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Inbox: You get what you put into this sport

The phrase “one day at a time” has never seemed more apropos

WR Allen Lazard

Nate from Naples, FL

How many games will the Packers win this year? How many games will the Packers PLAY this year? In 2020, "optimism without expectations" has been taken to a whole new level.

The phrase "One day at a time, one game at a time" has never seemed more apropos.

Andy from Verona, WI

What is the next step in the virtual offseason?

Letting your computer take a breather for a few weeks.

Chun from El Monte, CA

Any chance the Packers run a "21" or "22" personnel this year where they have Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon/ Jamaal Williams on the field at the same time? I am hoping the Packers will use more two-back formations especially with their versatility. We struggled on fourth-and-1 or short distance last season and running or play-action out of this formation might help.

They successfully got Jones and Williams on the field together last year, so I imagine we'll see more of the same. You want to get your best 11 on the field and the Packers' backfield is a strength on paper. I'm going to have a story running (hopefully this week) looking at the offensive possibilities of a Jones/Williams/Dillon backfield.

Stephanie from Pensacola, FL

Thank you, Wes, for the story on our DBs and Jaire. No. 23 has been great on the field and I can attest he's very impressive as a young man off the field. He worked out in Pensacola this offseason and we got to know him a little. Outstanding character, huge heart and mature beyond his years. We are so lucky to have him.

Jaire Alexander is a very interesting person, and the more you get to know him, the more he opens up. He has a phenomenal personal story I hope to tell someday. Because what he's been through in life intersects with how he plays the game of football. His internal motivation knows no bounds.

Josh from Winfield, IL

If you could guarantee one win right now for this upcoming regular season, which game would you pick? I'm having a hard time looking past week one in Minnesota.

Beating San Francisco on the road on Thursday Night Football would be enormous, both in the scope of the 2020 season and also to exorcise whatever demons might be lingering from last season, if only in the minds of fans.

Geoff from Omaha, NE

Good morning! Barring extenuating circumstances, what is the highest Packer draft pick you have seen not make the initial 53-man roster?

Cory Rodgers, fourth round (104th overall) out of TCU in 2006. Khyri Thornton came awfully close, too, before landing on injured reserve in 2014.

Ron from Waukesha, WI

Would you agree that the key to 2020 is the 2018 draft class? But beyond Jaire that draft looks like a dumpster fire. Eleven selections and the Day 2 picks, Josh Jackson and Oren Burks, can't get on the field. Moore and Donnerson have been cut. Cole Madison and Equanimeous St. Brown are injured. James Looney changed positions. And the remaining three are still too inconsistent. This is a big year for this class and the GB Packers because the roster starts to unravel in 2021.

I wouldn't argue with that at all. This is a critical third season for all the players you mentioned who are still on the roster. I still think Josh Jackson is going to open some eyes, though. I'll continue to stand by that.

TK from Grafton, WI

Should a rookie even TRY to be a vocal leader? I'd think the best plan would be to earn some stripes first through excellent play on the field before opening up the big yapper, lest he be served a tall, cold glass of "shut-up juice" by the veterans.

Yes, but leadership is more than just being the loudest in the locker room. Two players who come to mind are JC Tretter and Micah Hyde. Both were good players who minded their P's and Q's as rookies but also looked for opportunities to lead. It has to be natural and it was with both guys. That's why Tretter is now the NFLPA president and Hyde has been a respected voice in the union for most of his seven-year NFL career.

Joel from Green Bay, WI

I've heard talk about if a championship in a season shortened by COVID-19 would have less meaning or an asterisk. The consensus is it wouldn't to the winner's fans, but everyone else might view it that way. To me, if all teams are playing under the same general conditions, I'd say the only thing that might diminish a championship would be if the losing team in the championship was adversely impacted by the virus for the game/series (although team health often has an impact). How do you feel?

I've tackled this before but I'll say it again for those in the back of the room – if the Packers win the Super Bowl this upcoming season, I don't think any fan is going to look at it as a diminished title. If anything, it might mean more to be the team that conquers all of this uncertainty.

Monty from Hazen, ND

With each passing day with no minicamps and acknowledging that there is a rookie curve, shouldn't the probability of the Packers winning the NFC North increase as we have the least turnover from last year?

Absolutely. You could easily make an argument the Packers have the fewest questions entering 2020 among the four NFC North combatants.

Mike from Mount Prospect, IL

Gentlemen, it's that time of year when we begin to hear the proclamations: "The surgery went great and I'm way ahead of schedule in rehab." "I changed my diet and lost 20 pounds." "I have a new workout regimen, so I'm in the best shape of my life." Not that those statements are always untrue, but you have to see guys sometimes who show up at camp who are clearly not in football shape.

Yes. The only difference is those players don't walk into the locker room and proclaim, "The doc botched my surgery and I'm behind on my rehab," or "I gained 10 pounds of bad weight this spring from potato chips and energy drinks. I'm proud to say I'm in the worst shape of my life." I'm a firm believer you get what you put into this sport. Look at Allen Lazard last year. He played around 230 in Jacksonville and dropped 15-20 pounds before camp last year with the Packers – and it showed in his performance.

Tom from Woodbury, MN

The discussion about Mason Crosby's range has me wondering if a kicker made a 65-plus-yard free-kick field goal, would that record include an asterisk?

Any kicker who makes a free-kick field goal doesn't deserve an asterisk next to his name. He should get a free steak.

Eric from Oshkosh, WI

It's probably safe to say Tim Boyle, an undrafted FA, does not possess the same natural ability of Jordan Love, a first-round pick. Boyle does have two years of experience (one year with ML) but has barely played beyond preseason. How does Boyle's limited experience measure up against Love's natural ability? I'm thinking if QB2 gets very limited practice reps during the season, and QB3 gets none, wouldn't it make more sense to slot Love as Aaron Rodgers' backup for development purposes?

It all depends on how quickly Love can pick up the offense and how he performs in training camp. Anything beyond that is pointless speculation. I haven't even seen the guy in-person yet. Boyle has two years of experience working with Rodgers and knowing what kind of information he needs on game day. That's valuable in uncertain times.

Jeff from Belton, TX

Who is the fastest Packers player currently and past? I'm thinking it's James Lofton.

Darnell Savage ran a 4.36-second time in the 40 at the NFL Scouting Combine. That's the fastest "official" time I know of on the current roster. But yes, it wouldn't surprise me if Lofton was indeed the Packers' fastest player ever based on what I've read and his track-and-field accomplishments.

Ross from Hudson, WI

Given the size/speed of Devin Funchess, will he end up being more of a Jimmy Graham replacement/upgrade rather than a true No. 2 receiver? I predict Marquez Valdes-Scantling and/or EQ will eclipse Fun in receptions but Fun will double their TD total.

I don't want to go down that road because then folks keep asking if Funchess is going to move to tight end. However, I am excited to see what the Packers have planned for him. He's a unique player who can add a lot to an offense when healthy and utilized properly.

Tom from West Palm Beach, FL

Do you think the NFL will do something to prevent teams from poaching from each other's practice squads since depth is likely to be tested?

The new CBA already increased protections on practice-squad players in exchange for better pay, more benefits and expanded options to be elevated to the active roster, so I don't know how much COVID-19 will affect that. I do think we're going to see expanded practice squads this year, since it's not going to be feasible for teams to bring in as many players for weekly in-season workouts as they're wont to do.

Mitch from Orange, VA

With the talk about changing jersey numbers, didn't William Henderson change his No. 30 to 33?

That he did, after Doug Evans vacated No. 33 when he signed with the Carolina Panthers.

Dan from Morehead City, NC

Sorry to keep hammering on the change of number questions, but in Tampa Bay didn't someone give up his number for Mr. Brady? Did Mr. Brady have to pay for those jerseys or is this something worked out between the players?

Chris Godwin switched from No. 12 to 14…He just gave it to Brady and everybody lived happily ever after.

Paul from Nevada City, CA

Concur re: Ariens/Brady comment, but Brady mostly worked in a "dink and dump" scheme but could unload as needed. Does Brady still have AR arm strength to make defenses cautious? If football actually happens, interesting to see how it plays out.

He has a lot of weapons who can create in space, too. Brady has operated in practically the same system for the better part of the past decade, so this is going to be wild. For better or for worse.

William from Newburgh, IN

Do you think Denver's visitor locker room is so large because the air is thinner? Asking for a friend.

The Broncos' locker room also created a great memory for me. I think Aaron Rodgers paid to have the Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather fight airing in the visiting locker room following the Packers' preseason game against Denver in 2017. There was so much room I could easily go around and interview everybody I needed to, while half the 90-man roster just stood in their towels watching the fight. I can count on one hand the number of locker rooms where that would've been possible without everyone bumping into each other.

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Dennis from Parrish, FL

Of the two new stadiums opening this season, which will be the one we still speak glowingly about in 10 years?

Vegas. I still have doubts about the LA market, to be honest. I feel like Vegas is going to welcome the Raiders with open arms, considering how it embraced the Golden Knights. That stadium could also double as a huge venue for big fights, concerts, etc. After seeing it with my own eyes, I feel like it's going to set a new standard for the NFL.

Richard from Madison, WI

In a stadium without fans, "Is there a team that would have the greatest home-field advantage in 2020?" It's gotta be the Chargers, right? Because they're used to it.

That's the point Melvin Gordon made a couple weeks ago.

Connor from Janesville, WI

Who wins in the Oklahoma drill, Mike McCarthy vs. Coach Duggs and Wes vs. Mike?

You can safely bet the field versus me in an Oklahoma drill. Have a great Tuesday, folks.