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Inbox: The result is the result, now it's the response

It’s important the pack sticks together in the face of adversity

LB Preston Smith
LB Preston Smith

Frank from Waterloo, IA

Last year's Super Bowl participants are both 3-3. Lotta season left.

The result is the result, now it's the response. The Rams, Bengals and 49ers all responded last season, and now it's on the Packers to do the same starting Sunday in Washington.

Jeremy from Collegeville, PA

Hi, I have a two-part question. Is it time to hit the panic button yet for the Packers? If not, then how do the Packers overcome the adversity? Elgton Jenkins needs to be somewhere else on the O-line, Matt LaFleur abandons the run game too quickly, defense shows up for the first half and then collapses. The run defense is still bad. The chemistry between Aaron Rodgers and the receivers is progressing. Thank you.

Honest question – what does one do after pressing said panic button? What does it accomplish? Do the Packers instantly start playing better? Do you get a free T-shirt that says "Kiss Me. I Panicked"? Does Cenex have a discount code for 5 cents off unleaded if "The Packers made me panic"? Panic is for the unprepared. It doesn't matter if you're a professional football team or dealing with a flat tire on the side of Interstate 41. Let's take a breath and fix the tire. Time's a wastin' and we still got places to be.

Scott from Carlisle, PA

In his press conference, Aaron Rodgers mentioned "simplifying" the offense, less motion and whatnot. Isn't that what makes Matt LaFleur's offense work? I get the idea, but can you be too bland and easy for a defense to figure out if it's too simple.

We'll need to stick a pin in the "simplifying" questions until Rodgers speaks again Wednesday. At the end of the day, the Packers are not executing right now. We'll see what they come up with this week in an attempt to shock the offense back into a rhythm.

Nicholas from Baltimore, MD

Can we perhaps acknowledge that the Jets might actually just be a good football team? They've got top draft picks all over the field and a coach whose arrow is pointing straight up. While the loss stings, I suspect the team that beat us will be in contention for the AFC.

When it comes to complementary football, the Jets were the superior squad on Sunday and got that W. Green Bay must bounce back and fight for the next one.

Tim from Manitowoc, WI

Why are we struggling up front with the O-line? As cliches flow, the game is won in the trenches. Too many hits on the QB and little room to run the ball. I'm sure it's not a simple answer but let's keep things simple.

First and foremost, the Jets have some hosses up front. They didn't have 16 quarterback hits vs. Miami by accident. Quinnen Williams is a savage. So, credit where it's due. That said, the Packers have to be better. Green Bay tried to switch things up with substituting in Jake Hanson at right guard before halftime but then Hanson injured his biceps muscle and was out the rest of the game. Everything is on the table. The Packers have some figuring out to do.

Jake from Orem, UT

Hello Insiders, props to you for sifting through all the negativity after the loss! In the spirit of putting the losses behind us, what do the Packers have to do to turn things around against the Commanders on Sunday?

Establish rhythm and move the chains. I don't care if the Packers run, pass or teleport. They need first downs. That's it.

Rick from Trempealeau, WI

Do you have any insights on Elgton Jenkins performance thus far? He just doesn't look like the Elgton Jenkins we've come to know, love, admire and count on as an outstanding and steady force.

Jenkins made it back in near-record time from the ACL injury but playing in an actual game is a different animal. To me, Jenkins looks like a talented offensive lineman playing a new position and the results have varied. With how versatile Jenkins is, the Packers will continue to work on determining where to play him in the best interest of both the team and the player.

Tom from West Palm Beach, FL

Do you think there's any consideration being given to flipping David Bakhtiari to RT, so Yosh Nijman can play LT? Or is that downright blasphemy with a potential future HOF LT? If it's about getting the best five on the field, it would seem at least possible to me. I think what really needs to be answered is, is Jenkins struggling because he's out of position, or because he's still nowhere near 100% coming off a major injury? Then the rest of the puzzle can be figured out.

I'm not messing around with that at all. Bakhtiari shut down Carl Lawson Sunday and looks to be settling back in at left tackle. If Nijman shows the coaches he can handle that right tackle spot, then I'm game for giving him a look there. But I'm not transplanting a five-time All-Pro left tackle in his 10th NFL season. Call me crazy.

Brock from Florence, CO

Insiders, the glimmer of hope for me was that goal-line stand at the end, after the game was well decided. I would love to hear how you would describe its importance.

The defense didn't give up on itself, so that was good to see. Adrian Amos mentioning how the Jets only really hit three big plays on the Packers hit home afterwards. Obviously, you can't take out the bad plays and only leave the good, but the defense didn't roll over and quit. I also felt the Packers used Jaire Alexander to his fullest potential and he played well.

James from Concord, CA

On the positive side, I think the defense is doing a good job. They really only gave up 17 points (seven points from a blocked punt and three from the offense turning the ball over in Jets' field-goal range). If the offense cannot score or get first downs, even the best defense will break down. Just look at the 49ers' No. 1 defense giving up 28 points to the Falcons when their offense could not get a first down in the second half.

The defense was fine, especially the first 2½ quarters. It just didn't get any takeaways, and this was a game where Green Bay was going to need a couple to win.

Anthony from Sturgeon Bay, WI

Watching and listening to AR12 talk about this team he seems to be relishing in the opportunity to demonstrate leadership traits that will establish the winning tradition. Is it possible that he enjoys this challenge greater than correcting the physical and mental mistakes being made on the field? His comment regarding keeping a close read on the locker room clearly pointed to a level of understanding that goes well beyond X's and O's.

It's making sure the house doesn't collapse inside itself. Rhetoric matters. Losses happen. It's important the pack sticks together in the face of adversity.

Jim from St Pete Beach, FL

Hello Wes! Over our last few games of sub-par play, who have you noticed is playing really solid ball from whom we can draw inspiration?

I wrote about it after the game, but I felt like Robert Tonyan is starting to look like his old self again. He had two of the offense's four third-down conversions and four of Green Bay's 10 longest plays. Tonyan's role is only going to increase in "gotta-have-'em" situations if Randall Cobb misses time here with the ankle injury.

Joe from Louisville, KY

I know I'm not the only one who had a couple of tears in their eyes, watching Cobby on the cart, look up into the stands, and immediately start of the most heart-wrenching things I've seen as a Packers fan. It was like he knew, looking at the crowd and Lambeau Field, it'd be his last time here as a player. Just the visual of the injury didn't look promising, do you think this is his last game as a Packer? Maybe even his literal last game?

Hopefully, that's not the case…for both Cobb's and the Packers' sake. Only time will tell but I was relieved to hear both LaFleur and Rodgers say Cobb avoided serious injury.

Ben from Pensacola, FL

I've been watching a lot more games this year. We harp on GB's lack of consistency, but I would point out that a bunch of other teams are facing this problem, too. Even my second team, BUF, who has looked excellent, has had some moments of inconsistency against KC and MIA. In the KC game, they bounced back in-game. Eagles almost gave up a significant lead Sunday night. But yes, GB should be playing better. I'm very certain they will. Wonder what Sammy Watkins adds when he's back and healthy.

Watkins adds a vertical deep threat the offense needs because it forces the defensive coordinator to make a decision with how he uses his safeties. There's a reason Spoff and I talked so much about the danger Marquez Valdes-Scantling presented to opponents. Defenses had to account for MVS on every play. The Packers have hit a few deep shots this year but not that game-breaking 75-yard TD that makes a defense question itself. The longest completion of the year? You guessed it: Watkins' 55-yarder vs. Chicago.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

Panic is never a word we want to see associated with the Packers. So, maybe a "heightened sense of urgency, or a time for complete focus"? With a little more than one-third of the season completed and three losses, there's still much that can be accomplished, including all their goals for this season. Still, it certainty feels like it's "getting late early in Green Bay" this year. Thoughts Weston?

The Packers are entering a critical stretch of their season. They're on the road for three weeks with one of the best teams in football sandwiched in between. The Packers have to get back to playing their brand of football again – physical, efficient, disciplined, and instinctive.

Bob from Birchwood, WI

Do you get the sense that it will take more than R-E-L-A-X to get this team right?

Channeling my inner-Jordy Nelson, the letters coming to mind are W-O-R-K. The Packers gotta go back to work and prove they're better, and more consistent, than their record indicates.

Philip from Batavia, IL

Hello, II. It seems that Marcedes Lewis is mostly used for blocking in rushing or play-action. Is that because of the scheme or is it Aaron Rodgers just not throwing to him? Also, it was my first time watching the game in-person, what fun.

My apologies for the result but hope you enjoyed your first Lambeau experience regardless. I no longer have a subscription to Pro Football Focus, so I couldn't tell you how many routes Lewis has run this season, but my assumption is that it's been lower than the past couple seasons. Part of that might be scheme but Robert Tonyan and Josiah Deguara are also back from their knee injuries, too. When healthy, they're the primary receiving tight ends in this offense.

Darren from Wakefield, MI

Hi Wes. Great job on the pregame radio. You were Spoff-on with the key of Jenkins' play, though unfortunately, he struggled. Wanted to let you know we pay attention. It has to be fun working with JJ. He absolutely cracks me up with his straightforward, honest comments. How do you guys keep a straight face during the program?

Pregame radio is my favorite part of the gig. I look forward to it every week.

Tom from Highland Village, TX

Hi Wes. My daughter and I are going to the game this weekend. Are the plans set for the pep rally?


Tyler from Green Bay, WI

What was your take on the crowd? Our section sat the whole game but still felt like they could boo the team.

They paid good money for their seats, but not really sure how sitting and booing help their team.

Jim from Eau Claire, WI

Happy Birthday Mike!

There were three highlights of my weekend – taking my son to Pumpkin Fest in Mishicot, seeing Jayrone Elliott and Sam Barrington before the game and celebrating Mike's 35th birthday at Chi-Chi's.

Jeff from Janesville, WI

What fairy tales are we going to hear this week? Another story about how great our defense is, maybe how much improvement out special teams have made, the quality of our offense, how great a coach Matt LaFleur is.

You're the one writing in, bruvver.

Mark from Omaha, NE

Hey Wes, if the regular season were over, we'd make the playoffs as the seventh seed. So, to make it to Week 18, all we need to do is outplay the bottom nine teams in the NFC. How's that for optimism?

That's how the 2010 team did it, Mark. Feed your head.

Jeff from Indian Lake, NY

Well, I have a new rule. No Insider Inbox submissions in the immediate aftermath of a bad loss. Especially when one has enjoyed several beers during said bad loss. I think we all want this team to play to its potential. Complaining and finger-pointing from the couch won't get it done. LaFleur's track record should speak for itself and I hope he can right the ship. My perspective for today is this is why we watch. Let's see how the team responds to some big-time adversity.

I'm always gob-smacked about how many people write in after a loss – not asking actual questions, but instead using the submissions as a void to scream into. I get it. We're the only show in town as far as credentialed media who cover the team seeking your input on a daily basis, but sometimes I think we'd all be better off if we took a 24-hour break, let the anger dissipate and then reflect on what really went wrong.

Jeff from Victorville, CA

We've been here before. I still have faith we can move forward in a positive manner. That's all we can think, right? To think otherwise would be emotionally draining. Negativity is NEVER positive. "The best thing you can do is get in there, no horsin' around, and take care of business!" – Elvis Presley

And the only reason to look back is to get better.

Mike from Algoma, WI

Uh-oh! The Commanders' starting QB is out.

We're on to Heinicke. Make it a great week, everyone.

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