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Inbox: There's no putting a price on that

They’ll all answer that call

Head Coach Matt LaFleur

Nick from Prescott, WI

A win is a win, but it felt like we were beating up on the Niners' practice squad. Call the fight.

The Packers did what they needed to do, and what they should do, given the situation. That's all that matters.

Chuck from Sun Prairie, WI

For my take, a win by any other name is still a win. You can only eat the meal on your plate.

That, too.

Dave from Lake Zurich, IL

I believe this is the first time a team has traveled two time zones and won a Thursday night game.

I believe you're right.

Josh from Reno, NV

Davante Adams is the best WR in the game. I don't see how anyone could choose anyone else. He lines up everywhere. Catches everything. Most of the time doesn't have a legitimate No. 2 to take pressure off of him, and defenses still can't stop him.

I think one of the most overlooked segments of his career was when he caught 46 passes for 545 yards and five TDs in eight games with Brett Hundley as his quarterback. That's a pace for 92-1,090-10 over a full season, without Aaron Rodgers.

Ben from Pensacola, FL

Sometimes I think Tae can't surprise me anymore. But he has those catches and my only response is: How did you see that, let alone catch it? Guy in BWs last night in response: "Cuz he's Davante Adams."

There isn't anything he can't do out there. He practically caught the fourth-and-1 pass with his facemask while getting mugged. The amount of attention he's going to command from here on out will test LaFleur's and Rodgers' creativity, and perhaps Adams' patience at times. But I trust they'll all answer that call.

Sam from Melbourne, IA

I just want to say, I can't wait to see what this offense looks like again with Lazard back and DB back. I think they'll finish the second half of the season strong.

I agree. Getting Aaron Jones back was no small thing. Right from the get-go, it's obvious the difference he makes. Then David Bakhtiari is, well, Bakhtiari, and Allen Lazard is unlike any other receiver on the roster. If the group can get healthy and stay there, it should be fun to watch.

Phil from Portland, OR

Was that the most anti-climactic NFC Championship rematch you've ever seen?

It was nothing resembling a rematch. Everyone knew that going in.

Hugh from Leicester, NC

Well, that's a monkey off our back. I'll take 12-4.

6-2 at the midpoint sure looks a lot better than 5-3, doesn't it?

Dave from Middletown, CT

It was refreshing to see the Packers rush effectively against the Niners, especially early in the game. How much of that was because it was Aaron Jones with the ball and how much because of improved OL play or a beat-up defense?

The Niners are missing their key pass rushers up front, but Warner and Greenlaw are darn good linebackers, and I thought Jones made some really slick moves. He can cut without slowing down even a smidge.

Dylan from Cary, NC

Would Vince or Curly's new masks better fit Wes's or Mike's head?

It sounds like you're implying something that isn't flattering.

Marin from West Lawn, PA

With the NFL's COVID restrictions in place, how many Packers coaches, players and other team personnel are permitted in the traveling party as opposed to before the pandemic?

I'm not sure of the exact number, but the travel party restrictions are across the board for every team. In normal situations, teams can make their own decisions and it can vary from game to game depending on location, etc.

Doug from Mountain, WI

All the pressure was on the Packers against a depleted 49ers team. To their credit, they did what they needed to do. I have a better feeling about this team again. This 10-day rest, with our next game against Jacksonville, should do worlds of good.

This break must be put to good use, because there are no more the rest of the way, unless the Packers can get the No. 1 seed.

Dustin from Denver, CO

What's stronger: Adrian Amos' grip, or James' jersey on that first-quarter catch?

I still don't know how Amos hung on.

Tom from Woodbury, MN

Complaining right after a well-deserved win does not feel right. Waiting a few days to comment on the big plays given up by the defense is appropriate.

I don't get too worked up about the stuff after the game is 34-3, no matter who's in there. The players are human. But earlier there were some huge holes downfield in zone coverage, and that receiver screen looked way too easy. There were plenty of moving parts on defense with the injuries, so I don't want to ignore that, but there were moments assignment-soundness appeared lacking.

Jake from Round Rock, TX

I forgot to submit this before the 49ers game but I have an interesting stat. The Packers have lost seven straight games on the same weekend as daylight savings.

So next fall they just need to convince the other team not to turn their clocks back that morning and it'll be good.

Mario from Kettleman City, CA

Three, two, one. One, two, three. It's the poetry in Insider Inbox that is bothering me.

Join the club.

Sean from Cortland, NY

I so very much appreciate Tyler Ervin and what he means to this football team. He took on a role (Thursday night) he hasn't been asked to do in Green Bay and was wonderful. For return reasons alone I'd love for the Packers to somehow find a way to keep him beyond this season. Do you think that is possible/probable?

I have no idea how that'll shake out, but he's a great example of the right opportunity finding a guy. He hasn't spoken to the media since training camp, but anytime we've heard from him, last year or this year, he's genuinely thrilled to be in Green Bay and a part of this team.

Chuck from Menomonie, WI

I realize that Mike asked about it and that both Coach LaFleur and Aaron Rogers addressed the subject...but holy it normal for a team to have such versatility on the offensive line? The ability of these men to perform at a high level in the NFL at multiple positions is amazing to me. This isn't normal, is it? I'd truly appreciate your thoughts.

Having one or two versatile guys up front isn't that unusual, but this particular group has three starters who can play three positions (Lucas Patrick), four (Billy Turner) or five (Elgton Jenkins) at any given time. The amount of in-game and week-to-week shuffling while maintaining a high standard of play is the most impressive I've seen.

The Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers faced off on Thursday Night Football on Nov. 5, 2020.

Wayne from Lakewood, CA

Can you explain briefly how the game day quarterback ratings are calculated? I have tried to figure it out but cannot arrive at any formula.

It's a complicated formula that I've never tried to calculate myself. All I know is the primary components are completion percentage, yards per attempt, and the TD-to-INT ratio.

Jeffrey from Fresno, CA

Love your "Final Thoughts" videos, and I know you try and keep things creative. But just once when you ask the question the Packers win if...THEY SCORE MORE POINTS THAN THE OTHER TEAM. Friendly encouragement.

One of these days that'll be all I can come up with.

Michael from Burnsville, MN

A few days before Halloween 2010, we claim a tiny man named Howard Green off waivers. He doesn't play a huge role, but makes a big impact by holding down the fort to give B.J. Raji a much-needed breather and of course making a big-time, game-breaking play in the Super Bowl causing the interception Nick Collins returned for a TD. Are there any journeyman out there now at any position that can have a similar impact since we opted not to make a trade?

Tiny man. Good one. I trust if there were a waiver claim like that to be had, Gutekunst would make it. But it's also worth noting the Packers were 4-3 back in '10 when they claimed Green, the point being they were much higher in the claim order than they've been at any point this season.

Bill from Forest Park, OH

That Big Dog TD was absolutely bee-yootiful! I could not believe how open he was!

The Packers have had a lot of success – all over the field, not just on the goal line – running that double play-action, with the fake to the back and then the fake on the end-around. Marcedes Lewis slow-played that perfectly. Those fakes take time and he didn't give away his intention.

Brian from Adel, IA

For anyone still keeping track, I believe Rodgers is up to three TDs to first-round picks!

I knew someone would send that in, and you weren't the only one.

Mark from Waukesha, WI

How often do you think players consider taking a hometown discount, of sorts, when they are up for a new contract? For instance, let's say that Bakhtiari really loves playing in front of Rodgers, enjoys the city, the fans, thinks highly of the organization, has some good friends on the team. Does he tell his agent to take a reasonable offer, considering he will be wealthy no matter, does he insist on getting the absolute most money possible, or does he just leave it to the agent?

In my experience, hometown discounts are pretty rare, at least discounts of any significance. Players have a limited window of earning power and they're determined to maximize on it. That's not to say they're going to hold out for every last penny, but teams and agents gauge the market, and players generally want to be paid what they're worth. That said, as I mentioned in my mid-week chat a couple of days ago, we could be heading into a really crazy and unpredictable offseason of free agency.

Derek from Norton, KS

How special is the 12 to 17 connection?

It's going to be interesting when it's all said and done how it compares statistically to 12 and 87.

Rex from Eastbourne, England

At the beginning of the season would I have taken 6-2 by the midpoint? The answer is absolutely! I don't think this team is in a bad place at all.

Of course not. There's only one team in the NFC, and three in the entire league, with fewer than two losses. This team should not have lost to the Vikings, but I've said it before and I'll say it again – LaFleur has yet to allow one loss to become two, and there's no putting a price on that.

Justin from Los Angeles, CA

If you had told me in the spring the Packers would go 2-2 in the games at Tampa, at Houston, vs. Minnesota, and at SF, I would have gotten the teams they beat and lost to exactly wrong. Goes to show you never can tell, especially this year.

Circumstances are constantly in flux.

Estillac from Belem, Brazil

Jaguars, Colts, Bears, Eagles: What do you expect for the third quarter of the season?

A healthier Packers team.

Dan from Toledo, OH

In a season without fans we have now won at previous house of horrors such as: Levi's Stadium, the Superdome, and U.S. Bank Stadium. To win at any one of those in a single year is big, to win at all three is unthinkable.

The U.S. Bank drought was broken last December, but I like where you're going with the mojo, especially the way the Packers' last trip to Lucas Oil in Indy went in 2012. That was forgettable.

Tyler from Stevens Point, WI

Did I just see Tim Boyle try to avoid a negative rushing stat?!

I have no idea, but the sheer number of questions about this play in the Inbox seems to have revealed what truly entertains you readers.

Jason from Lake View, NY

Well, the Insider Inbox should be a happier place for you guys today.

It sure beats the alternative. But I'm going to make a request of the Inbox because my next time going through questions will be Sunday night for the Monday morning column. I'll probably be writing during SNF. Give me your thoughts, observations, questions, etc., on whatever games you're watching Sunday. We don't need to beat this game to death. Thanks.

Michael from Dover, PA

Got the W. On to Jacksonville. Everything else is blah blah blah white noise.

I'm going to take a weekend off first if you don't mind, but yeah, I hear you. Happy Friday.