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Inbox: Teams have to earn their success every Sunday

The Packers have to go out and take what they want on Sunday

DL Kenny Clark
DL Kenny Clark

Ryan from Carmel, IN

To further emphasize Wes's point from Thursday's Inbox to Josh from Green Bay: ".., baby!"

Yeah, that's a "M.A." on my part. I regret the error and will learn from it. Good morning!

Robert from Verona, WI

If you could pre-write the title of Monday's II to reflect the desired outcome of the game, what would it be?

"Inbox: That was a statement the Packers needed to make."

Shaun from Bayside, WI

Understanding that each week and opponent plays differently, would you say the way the Packers played against the Bills (No. 1 offense and defense) would have translated to a win against the Giants, Jets, or Commanders? They still need to improve but they don't play against the best team in the league every week.

Perhaps, but that's the challenge, right? Momentum matters in this league, but teams have to earn their success every Sunday. There's a toll to be paid at every turnpike along this 17-game schedule and nothing that's happened has any bearing on how this Week 9 game against the Lions will play out. The Packers have to go out and take what they want on Sunday.

Greg from Marquette, MI

Hi guys, it sounds like T.J. Hockenson was not very happy in Detroit. How do you think his absence changes the way the defense's plans for Detroit?

It's a game-changer. Now, the Lions still have a dynamic weapon like Amon-Ra St. Brown who can shoulder some of the offensive burden. At the same time, however, Hockenson was Detroit's leading receiver in yards (395), yards per catch (15.2) and touchdowns (three). Removing that type of playmaker is no small thing. Detroit's backup tight end Brock Wright, who's questionable due to a concussion, has six catches for 88 yards this year.

Al from Green Bay, WI

It is good to see a few turnovers being generated by the Packers D. So far, Jaire Alexander, De'Vondre Campbell and Rasul Douglas have made interceptions. Who's next? I'm going with Adrian Amos.

I'm ready for another Preston Smith INT. He had at least one in four consecutive seasons (2016-19). I feel like he's due.

Ivan from Little Chicago, WI

Just a comment on Spoff's response to Eric from Erie. It was most enlightening regarding WR's working open on a set progression. Makes it apparent how difficult it is to play QB at this level. And likewise getting young receivers up to speed. An aspect I hadn't thought of before and makes my head hurt. Outstanding.

It was an exquisite response from Spoff, a thorough and illuminating look into everything that goes into playing quarterback at this level. For my money, it's the most complicated position in all of sports and only a special few have mastered it in the 103-year history of the NFL.

Ryan from Sun Prairie, WI

With Aaron Rodgers talking so much about experience in his WRs being critical, I am OK with not trading for one. It takes a while to learn the offense on paper and the offense on the field, as Rodgers puts it (see: Sammy Watkins). The Packers have used the three call-ups for Juwann Winfree, but I am surprised he has not been added to the active roster. He has been in the system for three years and Rodgers seems to trust him based on his comments. Any thoughts on why he is still on the practice squad?

It's just numbers. The Packers have had some injuries at receiver, but after starting the season with seven wideouts, they've needed those extra spots on the 53 to address other positions. I think Winfree will be on the active roster at some point this season, but it just hasn't happened yet.

The Green Bay Packers held practice inside the Don Hutson Center on Friday, Nov. 4, 2022.

Roger from Lakewood Ranch, FL

Good morning, Wes. Happy for the success Jamaal Williams is experiencing with the Lions. I miss his fun-loving personality. Hope he is still dancing around during pregame warmups. Do you think any Packers will join him? I think that would be great to see.

It definitely will be nice to watch Williams do his usual pregame routine on Sunday morning. I have missed that. But hopefully the celebrating ends there. I'm sure Aaron Jones, Aaron Rodgers and many other former teammates will exchange pleasantries with him before the game, though. He's a beloved player in Green Bay's locker room but it's the Packers' job to stop him for three hours.

Damien from Perth, Australia

I'm bullish on the Packers to turn it around, and you've seen flashes of the offense finally putting it all together in the last two or three games. But then you've also seen the collapse of it not long after. It's about keeping that chemistry going for longer periods to allow more successful drives. The team is so close. I'm feeling positive.

That's the most heartening part about this rough stretch. The potential is still in there, but the Packers need to pull it out of them. They're a 3-5 team with most of the same talent that had them off to a 3-1 start before London. The turnaround needs to start on Sunday. Green Bay has already used its share of mulligans.

Steve from Stillman Valley, IL

There seem to be lots of questions about the defensive issues and what they need to do to improve. It seems to me things fall apart when they give up big runs especially around the edges. If we could stop the big runs that would force the other team to pass more which plays right into our strength.

I really can't put my finger on why the Packers have struggled against the run this season. You have to fill gaps and tackle well, with all 11 defenders complementing each other. Overall, that hasn't happened enough this season. Green Bay enters this game 29th in run defense (141.3 yards per game) and 25th in average rushing yards per play (4.9). The Packers need to get the run D straightened out in a hurry, with Zeke Elliott/Tony Pollard, Derrick Henry and Miles Sanders/Jalen Hurts all on the horizon.

Lloyd from Oakdale, MN

In preparation for the game, I took out some old game day programs. In the "Official Program, Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers, November 4, 1951, City Stadium," on page 55 is an application for shares. The share price is $25 and there is not a limit. Do you think the Packers would honor it if I sent it in? They accept check or money order.

I don't think that would hold up but what a cool piece of history. It's always fun thumbing through old magazines and programs. It's not just the words on the page that I relish. It's appreciating the journey those pages have traveled over the past 71 years.

Mark from Iron Mountain, MI

It's looking like a longshot to beat the Lions with the large number of injured players. Why does this team have so many injuries almost every year?

Mark, did you even bother looking at the Lions' injury report? Or is this just part of your usual complaint spam?

Zach from Waupun, WI

Do other sports teams feed off of the success of the same city? Georgia won a national title, and the Braves won the World Series last year. This year, the Phillies are in the World Series and the Eagles are 8-0. I'm hoping the Bucks can inspire both the Packers and the Brewers.

I don't know if the teams feed off it, but it sure has been enjoyable to be a sports fan in Wisconsin the past few years. Hopefully, the Packers can rally and get back in on the fun.

Jim from Westland, MI

Again, this year a Lions season ticket holder invited me to the game. We'll start tailgating around 9 a.m. Last year we met more Packers fans tailgating than Lions fans... while each side wants a victory, we really want to enjoy the whole experience.

I enjoy Ford Field. The visiting locker room could be a little larger but it's a cool venue. Having Comerica Park across the street, too, gives the downtown area a cool gameday feel. I hope you guys have a blast.

Jeffrey from Eveleth, MN

"These are the times that try men's souls." -Thomas Paine

"The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection." -Thomas Paine, too.

Jeremy from West Allis, WI

Two things. First, I think the "sky judge" automatically using video evidence to instantly correct calls on the field already saves coaches from challenging obviously wrong rulings. This preserves challenges for the coaches and moves the game along quickly with the correct call. Second, have we seen many trades like the Jaguars did acquiring Calvin Ridley from the Falcons? Jacksonville gave up two late picks, one in 2024 that could be a sixth rounder or a fifth, fourth, third or second! Unusual?

I'm gonna let the referees do their thing and reflect more on things after the season. The Ridley trade caught me by surprise. Not that the Falcons moved him, but all the contingencies built into the deal. If Ridley returns to form once he's back, that trade could be worth it for the Jaguars.

Brandon from Summerville, SC

With Spoff covering the game remotely, I think we would all support him sneaking in a few beers during the game. Just don't fall asleep on the keyboard, and your secret will be safe with us.

I don't expect that. Spoff is a total pro. He saves the IPAs for postgame. It will be odd covering a Packers game solo. It's something I've never done before during my 11 seasons as a beat writer. I suppose I'll have to fire some spitballs at Demovsky for some press-box interaction/entertainment.

Tom from Iron River, WI

May I have Mike's seat on the plane, and at the game? I'll serve as Wes's lackey!

I'm sorry, Tom. Unfortunately, there won't be any room since I'll be sprawled out like an old basset hound on his favorite couch.

James from Rochester Hills, MI

Wes, you answered my question on Facebook live yesterday regarding post game availability for autographs Sunday. So, thank you for that. To answer your response from the video, I met Jamaal Williams at Ford Field in 2019 and A.J. Hawk in 2012. To date, they're my two favorite Packers I have met and received autographs from.

Thanks for joining us, James. I love engaging with readers during those live Q&As. It doesn't surprise me in the least to hear what you said about Williams and Hawk. They were both standup guys during their time in Green Bay. I hope you enjoy the game on Sunday.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

I search for words to lead us from the darkness and find none. But the answer is simple, "Magna Victoria." Find the way! The answer lies within us all.

Find the way and find the win.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

I'm not a fan of calling games a "must win," but I think we've arrived. Rise to the challenge, Packers. There is much work to be done.

I don't like the desperate overtones in saying games are "must-win," especially in November. But the Packers need this one. They need to cleanse their system with a W.

Michael from Berrien Springs, MI

No question, just a compliment for Wes. He often has such great metaphors, analogies, and witticisms but his 11/4 responses were full of them. Some samples: "The recipe was just off by a few teaspoons." "It is difficult to hit every key and stay on tempo for 60 minutes." "I think you hit the nail on the toe." And the biggest unexpected chuckle? Submission: What's the state of Detroit's special teams? Wes: Michigan! "Are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?" Indeed, we are.

We try our best, Michael. Hopefully, when we all convene again Monday, we have a victory to discuss. Have a great weekend, everyone.

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