. Watson is here to learn. Being back on the field helps that process immensely but nobody is panicking over him missing a couple weeks.

Dominic from Newark, DE

How many O-line players do we usually hold onto? I was thinking it has to be in the realm of WR numbers, but I would like to see eight or nine linemen, as well. If we keep an excess at one or more positions, what are usually the first ones to get short-staffed?

A lot of questions there, Dom. In each of the past five years, the Packers have kept at least nine offensive linemen on their Week 1 53-man roster. It's likely to stay there with NFL teams now getting the extra spot on the gameday roster if eight offensive linemen are active. In recent years, the Packers went short at quarterback, safety, tight end and running back. But there's no fast-and-easy way to predict that. We just have to wait and see who's earned it.

Michael from Chanhassen, MN

In Mike's answer to Adrian from North Bergen, NJ, he was spot on. As a Packers fan living in the Twin Cities, I would go to watch our Pack each Sunday at a local Packer pub to be with others of the same ilk. While we watched the Viking fans would rather sit among us Packer fans and jeer us and the Pack than sit and cheer on their own team. This was not just at this one location it happened at a lot of other places too. A very sad commentary indeed.

People develop strange habits when they have nothing worth cheering for. That, too, is a sad commentary on our society, but I'll also leave it at that.

Todd from De Pere, WI

Are the Packers trying to get the NFL Draft to come to Green Bay? Thanks.

Yes. Welcome.

Dave from Los Angeles, CA

Hey Mike and Wes, as a new resident of LA, I've been struggling to find ways to watch the Packers preseason games. Are the games going to be broadcast on the Packers Radio Network? It would be nice to be able to listen in. Thanks.

That's the plan, Dave. We're still in the infancy of this whole process but the goal is to have the radio feed available for all out-of-towners on

Lori from Brookfield, WI

Which celebrity statue stands in your Inbox locker?

John C. Reilly (a.k.a. Steve Brule). Seriously, I'm not even joking. I have a photo of him atop my cubicle. Shout out to Ana Hoosier for that.

Craig from Appleton, WI

Was the old JUGS machine released? Did it clear waivers? What are the chances it will be able to catch on with another team? I know it has had a rough training camp but maybe it just needs a change of scenery and a new coaching staff to give it a chance.

The last I heard the JUGS machine was working out at a local training facility and is in the best shape of its life. Just waiting for that call.

Margeaux from Tallahassee, FL

So, Wes, Mike said a mouthful yesterday when he wrote "some people prefer to hate what they don't like more than they love what they do." What do you love most about Inbox other than submissions from yours truly?

Nothing comes to mind, Margeaux. Yosemite?

Col from Ludlow, UK

Is the “Three Things” serial video bomber going to get his comeuppance?

As Lord Wyman Manderly once said to Davos Seaworth, "The North remembers, Lord Davos. The North remembers, and the mummer's face is almost done."

John from Stevens Point, WI

Will we see any starters this week, or will it be another night of second and third teams trying to impress the coaching staff and Gutey?

You're just gonna have to tune in and find out.