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Inbox: He demands so much of himself

The next challenge is to stay grounded

Head Coach Matt LaFleur
Head Coach Matt LaFleur

Douglas from Union Grove, WI

I got nuthin…what you got?


Jamie from Mariette, OH

So, do you guys get to let out a victory whoop after a game like that? Or is it straight to business afterwards?

I dropped a few OMGs in the live blog and quiet shriek of disbelief, then I had work to do.

Sam from Melbourne, IA

Backups making plays all over the place. Next man up really rang true tonight.

Even on the sideline. How 'bout that game Jerry Gray called? Absolutely loved the aggressiveness on the final drive after playing it safe on third-and-10 from the 1-yard line (which was understandable) failed so badly. There had to be a coverage bust for Green to get that wide open over the middle. But then Gray picked his spots. They got burned when the first blitz didn't get home. The second one led to the pick when A.J. Green had no idea he was the hot receiver. Sometimes all it takes is forcing one guy to make a mistake, as long as you're there to cash in on it.

Anthony from Jamestown, ND

What allows a player like Douglas to come in and make an immediate impact, whereas others require more time to find their place on a new team?

Opportunity, usually, provided the player is a veteran pro. Rasul Douglas got thrown in after the first series at Chicago and has played pretty much every snap since. He was either going to figure it out or prove he wasn't up to it. It definitely hasn't been the latter.

Graeme from Tucson, AZ

Wow. What is it about games in Arizona? That has to be one of the more incredible victories of the Aaron Rodgers era and there's been a few!

If I'm allowed to toot my own horn, my One Last Look column was rather on point this week, no?

Gary from Arvada, CO

Two days ago on Three Guys with Three Things … Mike: The Washington game had a silver lining teaching passing lane discipline; Wes: The Pack without 17 under ML were 6-0; Larry: RASUL DOUGLAS. Time to rebrand to Three Guys with Three Crystal Balls?

Larry gets all the credit there.

T from Cedar Falls, IA

We had the "Miracle in Motown." What do you think about "The Grab in Glendale"?

Not bad. Both on Thursday nights no less. All I know is drama in the desert is a given with this team.

Jan from Frankfurt, Germany

The resilience of this team is so impressive! Now they have a long week to get healthy. When the offense gets 83/17 back, they will be on fire 100%. Okay no math in the Inbox – I'll see myself out.

83, 17, 13, 69 … you hate to see what happened to 85, so I don't know about 100%, but in another week or two this offense could be its healthiest (fingers crossed) since around Week 2.

Rog from Lakewood Ranch, FL

Will the Packers ever learn to save their timeouts for when they really need them? I would prefer they take the delay of game penalty in most situations and save the timeout for late in each half when conserving time might be critical. Better yet, just get the blankety-blank ball snapped on time.

They were breaking the huddle way too late in the play clock way too often. At least they made the timeout on fourth down early in the third quarter worth it, getting the conversion and eventually the touchdown. But I'd surmise the operation was bogged down more than usual by all the different perimeter personnel and getting a handle on who's in which package, on a week with basically no full-speed practices.

Cheryl from Marathon, WI

We all know most QBs have some freedom to change plays at the LOS based on what they see pre-snap. I was curious if the defender wearing the communication helmet has that same option? If not, why do you suppose that's the case? (For the record, I'm not talking about unlimited freedom but even rookie QBs have a small amount of flexibility.)

The defense will adjust pre-snap based on the offense's alignment, but changing the entire call poses a huge risk. There's no way to be sure the new call could be communicated to the entire unit before the snap, and the defense doesn't control the snap.

Tom from Eagan, MN

What an exciting game and great win! With first-and-goal at the 1-yard line I wish they would have brought AJ Dillon in as the up back along with Jones like they did earlier in the game when they needed a couple yards for a first down. They would have had the Cardinals guessing who would get the ball and doubt they could have stopped them with four cracks at the end zone. By the way, how did they ever reverse Aaron Jones' TD?

Wes said they saw ghosts on that replay, and I agree. I don't know how it's indisputable he was down before the ball broke the plane, but whatever. As for the two-back look, I don't think I've ever seen that in their goal-line package, but perhaps that's an addition to the playbook they'll work on now.

The Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals faced off on Thursday Night Football on Oct. 28, 2021.

Mike from St. Louis, MO

It's a game of inches. Always has been.

Always will be.

Laura from Arlington, VA

Who do you think stepped up the best in the Cardinals win?

Aside from Douglas, I'd say Dillon. Coming off the two fumbles last week, I thought he looked impressive start to finish. He was shifty at times, powerful when he had to be. He's really becoming a complete back.

Dave from Long Island City, NY

Why wouldn't the Packers use AJ as a battering ram at least one time on their last goal-line possession? I love Aaron Jones but a pounder was needed…

I can appreciate the sentiment, and it's a popular one. Trying to read between the lines of LaFleur's postgame comments, he said the Cardinals were loading the line of scrimmage with big guys no matter what personnel the Packers had on the field – which is their luxury without an end-zone target like Davante Adams or Allen Lazard to worry about. I wonder if he thought they'd just go bigger yet if he put Dillon in? Was he mixing other personnel with Jones to see if something would loosen up the Cards' approach? I don't know. He didn't have a timeout to stop and reconsider, which I'm sure would have helped. That said, Rodgers really liked the play-action boot they had called on third-and-goal from the 1, based on that loaded defensive look, but Josiah Deguara lined up wrong and it cost them 5 yards.

Ferdie from Galt, CA

Re: TB12's legacy that'll outlive us all, what a great time to witness 11 of the top 17 all-time TD leaders, including a whopping nine of the top 10 (I didn't get to see Marino in action except in Ace Ventura).

Considering Marino last played 22 years ago, and how much the game has changed, his still residing in the top 10 in TD passes speaks to how far ahead of his time he was.

Arthur from Eau Claire, WI

I had some time to kill so I looked up how many coaches and GMs the Packers, Vikings and Bears have had since the year 2000. Packers, three coaches and three GMs. Vikings, five and four. Bears, five and four. Admittedly not that great a difference but it seems to me that even a little stability equals better results.

So does elite-level quarterback play.

Gerald from Mendota Heights, MN

Was there ever any doubt?

Given everything that went on the past few days, and the team the Packers were forced to suit up, it would have been an absolute shame to lose that game. One of these down-to-the-wire contests is going to go the other way at some point, I think we all have to be prepared for that. But I'm glad it wasn't this one.

Charlie from Eugene, OR

First off this was one of the most impressive wins I've seen in my near 50 years as a Packers fan. That said, Rashan Gary didn't fill the stats sheet but I couldn't help but notice the sheer violence and power in his game. Does his ferocity elevate the whole defense. Also shout out to Dean Lowry for his outright abuse of a 300-pound man to get his sack. On to KC! GPG!

The Packers' pass rush was outstanding. Disciplined yet effective. It kept Murray off-balance for a good portion of the game. If the Packers had stopped the fourth-and-4 midway through the third quarter, I think Murray and the Cardinals would have gotten truly flustered.

Trevor from East Side Mil-Town, CA

It appears that new G decals are put on helmets every week. How much precision is required in getting placement correct and what other helmet preparation is involved for a game?

New decals aren't necessarily put on every week. The equipment staff will buff out the scrapes and streaks on a helmet on a regular basis, and if any decals get mangled, replace them.

Scott from Salem, OR

The "best offense is a good defense" and the best defense is a good offense – both were pivotal in Arizona.

That's how you win time of possession by 15 minutes. The score did not indicate how thoroughly the Packers outplayed the Cardinals for the bulk of the game. Green Bay just left too many points out there.

Jennifer from Middleton, WI

Spoff, one would think this puts Matt in the COY conversation, does it not? I was really impressed by him this week and inspired by his eagerness to face this challenge and not flinch. To figure out a winning game plan with this week's roster was an accomplishment that I suppose shouldn't surprise me given his record, but wow. I know he deflects praise but he deserves a boatload.

Absolutely. And what I like best about him is he's going to spend more time reviewing those goal-to-go sequences that went sour than basking in what went right. He demands so much of himself the players can't help but respond to what he demands of them.

Jessi from Sterling, KS

I'm officially 3-0 at State Farm Stadium. It stands! Packers shocked some of the odds and did it. I must say for an away game, I've never experienced Packers fans that loud. It was amazing Packer presence! I got dizzy from screaming at the end. Prayed for unforgettable, memorable win...delivered! How was it on the broadcast?

Audible for sure. Hats off to you and all the other Packers fans who attended – many of them chimed in through the Inbox – for bringing it last night.

John from Bismarck, ND

This team is tough, scrappy, and resilient. This defense plus this offense is a fine combination, how could we be more satisfied midway through the season?

The next challenge is to stay grounded. Everyone admitted they were a little too full of themselves heading into Week 1. Now all the hype will once again resume. They can't lose sight of the fact that at 7-1 they're light years closer to 4-4 than 8-0.

Stephen from Green Bay, WI

I swear this is not chortling. Are we the best team in the league? The Packers beat the only undefeated team in the league. So we have that tiebreaker. Wow that was a statement win. Everyone showed up and then some.

Best only matters in January and February. Lotta season left.

Gerbie from Elk Mound, WI

That settles it. The NFL makes no sense.

That's why they play the games, right?

Colin from Tripoli, WI

Guys I just knew the '72 Dolphins would be celebrating last night. After all the injuries, COVID situation and missed opportunities this team just refused to relent. There is something very special about this team. 7-1 with a mini bye looks really good to me.

How can it not? Happy Friday.