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Inbox: Every single one of them goes through it

It’s all part of the deal

QB Jordan Love

Ray from Louisville, KY

What is the latest on the Aaron Rodgers trade?

That somehow I took two separate weeks off in March and it still hasn't transpired. So perhaps the cosmic forces of the universe are no longer paying attention to my whereabouts, which is probably a good thing. Yeah, I'm back. Hope all is well with everyone.

Sam from Janesville, WI

If I was trading Mike Spofford to the Jets, I would hold out for two mules and TWO crates of hard tack. Know your worth buddy.

Or maybe I shouldn't have come back. I guess I'm lucky my badge got me into the building this morning.

Nick from Prescott, WI

Can we do trivia in the II since it is the offseason? My friend told me AR only has a losing record against three teams (regular season). He told me to name two. I thought about it a bit and came up with Tampa Bay and Cinci, since every game seemed like a struggle and we always seemed to play on the road. I was wrong on both counts. Without asking Cliff, can you name any of the teams?

I'll put the answer toward the bottom of the column for those who want to think about this for a bit.

George from Olympia, WA

Which position is our biggest need?

Another player who requires an opponent's extra attention in game-planning. Right now, in my view those players for the Packers are, in whatever order: Aaron Jones, Christian Watson, David Bakhtiari, Kenny Clark, Jaire Alexander and Rashan Gary. The Packers need another one, whether it's an offensive tackle, defensive lineman, edge rusher, safety, tight end, receiver … and no matter the position, the player isn't likely to become that difference-maker right away, but he needs to develop into one.

Christopher from Sun Prairie, WI

Who are the Packers targeting as possible picks in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft?

An MIB-style neuralyzer flashes as soon as someone without clearance opens the door to the draft room, so I've got no shot there. What I have done is research mock drafts to find players commonly chosen between picks 10 and 20 of the first round (with the Packers sitting at 15 currently) to construct our Prospect Primer series, which begins today. So keep an eye out.

Mark from Canton, GA

Rest in peace, John Brockington. He and MacArthur Lane were a lot of fun to watch back in a period of Packer football, where there was not a lot to cheer about very often.

The Brockington & Lane duo had already come and gone by the time I started watching NFL football, but from everything I've heard and read, I sure wish I could've seen some of it.

Jeff from Ogden, UT

Watching Packer football in the '70s and '80s was difficult. You found those little pockets that you could cheer for. John Brockington was one of those pockets. No matter how bad the team was Brockington showed up every week and played his guts out. We didn't have much to hang our hats on, but we did have John Brockington. His name isn't mentioned enough. So cheers to you John, thanks for the memories. Rest in Peace.

A sentiment shared by many readers.

John from San Diego, CA

It would be great to see an Inbox dedicated to John Brockington. He was the real deal and remained loyal to the Packers and his alma mater Ohio State his entire life. He would go to the local Packer sports bars in San Diego to watch games with the fans. He married the woman who donated her kidney to save his life, Diane. John was the shining light of the Packers in those lean early '70s years of mediocrity. My condolences to Diane and his family.

This also covers a lot of ground from the weekend submissions I read. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts, even if yours specifically did not get posted.

Ray from Phoenix, AZ

What can you share about Bo Melton? With his speed, seems to me he could be a great addition as a third running back.

No, at 5-11 and 189, Melton is not and won't be a running back. Wes wrote this nice piece on Melton two months ago if you want to learn more about him.

James from Appleton, WI

What round of draft pick would a team have to give up to trade up from 15 to 13? I'm curious what value the Packers would gain by swapping first-round picks with the Jets as part of a trade package.

I have no idea if that's part of any discussions, but to satisfy your curiosity, two spots in the middle of the first round is worth something in the neighborhood of a late third- or early fourth-round pick.

Jackie from New Freedom, PA

What happens to all of the money that was in Rodgers' last contract now that he is leaving?

The Jets assume the contract once the deal goes down. But all the bonus money the Packers already paid Rodgers that hasn't yet counted on the salary cap will have to count now.

Bob from Ocean View, DE

Apparently, one of the holdups to the Aaron Rodgers trade is that the Jets don't think that he is worth a first-round pick. Does AR care that they value him as less than that or is he above the wheeling and dealing that is going on?

I have no idea. But whenever this trade occurs, anyone who judges or compares it solely via "the Packers got X for Aaron Rodgers" won't be understanding the bigger picture – such as the contract the Jets are taking on, and the uncertainty of how long he'll play. It's all part of the deal.

Mutt from Blaine, MN

Going back a QB generation, I distinctly recall my dad screaming to bench Favre to put in Ty Detmer. Every QB had some rough patches at the start. Here's hoping there's enough promise to stick with Jordan Love through the lows.

Hey, Holmgren was on the verge of benching Favre a couple of times and Mariucci talked him out of it. There's no predicting the path or progression. As I pointed out the week before my last break, the first two times Rodgers had the ball in the back half of the fourth quarter down one score he threw interceptions. Quarterbacks have to learn how to play at this level, then they have to learn how to win. Every single one of them goes through it.

Julian from Gastonia, NC

If Jordan Love becomes an exceptional quarterback should we start calling Tom Clements the Quarterback Whisperer?

I would love nothing more than for this to become a prominent topic of conversation.

Terrance from Sun Prairie, WI

How will the offense look after Aaron Rodgers is gone?

It'll have Jordan Love and 10 other players, five of whom will be ineligible to catch a pass. I'll be here all week, folks.

Al from Green Bay, WI

Mr. Spofford Sir, Jordan Love has been AR's understudy for three years. He has seen Rodgers get free plays with the hard count and by catching the opposition in substitutions. Can we expect the same from JL in his first year at the helm, or is that a 400 level course for a player that is at the 200 course level?

I don't think the hard count is a 400 level item. Plenty of QBs find soon enough what works for them in that regard. Catching the defense in a substitution is a different animal, though. It requires the QB to be watching what the defense is up to while the play is being barked into his helmet speaker, and then if he sees the defense subbing, hollering out the magic word to get everyone to line up and snap the ball in a jiffy. It takes plenty of refinement, and an ability to still understand the play call when only half-listening. I don't recall Rodgers doing it regularly until 2011 at the earliest, his fourth year as a starter.

Joe from Pittsburgh, PA

Do you think Rodgers struggles with the unforgiving New York media? He just seems too prickly and aloof to thrive in that atmosphere. Derek Jeter and Joe Namath kept the media twisted like pretzels in their time, but as much as I admire Aaron, he may wish he stayed in the low lights of Wisconsin away from the Big Apple's craziness.

I don't buy all the prognostications Rodgers is going to find the New York media too tough to handle. If you ask him respectful questions, he'll provide respectful answers. If you try to play "gotcha" with him, he's not going to play along, and he'll brush it aside. He's not going to be outwitted, and he won't dignify any B.S. with a legitimate answer. That's how he'll roll. Also, what a lot of folks who have this take about the "New York media" with Rodgers fail to understand is how the landscape has changed with a player like him, when he has a weekly unchallenged and unfiltered platform to say whatever he wants to say on McAfee's show, and they'll have to cover it whether they like it or not. He'll be establishing the narrative, because he has the outlet to do so, not them.

Bill from Raleigh, NC

Hi II, I just read Cliff Christl's article about the Packers head coach and GM debacles of yesteryear. Could packers.com stop mentioning the John Hadl trade? It's too soon ... I'm not over it yet.

Bill needs three more years to pass so that moment in history hits the 50 mark, then we're good.

Mike from Algoma, WI

Have we all forgotten Ken Burrough? He was the only other player to wear 00 (from 1971-81 for the Houston Oilers). He, like Otto was grandfathered in when the league banned the number in 1973. He is the one I remember seeing on TV. Side note: I always thought those Oilers uniforms were pretty cool.

I think I had a Burrough football card back in the day.

Matt from Waunakee, WI

Hi Mike, welcome back. As a huge baseball fan and a bit of a traditionalist. I'm a huge fan of the pitch clock. A two-and-a-half-hour game is perfect. I think it's the best rule change I've seen in any sport. Your thoughts?

I braved the cold to catch the Brewers at Wrigley on Saturday and experience the pitch clock at the MLB level for the first time. It was a revelation in terms of the pace of the game and keeping your attention on the diamond. It could make an even bigger difference, I believe, with the television-viewing experience. A great move for the game all around.

Ed from Windsor, CO

What is on tap this week at 1265 Lombardi Avenue?

We will find out soon enough. For the trivia buffs, the three teams against whom Rodgers has a losing record in the regular season are Indianapolis (1-3), Tennessee (2-3) and Washington (3-4).

Mark from Appleton, WI

I graduated from Grafton High School in 1973. Does that count?

Happy Monday.

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