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Inbox: Those details are never readily visible

No one’s reinventing the wheel here

Packers special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia
Packers special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia

Tim from Charlotte, NC

MT5: "Lastly, while our fans love to tailgate, I'm not sure how many would be willing to start at 6:30 a.m." You're pulling my leg, right?

Several readers took exception to Mark's underestimation of the potential interest in tailgating at sunrise. Just bring the deep fryer for donuts, right?

Guy from Racine, WI

In regards to the Mike from New Orleans question about kickers warming up and the answer given. If they still change directions at the end of quarters, don't the kickers have the possibility of kicking both ways, in both halves? Why would they only warm up in one direction for the second half?

I botched that answer initially and somehow my edited response got lost in the ether, so what was published made little sense. Wes and I are both about to give up on this new server/storage system.

David from Murfreesboro, TN

Hope you've had a good offseason and are ready to get back to the gridiron. I'm looking for tickets to make my sixth trip to Green Bay for a game, but am unsure which one to go to. Should I go see McCarthy's return to the Frozen Tundra? The NFL's oldest rivalry on primetime? The Pack vs. the reigning champs? Or is there another intriguing matchup on the schedule that's "must see"?

I don't think you can go wrong with any of those. Thursday night vs. Tennessee feels like a very attractive matchup as well. This year also will feature just the third, and perhaps final, time that future Hall of Fame coach Bill Belichick will lead a team into Lambeau. The others were in 2006 and '14.

Steve from Kansas City, MO

So tired of the doom and gloom over the offense without Adams on the team. If memory serves, didn't the Pack's record shine in those games he was absent the past few years? Nobody's saying Davante wasn't a stud after his first two years with GB, but the train isn't going to jump the rails now that he's gone. The key to GB's offense is, was, and will be Rodgers. I'll hold off on the hand-wringing until he retires!

Rodgers did some amazing things with Adams. He's also won a bunch of games without him. As I've mentioned before, the challenge now is not just adjusting for a game or two without Adams due to injury, which kept defenses off-guard a bit as to how the Packers would operate. It's a permanent change for which every opponent can and will prepare with plenty of study material. That's why I continue to emphasize 2022 will be a year of evolution on offense. Teams are never the same from September to December regardless, but I think the difference in how the Packers play early in the year to later on this season could be starker than ever.

Sam from Janesville, WI

I agree with the unnecessary interview at halftime. During the Bucks playoff run this year I would try to give my version of the halftime interview for my wife before the coach gave it. If they were in the lead it was, "We gotta keep our foot on the gas and keep pressing on defense. They're a good team." If they were trailing it was, "We gotta do better in the paint, get rebounds, and press harder on defense. They're a good team." Do you have a go-to question you like to ask postgame?

No. When I can, I prefer to ask a question about a specific moment that happened in the game. Asking generic questions that can be applied to any game only leads to generic answers.

Adam from Wausau, WI

Hi Mike, I think you missed on the best halftime interview ever, when Coach McGinty said that the Sentinels would need heart to get back into the ballgame.

When the best reference is Hollywood, it proves my point. That's a movie I need to see again, by the way. Been too long.

Bob from Bella Vista, AR

Good interview with Tramon Williams. Is he going to be in the Packers Hall of Fame?

I would certainly think so.

Dar from Mansfield, TX

Is it fair to say there will be a genuine competition for the long snapper position this summer? Often that spot is invisible to us fans, but last season we saw the downside when the three-man kicking process has glitches.

Again, I would certainly think so. Last year the competition carried all the way into the regular season, as the Packers kept the second snapper on the practice squad and eventually made the switch. If someone is a clear-cut winner, I don't expect the team to take that approach this year, but both of the Packers' snappers also will be competing with any others who might get released by other teams.

Dwight from Brooklyn, NY

II, I've got a question I'm sure a lot of us Packer fans outside of Wisconsin, like me, would enjoy knowing. Could you list all the streets, avenues, etc., that are named after Packers players and coaches?

The main ones are Lombardi Ave., Holmgren Way and McCarthy Way. In the vicinity of the stadium, there also are several, less-traveled streets named Tony Canadeo Run, Brett Favre Pass, Reggie White Way and Bart Starr Drive. Then, for good measure, there's Lambeau Field, Hinkle Field, Nitschke Field, and the Hutson Center.

Hannes from Glendale, WI

Good morning! Mr. Murphy pointed out special teams had a new coordinator and system. That got me curious about the system aspect. I know there's more to it than to just stay in your lane, but can you enlighten us a bit more about what changes we may see in that regard?

Those details are never readily visible to observers. Every coordinator has his own set of X's and O's schematically, but they don't vary drastically from others. No one's reinventing the wheel here. It's more about how, where and when certain elements are emphasized, such as responding in punt protection to an aggressive opponent, or creating stress on a coverage unit in the return game.

Jim from Tempe, AZ

So let me make sure I understand this correctly. There is surprise and uproar about the fact a rookie WR from an FCS school, who has all the measurable physical attributes, still needs development to make the leap and become an elite NFL receiver? Is this a result of total impatience, naivety of the demands of the position, or desperate attempt for clicks?

Take your pick.

Dave from Waterford, WI

Any chance the Packers will still try to pick up a receiver?

I wouldn't rule it out. Gutekunst and Co. always have their eyes open.

Christopher from Frederick, MD

I love me some Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon, but in my humble (and usually wrong) opinion, the RB duo in Cleveland is the best in the league. Our boys can take the second spot, though.

You weren't the only one to mention Chubb and Hunt from the Browns. That duo was dynamite in 2020, but Hunt only played in eight games last year and rushed for fewer than 400 yards. When both are available, yes, they certainly rank right up there.

Bruce from Jackson, WI

Mike, reflecting on the current trivia question in the pass-happy NFL league of today, will we ever have a pair of rushing backs from the same team each gain over 1,000 yards again? I was around for the slobber-knocker teams of the '70s with Csonka/Morris and Harris/Bleier who did it during 14-game seasons. Talk about smashmouth football! As recent as 2016 Rodgers was the Packers' second-leading rusher with 369 yards. Enjoy Jones/Dillon folks … they don't come along that often.

Williams and Gordon for the Broncos both topped 900 yards last season. I think the 17th regular-season game increases the odds, because it takes just 59 rushing yards per game to hit 1,000 for the year now. I'll add that it's not just the pass-oriented offenses, but those in combination with so many close, down-to-the-wire games these days, that can keep rushing production down. If a team with two good backs gets a lot of multi-score leads in fourth quarters, a 1,000-yard duo could look more realistic.

The Green Bay Packers held practice on Tuesday, May 31 at Ray Nitschke Field as organized team activities continue.

Braedon from Endicott, NY

Hey Mike! I could be wrong, but didn't FitzMagic and the Bills play in Lambeau in 2010 or 2011?

Week 2 of 2010, but Trent Edwards was Buffalo's starting QB. Fitzpatrick was the backup and didn't play in the game.

Dan from Tucson, AZ

With Pro Bowler Adams' exodus, I'm trying to remember any other Pro bowl receivers during the Aaron Rodgers years. Were Jennings and Nelson nominated with any others?

The Packers receivers to get a Pro Bowl selection during the Rodgers era are Driver, Jennings, Nelson, Randall Cobb and Adams.

John from Yakima, WA

Mike, re: your spouse. How was it "technically" a first date rather than an actual first date?

Because we were with other people. It wasn't just the two of us. But I've always liked to believe our first date was at a ballgame.

Nick from Prescott, WI

Mike, since you are a baseball guy like me, I am curious to know how many stadiums you have been to. Since you aren't a baseball beat writer you don't get to go to every stadium. You are a fan like all of us. You talking about keeping ticket stubs made me think of this question. I'll let you decide if going to County Stadium/Miller Park and the Metrodome/Target Field counts as two or four. My favorite East Coast game was MIL@PIT, 2007. Such a cool stadium, great view, and not very busy.

If it's a different building, it counts in my book. In my lifetime, I have been to MLB games at the previous stadiums in Milwaukee (County Stadium) and Minneapolis (Metrodome), and at the current ballparks in Milwaukee, Chicago (both), Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Baltimore, St. Louis, Kansas City, San Francisco and San Diego (catching just a couple of innings). I hope to get to Target Field for the first time next month. Fingers crossed.

Kyle from Osceola, WI

Speaking of watch parties (MT5) and laser goalposts, can the day of holograms of away games being projected on the Lambeau turf be that far away?

Wes and I are back in rotation this week. Happy Monday.