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Inbox: That's what the all-time greats do

There are multiple Pro Bowlers on the Packers’ offensive line

QB Aaron Rodgers

Deb from Green Bay, WI

Oh my goodness, Spoff has been SHARP this week. I hope your lunches were particularly good as well, Wes!

How would I know? You gotta ask Spoff.

Ryan from Columbus, WI

Word to the wise, Wes – pack three lunches for Sunday! I'm assuming Mike has trained his next generation well! Go Pack Go!

Thanks for looking out, Ryan.

William from Newburgh, IN

As an observation I feel the lack of tipped balls against Rodgers comes down to three factors. 1. Setting up/knowing his passing lanes. 2. Speed of his delivery. 3. He utilizes his eyes to misdirect not only the DBs but it has that effect on their DL also. What are your thoughts?

And Rodgers isn't someone who throws a football for the sake of throwing it. Nearly every pass is thrown with intent and purpose. For that reason, it's going to take a lot of technique and discipline for a defensive lineman to get his hand on one of Rodgers' passes at the line of scrimmage.

Sean from Chicago, IL

Good morning Wes! I just saw the Skycam shot of Aaron Rodgers' touchdown pass to Marcedes Lewis and was immediately reminded of how even the "simple" throws in the NFL are not even close to simple. He makes that throw rolling to his left with a defender trailing Lewis and still puts the ball in the perfect spot. I would bet any of us average Inboxers would've sailed that ball clear over Marcedes' hands.

If I've learned anything over the past eight years, it's that nothing Rodgers does on the field is easy – he just makes it look that way. That's what the all-time greats do.

Bob from Valley Springs, SD

I was listening to Aaron Rodgers on Pat McAfee's show this week and Aaron was talking about when Corey Linsley got injured and Elgton Jenkins was getting ready to go in. He wanted some practice reps with Aaron before the next series and Aaron told him, "We're good." That has to really boost your confidence. There has been lots of "talk" about Aaron not being a good teammate, but that is just another example of what a leader he truly is. We are so fortunate is so many ways he is our MVP QB!

I relayed that story to Spoff right after the interview ended. I got a kick out of that anecdote. To Rodgers' credit, he gave Jenkins "one" snap to put his mind at ease.

Erik from Holstebro, Denmark

Considering that most interior linemen get very little press, and Jenkins just got a full-blown infographic all to himself on Sunday night, how do you reckon his chances are of getting in the Pro Bowl? I know that fan votes are only one-third of the equation, but still.

David Bakhtiari is a shoo-in for the Pro Bowl team, but it'll be a shame if the Packers don't have at least two offensive linemen make it. Corey Linsley has been arguably the best center in football and Jenkins has played meaningful snaps at more positions than any other NFL lineman this year. There are multiple Pro Bowlers on the Packers' offensive line.

Andrew from Baraboo, WI

With the Pro Bowl going virtual, will the players control their own virtual player? Do you think any will opt out because of concerns over a career-ending thumb injury?

Ha. I can see it now: "Player X has withdrawn from the Pro Bowl, citing indifference to video games." Hey, the initial balloting is going to be for all the marbles this year. The only question is whether the NFL would expand the rosters by a few guys in both conferences?

Ralph from Mönchengladbach, Germany

Imagine "12" being awarded the Hail Larry award in one of the next games...

If fans needed one more reason to love Larry McCarren, the Rock gave it to them this week*.*

Neill from Hot Springs Village, AR

Mike, after your "draft is a crap shoot" comment, did you intentionally follow it with a question from Las Vegas? One other thing: Larry must have kept the Packers' locker room lively in his day!

I can only imagine what that must have been like. I think Spoff has touched on this before, but listening to Larry occasionally tell stories from his playing days are some of my favorite memories during my time with the Packers.

Don from Aurora, Ontario

Good day Wes, why do Packers fans get so concerned about individual awards? Yes, it's nice if they win one but the only real trophy that any Packers player wants to win should be the Lombardi Trophy. Here's to seeing the Packers return to playing in February.

As a society, we love our trophies and participation ribbons.

Al from Green Bay, WI

If this is the year of Aaron Rodgers and the month of Kenny Clark, who's week will this be?

It's the week of Preston Smith. Book it.

Andy from Verona, WI

Did Preston Smith have such a great game against the Bears because he was fresh from less reps, because he was motivated from not "starting," or because it was just a good matchup for him?

It definitely wasn't the middle option. The Packers said time and time again this week that whole narrative has been overbrolwn. Listen, Preston Smith is a good football player. It was only a matter of time where he was gonna have a breakout game. I think keeping the Smiths' snaps in the 65-75% range is a positive, though. Rashan Gary has developed to the point he can spell Za'Darius and Preston on any down. At the end of the day, if the Packers are to make a deep playoff run, Preston Smith needs to be a big part of it.

Richard from Caledonia, WI

What is the Packers' game-winning percentage at home games played at Lambeau? Can you break down regular season vs. playoff? Have a great weekend! Go Pack!

Like all-time? If so, they're 237-124-6 in the regular season and 17-5 in the playoffs.

Scott from Lincoln City, OR

Hey Wes, I watched the Tavon Austin interview and the guy really impressed me. His openness in talking about his disappointment in not making the previous team, after learning 100 plays in four days and then getting injured, was refreshing. What do you think the chances are we at least get to see him on special teams this Sunday?

It depends on the health and availability of Tyler Ervin (ribs), who's listed as questionable. If Ervin plays but the Packers want to take some snaps off him, they easily could insert Austin on the return units. He's handled punts everywhere he's been in the NFL and could field kickoffs in a pinch, too.

Bruce from Green Bay, WI

The Packers have another receiver/running back. What's Austin's number going to be? Hope it's not No. 88, right?

I was on the verge of tears by the time the press release came out since I was positive Austin was going to be No. 88 but he wasn't…and the relief washed over me in an awesome wave.

Bill from Wilmington, DE

Hi Wes, here is hoping that our guy Robert Tonyan can get two TDs this week to tie Bubba Franks! GPG

Two would not only tie Franks but also put Tonyan on pace to challenge Paul Coffman's 37-year-old, single-season record for most touchdown receptions by a tight end (11). It's been a big year for Big Bob.

Michael from Portland, OR

The coaches said JK Scott's "hangtime matched or exceeded the distance." What does that mean? Hangtime is measured in seconds and distance in yards.

Coaches have metrics they're looking for to "not outkick the coverage." For example, you can line-drive a 45-yard punt but it doesn't do much good if it has a 3-second hangtime and the coverage team can't get downfield fast enough. What Shawn Mennenga is saying is his hangtime complemented the distance of the punt.

Jim from Woodbury, MN

I noticed when Mason Crosby missed his extra point against the Bears, he kicked from the left hash. He kicked from the right hash the rest of the night and made all those. Why the attempt from the left hash? Was he fighting the wind?

That's the type of question I'd run past Crosby in a normal year. During COVID-19 season, a "that sounds about right to me" will have to suffice.

Hailen from Moorhead, MN

Why are analysts so quick to award Patrick Mahomes the MVP already? They make it seem as though Rodgers is a distant second.

Because Mahomes is so hot right now, Mahomes. Hopefully, at least one of you get the "Zoolander" reference there. I could outline the case for Rodgers winning his third MVP but Spoff wrote it better than I ever could*.*

Melissa from Woodbury, MN

How did it go from a procedural point of view with limited fans at the Bears game?

Pretty well, from everything I've heard. I know several coworkers who had a blast at the game.

Green Bay Packers players will be participating in the NFL's 'My Cause My Cleats' initiative in Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Players are given the opportunity to wear custom-designed cleats representing a cause they are passionate about.

Ross from Roswell, GA

Gents, looking ahead with positivity. How great would it be to have the fans in the stands for a couple of home playoff games?

There's nothing I'd love more…if it's safe to do so.

Scott from Wausau, WI

Did any of the 1940s Green Bay Packers leave the team to serve during World War II?

I'm sure Cliff has the full list but Pro Football Hall of Famers Tony Canadeo and Clarke Hinkle were among those who served. Canadeo served in the Army and missed the 1945 season, but returned to Green Bay the following year. Hinkle enlisted in the Coast Guard in 1942 and didn't return to the Packers following World War II.

Eric from Erie, PA

So there are rumors of a Robert Saleh hiring possibly happening in Detroit. How do you think coach would feel about coaching against his best friend twice a year?

Saleh is a worthy candidate with a track record that speaks for itself. Now, do I find a headline like "Michigan legislators urge Lions to hire Robert Saleh as head coach in bipartisan letter" jarring? Why yes I do. It got me to click, at least.

Jim from Eau Claire, WI

My high school football versatility was similar to Elgton Jenkins'. I played end, guard and tackle. The coach told me to sit on the end of the bench, guard the water jug and tackle anyone who came near it.

You were a true Swiss army knife.

John from Yakima, WA

Joan's sign for Mike's daughter needs to read, "Blog Dad Blog," and the sign for Ma Hod needs to read, "Type Wes Type." Kudos to the organization for reaching out to their families as I suspect many aren't normally able to get to games. Sunday's game is the first I remember seeing fans with blankets; 60,000 closely packed bodies generate significant heat.

Ha. Or one sign that reads "Insider" and the other "Inbox." Unfortunately, "Team Hod" will not be represented at Sunday's game but I'm confident the Spoffords will hold up their end of the bargain.

Greg from Philadelphia, PA

No question, just a comment. When it comes to cheese steaks, Whiz is most definitely cheese. "Whiz Wit" is the only correct way to order a cheese steak. Go Pack Go

No cheese was the correct answer.

Jeff from Wentzville, MO

Hi Wes. Two quick things: 1) What do you think of Steve Kornacki of MSNBC going on Sunday Night Football to break down playoff scenarios? Personally, I think it's overkill. 2) Regarding Spoff's answer to Patrick from Gulf Breeze, FL, regarding who is on the production team for "Total Packers," how does Triple H find the time to work for the Pack and the WWE? LOL

I give you points for not saying I look like Kornacki. That's often low-hanging fruit. But I take them right back for your second point.

Jeff from Wentzville, MO

Sorry Wes. I meant to add: I'll see myself out. Thanks.

You'll find the nearest exit on your immediate left.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

On wings of an Eagle from a city of brotherly love a champion of the east approaches

Desperate to hold their crown they will show no love

A reeling foe with backs to the wall that one year hence delivered defeat to our men on the hallowed ground

Men of the Bay you must not stray from your path

Once more the time has come to rise to the challenge

A Dean poem must mean Sunday is almost here. Welcome to December football, everyone.