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Inbox: Those answers are almost here

The Packers again will need to be flexible on the offensive line in 2021

NFL Draft

Sam from Germantown, WI

Wes declared for the draft? I just need to know one thing. Did Spoff go to his birthday party?

Come on, Sam. You know I ain't no Bo Callahan.

Jeff from Grandville, MI

Hi II, I keep seeing WR as a need for GB in the draft. Won't we already be adding a veteran WR with Devin Funchess now back? Looks like a pretty good receiving corps to me.

The Packers are in good standing at receiver – Davante Adams, Allen Lazard, Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Devin Funchess are a great 1-4. However, the reason I've been advocating for the Packers to draft one (or two) this year is the fact Equanimeous St. Brown is the youngest receiver at 24 years old…and he's entering his fourth NFL season. The Packers currently don't have a receiver under contract for 2022. As Vic would say, the Packers need some jars.

Scott from Lincoln City, OR

So, a trade with the Bears netted us Donald Driver and a trade with the Vikings got us Matt Flynn but there was no mention of anything positive coming from Detroit? Have we ever even had a trade with Detroit?

Wanna know what's great? The last trade the Packers made with the Lions also involved Glyn Milburn. Green Bay sent a seventh-round pick to Detroit for the former Stanford standout…before trading him to Chicago for another seventh-rounder five months later.

Al from Green Bay, WI

Yes, Mason Crosby may very well be that player that is really missed once he is done. Which other players that don't grab the spotlight may fall into that same category? Marcedes Lewis? MVS? I'm guessing the Packers are already missing the energy and fun Jamaal Williams brought every day.

When it comes to "locker-room guys," Lewis is one-in-a-million. He has a presence about him, but also 15 years of experience he can pass on to teammates. As I've written countless times, I don't think Robert Tonyan is the tight end he is today without his time with Lewis and Jimmy Graham.

Terry from Sun Prairie, WI

What teammate would be a great guest for Aaron Rodgers on "Jeopardy!"?

Rodgers already said he'd like to have David Bakhtiari and Lucas Patrick on the show. But since Corey Linsley no longer is a member of the Packers' roster, I'll go ahead and make Davante Adams the third.

Steven from Silver Spring, MD

With a full minicamp and preseason going into this year, how many candidates do you see lining up to play LT this year? Everyone keeps pointing to Jenkins as moving to center, which does make sense, but if I am Jenkins and I am as good as I am, don't I want to challenge for the highest-paid position on the line given that the spot is wide open? Would a coaching staff push him into the center role if he really thought he could handle LT?

It all depends on Bakhtiari. If the Packers err on the side of caution with their All-Pro left tackle, then I'd like to see Green Bay tab either Elgton Jenkins or Billy Turner as the interim starter and give that guy all the reps during training camp. It'd not only benefit that individual, but also allow Lucas Patrick, Jon Runyan and the rest of the line to settle in where needed. One way or another, the Packers will again need to be flexible on the offensive line in 2021.

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Chris from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

I was looking at the results from the 2014 draft and noticed that only two picks who were drafted after the first round have earned an All-Pro nod: Davante Adams and Corey Linsley. That's impressive. Do you think that has ever happened before that the only non-first-rounders to earn an All-Pro nod were drafted by the same team? Thanks for always providing a fun read!

That is one heck of a stat. I don't know how many times that's happened before but Ted Thompson and his scouting department definitely did their homework in 2013 and '14.

Kenneth from Washington, IL

A great piece on Defector.com pointed out how thin the depth is for this class of new players. It seems some personnel people are expecting plenty of players drafted in the later rounds who would typically be undrafted free agents. Do you think this could make it harder to trade up if teams don't value those later round picks as much? Maybe that fourth-round pick in an offered trade package isn't as valuable if you think there won't be any likely value in those later picks this year.

I was stunned to read that. For those unfamiliar, the Defector's Kalyn Kahler reported just 657 prospects have signed with an agent – the "official" indicator of turning pro and declaring for the draft. That's down from 1,839 last spring. While only 261 players will be drafted, a shallower pool of prospects for teams to choose from raises some questions about depth in the latter rounds. But there's only one way to find out. Those answers are almost here.

Nathan from Philadelphia, PA

To follow up on Ryan's question, we know at least the first few drafts in the 2000s all produced a Hall of Famer. Brian Urlacher ('00), LT ('01), Steve Hutchinson ('01), Troy Polamalu ('03), and Megatron ('07) are already in, and Julius Peppers ('02), Larry Fitzgerald and some QBs ('04), and some other QB from '05 will definitely make it. My question is, who from the draft class of '06 has a shot at the Hall of Fame? Devin Hester maybe?

The first '06 draft pick who comes to mind for me is actually a former Packers player – Jahri Evans. A five-time All-Pro, Evans was named to the 2010s NFL All-Decade Team. Unless your name is LeRoy Butler, that's usually a precursor for HOF induction. Hester changed the game for returners and is more than deserving for a bust in Canton but he may need to wait a bit.

David from Appleton, WI

Hello Insiders! In the 1970s and 1980s, Green Bay was viewed by players as the Siberia of the NFL. What is the perception of Green Bay now? How do players' agents view Green Bay?

Favorably. Of course, the constant has been two Hall of Fame QBs, but the Packers also have adapted well to free agency and grown with the NFL over the past 30 years. The fact Julius Peppers, the Smith Bros., Adrian Amos, Billy Turner, Jared Cook, Jimmy Graham and Marcedes Lewis have all signed here speaks volumes about how far the Packers have come.

Curt from Algonquin, IL

Re: Ryan from Baldwin, the Pro Football HOF has an error on their list. Charles Haley was drafted by San Francisco in 1986, not 1985, as the HOF website says. That makes him the sole gold jacket of his draft class. As for 1992, do you think Darren Woodson, Troy Vincent, or Jimmy Smith will ever give their draft year a representative in Canton? Looking at that list, I'm surprised none of them have made it. Sadly, I think 1943 doesn't have a chance at this point.

That is correct, so take the 1986 class off that dubious list. As far as the 1992 draft, Darren Woodson probably has the best argument from a lackluster class. As much as people rip the Packers picking Terrell Buckley, he really was one of the more productive players from that year. Troy Vincent would've been a better choice but there weren't many better options at CB than Buckley.

Aaron from Scottsdale, AZ

Quick research here. I believe these players won a Super Bowl, then actually won it again the following year by beating their former team and defending champs:

· CB Brandon Browner (Seahawks 2013, Patriots 2014)

· DE Chris Long (Patriots 2017, Eagles 2018)

· RB LeGarrett Blount (Patriots 2017, Eagles 2018)

Of course, the Patriots are involved in every case.

Ugh, how on earth did I forget LeGarrett Blount? Shame on me.

Mark from Dallas, TX

Wes has frequently been high on Josh Jackson in "Unscripted," but we again didn't see much of him at CB in 2020. A special-teams stalwart definitely has value, but is that his ceiling at this point? Any reasons to think he can make a jump on the defensive side this year before he hits free agency?

Jackson is still here, which says the Packers haven't given up, but this is the last year of his rookie contract. If it's gonna happen for Josh, it's gotta happen now.

Dave from Germantown, WI

What do think of Kenny Gainwell as a fit with the Packers? He opted out last year but was an absolute stud for Memphis in 2019. He may not be a first-round talent but if he dropped to the fourth or fifth round he could develop like Aaron Jones.

Gainwell was the lightning to Patrick Taylor's thunder at Memphis, so you know Green Bay has done its research on the former. Gainwell is actually smaller than Jones (5-8, 201) but has good lateral quickness, a nose for the end zone and can catch passes out of the backfield. Memphis ran him a lot, especially when Taylor was injured, so interested to see if he can open even more eyes at the next level.

Steven from Saint Albans, WV

In response to Mike from Ames, IA, we all know Mike has a lifetime contract with the Packers. Is Wes in line for a lifetime contract, as well? Does he want to stay here? Or would he rather go somewhere else where his lunch is safe? Or possibly somewhere he won't have to wait many years to fully take over? I hope he stays and retires here, but it isn't my decision to make.

Thank you, Steven. I knew there was at least one.

Mario from Montevideo, Uruguay

Hi Wes, on Thursday you mentioned Uruguay as the country you were the most surprised receiving submissions from. FYI, there is a Uruguayan Football League since 1999. It currently has five teams and three categories (full-pads, flag under 19 and women's flag). There is also a national team "Charrúas" that more or less regularly (pre-COVID) played against Argentina and Brazil. There are many NFL fans and the Packers probably have the largest crowd. Now, that's a surprise for you. Fan since 1962.

That's awesome. I'd love to get there someday.

Dar from Mansfield, TX

More dachshund wisdom. This is for folks worried about draft day. On squirrel-chasing day, Nickel watches things unfold. If the fast, elite squirrel he covets looks like it might get within his range, he prepares to jump forward to get it. If not, he waits for other really good squirrels he knows would work well. He never overextends himself, thus always ends up happy. So if BG sees a squirrel, er, player he covets come into play, he could jump up, but either way I'm betting the outcome will be OK.

But inquiring minds must know – did Nickel get the squirrel? Or was he just left barking until next chasing day?

Daniel from Los Angeles, CA

I love the Packers and I hope they draft a human for the year.

Love it. Moving forward, whenever fans ask what the key is to a successful draft, my reply shall be: Draft more humans. Have a good weekend, everyone.


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