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Inbox: The totality of experience will continue to guide them

It’s an exciting year to be in the tight end market 

RB Aaron Jones and teammates
RB Aaron Jones and teammates

Eric from Durham, NC

I can't be the only one who knows that Minnesota has a 10-acre minimum on what they call a "lake," whereas Wisconsin has no minimum, right? By Wisconsin standards, Minnesota has more than 20,000 lakes, so at least Minnesotans have one title to brag about while they continue their quest for a Lombardi trophy.

Eh, Minnesota can have its 10-acre lakes. I'm more of a pond fella anyway.

CJ from Waxahachie, TX

I just want to say I love Inbox. Thank you both (and those behind the scenes, however small the contribution) so much for providing this space for fans to ask questions and connect with the organization that we love. One of my favorite things about Inbox is getting to see where different fans reside. Dar from Mansfield, TX, and Shannon of Ovilla, TX, are Inbox OGs and I live very close to them. I hope to someday bump into them. Looking forward to 2023 despite the uncertainty! Go Pack Go!

Embrace uncertainty, CJ. Because when channeled appropriately, uncertainty only adds to the excitement. As an organization, the Packers have prepared for this next step and the totality of experience will continue to guide them.

Matt from Cottage Grove, WI

Which would you rather have: bolstering our defense to shut down opposing teams and get lower-score wins, or stocking up on offense in the draft and letting J-Love compete in shoot outs?

As the roster stands right now, my draft would be a balance between filling holes on defense (defensive front and safety) and adding skill-position players. To answer your question, I guess I lean towards offense. I just don't think the defense needs much, especially once Rashan Gary is back, whereas the offense could use additional reinforcements during a time of transition under center.

Paul from Winnebago, IL

Tight ends can be a huge help for novice QBs. With Robert Tonyan to Chicago, how's the outlook on TE?

Not to be redundant, but Paul asked this before Spoff's Inbox posted on Wednesday and I wanted to expand a little more on the state of the tight end position. Spoff is right. Josiah Deguara is the most experienced tight end on the roster and undoubtedly will have a bigger offensive role. However, the individual with the most to gain this year is Tyler Davis. While Davis is a core player on Rich Bisaccia's special teams, he has the frame and makeup at 6-4, 252 to be a more traditional in-line tight end. Tonyan, at 26 years old, had his breakout year in his third season with the Packers. Davis is 26 and entering his third year with the team.

Jake from Decatur, GA

It's been said (and I'm inclined to agree) that a veteran tight end is a young quarterback's best friend – a big target who knows how to get open 4-8 yards downfield to keep the chains moving and limit the number of negative plays. Can Deguara be that guy for Jordan Love?

The reporters have already seen that synergy between the two 2020 draft picks for three years. Love has thrown quite a few passes to Deguara, as the former Cincinnati Bearcat has worked his way up the tight end depth chart. Like I've stated before, Deguara is a hybrid who will touch the ball in unconventional ways. It's not always going to be a pass to the flat or an in-breaker. What I like most is Deguara was playing his best ball at the end of last season. If the Packers had played one more week, I had a feature planned looking at his development as both a route-runner and blocker.

Jim from Tempe, AZ

I desperately hope the Packers don't draft TE Michael Mayer at 15. Packers do need an elite TE. He isn't it. Look at the ND schedule. They play mostly cupcakes, and when they do play elite teams, they get blown out. He doesn't have elite speed compared to numerous other TE prospects who also have a larger frame, such as Darnell Washington. My draft hope, address DL and edge early and "reach" on TE with Zach Kunst. He was injured as a senior but graded a 10 RAS score for all TE prospects. Get him Gutey!

Solid pick. Listen, regardless of who it may be, I'm just excited about the depth of this tight end class. I do like Washington quite a bit (though the fanbase would need to be patient with him and realize Washington's impact will go beyond catches and touchdowns). I also like Mayer and Dalton Kincaid, if the Packers want to spend a first-round selection. Mayer and Kincaid have different body types, but both are legitimate NFL tight ends. It's an exciting year to be in the tight end market.

Edward from Racine, WI

I would like to address the person that recommended using Keisean Nixon on the offense. I think he has enough on his plate. I would like to remind him what the Bears tried to do with Devin Hester. He looked confused on offense, which affected his return game. Please don't get greedy and kill the golden goose.

Keisean Nixon wouldn't be a full-fledged offensive player like Hester, who was kind of position-less. Nixon is a tried-and-true nickel cornerback. So, I'd imagine the coaches would dial up only a couple of trick offensive plays that would feature him. Also, Nixon is a former running back. He's used to having the football in his hands.

Ben from Pensacola, FL

QB may not be out of the realm of possibilities for one of the first two nights of the draft – especially if Aaron Rodgers is gone. I remember some years where...we didn't really have a serviceable QB (at least results-wise, maybe we thought we had something) and right now, if Love is injured at QB we'd be in trouble. Or maybe that's what the vet is for? Assuming we're able to find one for a team-friendly salary. I'm not sure about that though.

Hence why I favor drafting a quarterback over signing a free agent. I think about the San Francisco 49ers. Yes, they waited until the very last pick to draft Brock Purdy, but that decision was extremely relevant to the Niners' championship aspirations. Football is a young man's game. With the way contracts have swelled, I'd argue there's no better bargain right now than having a quarterback prospect on a rookie deal. I wouldn't go so far to draft a QB in the first round, but I'd keep my eyes open to the possibilities on the second and third day.

Hannes from Glendale, WI

Instead of rebuild or reload, should we just settle on this being a recombobulation season?

Perhaps, though it's tough to fit all those characters on a T-shirt.

Jacob from Menomonie, WI

Which Packers' record will probably never be broken?

Curly Lambeau's 31-year tenure as head coach, Rodgers' touchdown-to-interception ratio, Brett Favre's career interceptions and Mason Crosby's consecutive games played streak. Crosby's scoring record may never be matched, either.

William from Newburgh, IN

If Rodgers and Crosby both leave, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't they the last players left from our last championship team? What a ride and so many great moments from those two. I wish them both well going forward and am so glad they are part of our Packer Family!

That's correct. In fact, Rodgers and Crosby are the only two remaining active players from the Packers' Super Bowl XLV anywhere in the NFL. Time moves fast. Assuming Antonio Brown is finally done, I'm pretty sure the Steelers don't have any active Super Bowl XLV alumni, either.

Bob from Port St. Lucie, FL

Insiders, Crosby was a sixth-round draft pick in 2007 and as you've noted started with an immediate impact and impressive career. Is there a kicker in this year's draft who might warrant an early pick with the hope of finding the next long-term solution?

There may be an NFL kicker lurking, but I doubt he gets drafted. CBS Sports has Maryland's Chad Ryland listed as its top kicker but only 327th overall. Keep in mind, too, that getting drafted isn't always the biggest indicator of success for a kicker. Cade York was a fourth-round pick last year and only went 24-of-32 (75%) as a rookie.

Richard from Woodstock, GA

Was familiar with TK from Grafton based on previous publications, but I am now really impressed with the input from Grafton, WI. I am a 1967 graduate of GHS and watched the basketball team in the state tournament in Madison in 1966 (no classifications, just basketball). I saw my first Packers game at County Stadium when the LA Rams played the Packers in the 1967 playoffs and was at the game during Josh Allen's rookie season at Lambeau. Fackrell was amazing.

You've gathered a robust collection of memories, Richard. You should be proud. The last part made me smile the most. Kyler Fackrell's 2018 season was one for the ages. He had nearly as many sacks that year (10½ in 16 games) as his other five NFL seasons combined (13 in 70 contests). Football is a funny, funny game.

Orrie from San Juan Capistrano, CA

Hi Wes, yesterday Mike took a question from Jeff of Omaha asking of any interesting tidbits about Lambeau Field. This comes from the field tour guide, that the big stadium clock facing Lombardi Avenue is set 15 minutes early as a nod to Coach Lombardi and his well-known punctuality. If you arrived at a meeting on time, you were late.

Yep. The best way to be punctual is to be early.

Terry from Green Bay, WI

Good morning, II. When talking about a rookie's impact in their first home game Randall Cobb has to be among the best in recent history. Everyone remembers the kick return for the TD, but he also scored on a pass reception.

I'll always contend Cobb should have played more on offense than he did in 2011. He was ready for it.

Paul from Manitowoc, WI

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I'm not crazy about a conditional pick for the Jets if Rodgers retires in 2024. The Jets are getting an elite quarterback with two years left on his contract and the Packers have zero say if he decides to retire. I say it's up to the Jets to provide an atmosphere that makes him want to stay, if he retires then that's their bad. What say you?

I say Aaron Rodgers is a professional quarterback for the Green Bay Packers and the future remains a beautiful mystery.

Jeffrey from Eveleth, MN

Any legitimacy to the Rodgers to San Francisco rumors in your opinion, or just someone fanning the flame?

Two words: Press. Release. Show me a press release. The rest is subterfuge.

Take a look back at Green Bay Packers RB Aaron Jones during the 2022 NFL season.

Jim from Baytown, TX

Here's a draft conundrum (my big word for the day): On everyone's board QB Will Levis is a top 10 pick. He drops to No. 15. We don't have a legit backup. Does Gutey jump if he's feelin' froggy?

That's up to Gutey and his personnel people. I like Levis and his throwing motion, but my job on April 27 will be to sip coffee from my "Draft Day" mug, wait for the pick and write the best story I can on what move the Packers made…while swatting Spoff's hand away from my dinner plate.

Roger from West Bend, WI

On June 8, 1961, the Milwaukee Braves were the first Major League team to hit four consecutive home runs: Thomas, Matthews, Aaron and Adcock. I listened to that game on the radio. It is a rare feat in that it's only been accomplished 10 times. Three jacks are impressive – four is like OMG. Well done new and exciting Brewers with the three.

Four is quite impressive, but did Thomas, Matthews, Aaron and Adcock put on cheeseheads after their home runs? I rest my case.

Rocky from Fairbanks, AK

What about "When Pride Still Mattered" by David Maraniss? Excellent book. If you haven't read, I'd highly recommend.

Great, great book. Another suggestion I'll throw at you – albeit not a Packers book – is "Crunching Numbers: An Inside Look At The Salary Cap And Negotiating Player Contracts." My friend, Vijay Natarajan, who co-authored the book with Jason Fitzgerald, just sent me a copy. It's a phenomenal look into NFL cap management and the business side of the football.

Pat from Hudson, WI

Before and Inbox, there was the Packer Report, which was an actual newspaper that came in the mail once a month. I remember reading that the Packers had given away another first-round pick for an unknown QB, this one named "Fav-Ray," and feeling like once again the team had slipped up. I can't tell you how grateful I was to be wrong!

I think our website would've shattered into pieces once the fans learned that Ron Wolf had traded a first-round pick for a former second-round quarterback who just completed more passes to the opposition than his own team as a rookie. But that's why Ron Wolf is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

I was trying to figure out how four different people from Grafton, WI, could possibly all be Inbox contributors. Then I realized that I was thinking of Granton, WI (population 355) near Neillsville. I guess my western Wisconsin bias has been checked.

There was no confusion here. Since there isn't much to look at from Sheboygan to Milwaukee on I-43, I've grown very familiar with Cedar Grove, Belgium, Port Washington, Grafton, Mequon, Bueller, Bueller…Bueller.

Rod from Chugiak, AK

Yea, and in number of lakes, Alaska makes Minnesota and Wisconsin combined look like the Sahara.

I really, really want to go to Alaska someday.

Ed from Windsor, CO

How great is it to be a GBP fan? Twelve teams have never won a Super Bowl and we have an Inbox to answer other worldly questions. What is best on a bratwurst?

I don't like condiments, so my go-to items are asparagus, peppers, tomatoes. If none are available, I'll occasionally use Bush's baked beans sauce. Yes, you read that right. I can tolerate ketchup if there are no other options. Like Spoff said, mustard is not an acceptable condiment on brats.

Brock from West Lafayette, IN

Welcome back, Wes! I didn't get a chance to ask about your Wrestlemania predictions, so I'll ask about your review. What was your favorite match? Surprise of the night? Most Valuable Performer?

My favorite match was the triple-threat for the Intercontinental title. My MVP was Sami Zayn. My surprise was any Vincent Kennedy McMahon-related development from Saturday, April 1, to Monday, April 3.

Ryan from Sun Prairie, WI

Enough about Rodgers. Masters are this week. Who you got?

I'm going with Rory. He's striking the ball well. This is his time.

Ethan from La Crosse, WI

So now we're debating the semantics of rebuild, reload, and reset. Does it really matter? I'm almost certain the players don't care. I don't care. Sigh. The joys of the dead zone. Just beat the...offseason? I guess.

Just…get to draft day. Make it a great Thursday, folks.

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