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Inbox: Packers need him to be just what he is

There’s more to process with a change like this one

LB Preston Smith

Neil from Tunbridge Wells, UK

When on holiday can you totally ignore any Packers news?

Ha, good one.

Mike from Cascade, ID

Happy Monday, with all the sports to take in over the weekend, was there a better story than that of Michael Block, a club pro, in the PGA Championship? A hole-in-one on the fly? One commentator had a great quote: "When have you ever seen Rory McIilroy as the second most popular player in a twosome?"

I had a very busy weekend of family commitments and unfortunately did not catch any of the PGA. It sounds like I missed a great tournament.

Trent from Wichita, KS

In response to your answer to Matthew from Las Vegas, have either one of you ever been left behind at an away game because you were so busy that you didn't make it to the bus on time?

As Wes noted, we've never been left behind, but I have to confess … in 17 years at packers.com (and 15 traveling to road games), I've missed one bus. It was from the hotel to the stadium for that preseason game in Winnipeg a few years back. The departure time was moved up a half hour and I didn't get the message, so I had to take a cab. For some reason I feel like I should've only had to pay 80% of the fare, but I digress.

David from North Potomac, MD

Regarding the lottery question for the draft, it seems pretty clear to me the talent pool of the NFL combined with the full team effort required to win makes this less valuable. Plenty of teams had their chance at AR12 and TB12 prior to him. No lottery needed to help them. Some NFL teams won it all without a generational talent at QB. Some teams have squandered a franchise-capable QB. The two sports just don't compare.

Valid point.

Brian from Fort Atkinson, WI

Good morning, the current draft set up the NFL uses is a huge reason for the parity in the league. Because of this I have always felt going away from it would be a mistake for the league. A thought did come to my mind yesterday well thinking about this, the NFL has proven one thing above all others, it knows how to make money. The advantage of going to a lottery system is, it's one more day in the calendar year that they can turn into another cash cow.

Also valid, which is why I won't rule it out.

Gary from Sheboygan, WI

Insiders, a follow-up to Luke from Appleton's question about exclusive streaming of games. Will those games still be available to home-team local TV network broadcasts?

Last season's Thursday night games on Amazon were televised free in the local markets of the competing teams, to my knowledge. I imagine the same would apply to the playoff game on Peacock this coming winter.

Jeffrey from Republic, MO

Any guess as to the over/under of Peacock "trial" memberships during the time period of the playoff game it is exclusively covering?

Great question. They've got a few months to figure out some sort of promotional offer to put together.

Aaron from Phoenix, AZ

Regarding the stats on kicking vs. receiving to start the game offered by Rich from Structure, TX, I'd like to know how that stat would break down depending on the quality of the QB and/or offense. I have to believe that 52% is skewed by some subset of the data.

I want the follow up to his stat that a team receiving the kickoff and scoring on the opening drive apparently wins 66% of the time. What's the winning percentage when receiving the opening kickoff and not scoring on the opening drive?

Mark from Canton, GA

When people talk about football greats from a bygone era, often there are many who always seem to think that those great players would not be as great if they played in the modern era. Considering his amazing stats and tenacity, do you think Jim Brown would have defied that notion?


Team photographer Evan Siegle shares his favorite photos from the 2022 Green Bay Packers season.

Glen from Leesburg, VA

It's a sad day for football fans everywhere with the passing of Jim Brown. Regardless of what team you follow, when the world loses guys like Jim Brown, we all feel that loss. He was truly one of the greatest to ever play his position. RIP Jim Brown.

He was THE greatest to play his position. He played nine years and led the NFL in rushing in eight of them. The only other league rushing leader during his career was Jim Taylor in 1962. He rushed for 100-plus yards in almost half his games. He actually averaged better than 100 rushing yards per game for his career, at 104.3 over 118 games. He may rank 11th on the all-time list for rushing yards, but this is my favorite stat – of the 10 guys ahead of him, only one is within a dozen yards of that 104.3 average: Barry Sanders, 99.8.

Michael from Lemgo, Germany

Greetings from Germany. The Monday night flex topic is an interesting one for all fans. I plan to visit the Packers at Giants game. I don't see an opportunity that this game could be flexed out of the Monday night slot because in Week 14 the Jets are playing at Met Life Stadium on Sunday. What are your thoughts?

Looks like you're onto something.

Bruce from Las Vegas, NV

Imagine how different the roster would be had the Packers re-signed Adams last year. They wouldn't have been able to re-sign Rasul Douglas or De'Vondre Campbell, which would have created some real holes in the defense. They may have been up against the salary cap and had trouble picking up Rashan Gary's fifth year or getting Jaire Alexander's extension done.

Ah, I don't think that's accurate. Campbell was re-signed before Adams was traded, so that deal was done and under the cap. Douglas would not have been back, I agree, and I doubt they'd have signed Jarran Reed. They also certainly never would've signed Watkins. But the Packers wouldn't have sacrificed Gary's fifth year or Alexander's extension, in my opinion. Assuming Adams would've signed a long-term deal and not played on the franchise tender, that contract could've been structured (as the Raiders did) with manageable cap numbers the first two years, and Green Bay would've proceeded accordingly with the other players, including Elgton Jenkins, who re-upped in December. They would've been pushing more money (and tough decisions) into the future, and the cap situation in '24 and beyond would certainly look different in that scenario, but they would've done what it took to keep their top homegrown guys.

Kary from Sheboygan, WI

When some TV networks broadcast the game with the camera that flies overhead, is that camera part of each stadium or are they setting it up every time?

The stadiums have the wires in place. The network then uses those to rig up the camera.

Megan from Minnetonka, MN

Which Year 2 guy is poised for a big jump?

I like to answer this type of question within the context of which Year 2 guy making a big jump would help the Packers the most. That answer is Devonte Wyatt, in my opinion, followed by Romeo Doubs.

Terrance from Sun Prairie, WI

What rookie will surprise us during training camp?

In the same context as above, it would be most beneficial if Colby Wooden and/or Karl Brooks were training camp surprises.

Dan from Rothschild, WI

Wes mentioned Saturday that past OTAs were run by Love. That was with the expectation that Rodgers would be back. Since that is no longer the case, how much will the playbook change?

The majority of the playbook changes have already been made as the coaching staff has prepped for the QB transition. But there are more to come as OTAs and training camp unfold, as well as into the regular season. It's always a constant evolution, but there's more to process with a change like this one.

Connor from Minnetonka, MN

Will Jonathan Owens start next year?

He might start this year.

Dave from Comer, GA

I really have high hopes for Samori Toure this season. I don't know what it is, but I really like this kid. With three new WRs drafted, what are his chances?

Unprompted, Jason Vrable brought up Toure when talking with the media last week, pointing out he built up his body a bit and has been turning heads during the offseason program. Stay tuned I guess.

James from Appleton, WI

Preston Smith's combined 17.5 sacks in the past two seasons are his career two-year high, and I think that's a good omen for getting back to a double-digit season this year.

Last season, Smith broke an on-again, off-again pattern with regard to his annual sack numbers and whether he reaches double digits again or not, the Packers need him to be just what he is – a steady, reliable, consistent performer.

Chris from Eau Claire, WI

Some people are extremely successful in a specific niche role, but when required to run the whole thing, it might be too much for them … e.g., Nathaniel Hackett, though he could have just as likely been affected by circumstance and location. Bisaccia has an outstanding track record for STs, but is that guaranteed to translate if his role was expanded?

Did you not see what he did with that Raiders team in '21 when he took over for Gruden? His leadership turned a lost cause into a playoff team.

Jim from Tempe, AZ

Jimmy "friggin" Buckets! Like many II readers, I was very disappointed when the Bucks lost to the Heat in the NBA playoffs. I figured it was a fluke and nine out of 10 times the Bucks would win that series. Now, I'm not so sure. The Heat have a unique emotional bond and unwavering confidence in one another. And a great coach. Butler is the heartbeat of that team. I am now a big fan of Jimmy Butler. Never thought I'd ever say that.

What the Heat is doing is impressive, and I give that squad a ton of credit. But as the most casual of casual NBA fans, it's just a reminder that the NBA's regular season doesn't mean diddly. Don't totally stink and you're in the playoffs. That's how it works. The NBA and NHL have been kings of the meaningless regular season for decades now. What depresses me as a much more avid fan of the NFL and MLB is both leagues are getting closer to riding the royalty's coattails the way they continue to expand their playoffs.

Dan from Honeoye Falls, NY

I wanted to shout out Evan Siegle's masterful work as presented in his "Through the Lens" series. Hearing the thought process and some of the technical detail behind his work is truly remarkable. I know the photographs he shares here are a mere fraction (sorry, no math in the Inbox) of the shots he gets; I've often wondered if there is a central database internally that the players have access to where they can request favorite photos they might like to have for themselves to display or share?

I know players can request photos from Evan but I'm not privy to how that process works.

Sam from Janesville, WI

I love that Michael from Berrien Springs referred to packers.com as Insider Inbox. That's got to mean something to you guys, right? As OTAs start, what's the main thing you like to watch for?

We don't like our site to be known strictly for this column, actually. We prefer this to be the portal through which readers branch out to engage with all our other content. But to each their own. Regarding OTAs, I like to see where the rookies are slotted at the beginning in 11-on-11, depth-chart-wise, and I keep an eye out for young, returning players who seem to be carrying themselves a little differently, either with their body type, bounce in their step, or both.

Matt from Fitchburg, WI

As much as I would like to take credit for having two Inbox submissions answered in one day, alas, I must come forward with the truth. There are two Matts from Fitchburg. I know, I know, I was shocked when I saw it too. How do we move forward now, should we have a brawl to determine the real Matt? Or maybe I could just start using my nickname, Swaty.

I prefer the mystery and intrigue.

Patrick from Madison, WI

Mike's words of wisdom that really make one think about life could be described as Spoffroidian, while Hod's musings are more Wesleyan; unless they're WAY over the top – then they'd be Westontacious.

Close, but not quite.

Bob from Covington, KY

Hi, guys. Re: Derek … "What should we use if something is cut from the Hod cloth? "Spoffordian" is going to be tough to beat, but I can't wait to see the II try!" I gotta go with Hod-Dingnagian.

Ding ding ding. The Gulliver's Travels reference wins.

Eric from Kenosha, WI

Happy Monday. We can see that Jordan Love has an NFL arm. He displayed courage to stand in there when KC blitzed him mercilessly. His own words, and those of his teammates about him, indicate leadership qualities. Decision making was iffy in Detroit, but then better in another comeback effort in Philly. We don't yet know how it will turn out for him, but there are hopeful signs as OTAs begin.

Happy Monday indeed.

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