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Inbox: The entire state is behind them tonight

Wisconsin supports its teams – through the good, the bad and the glory.

Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo

Daniel from Waukesha, WI

Maybe this is Wisconsin's year in sports. The Bucks win the NBA finals, the Brewers win the World Series and the Packers win the Super Bowl! What do you think? Sounds great to me. Here's hoping.

Now wouldn't that be something? For that scenario to play out, it starts with the Bucks taking care of the business against the Suns (hopefully as soon as tonight). This is going to be wild…and fun. The entire state is behind them tonight.

Stan from Merrill, WI

I grew up watching the '70s and '80s Wisconsin sports teams. It's only in the past four years that my son reintroduced me to the NBA. I'm grateful. Not only because they Bucks are knocking on the door, but also because I now have II perspective. The human confrontations are magnificent to watch during a possession, game, and series. Thanks for that.

That's what makes these shooting-star moments in time so special. All the stars that had to align for the Bucks to make it to this day. Watching that Game 5 clip of Giannis and Jrue Holliday brought me back to my own childhood when the Bucks pretty much had to beg players to come to Milwaukee. And then everything changed when John Hammond drafted Giannis, who became not just a superstar but also a superstar who wanted to be here. The Bucks are the Cinderella story we all needed during these challenging times…and 47 years in the making.

Dar from Mansfield, TX

Wisconsin is the least-populated state to have three major sports teams. Wes, while the Packers were famously saved by the community, do you see parallels with the other teams' benefactors "saving" them for the state? The Bucks fun we're having might be occurring elsewhere had not Herb Kohl adamantly kept them in WI and found buyers that would also do so. I'm grateful! It's good to be a fan these days! So good that avid Packers fan Nickel, the dachshund, is calling himself a "Buckshund" this week.

Without question. If Herb Kohl doesn't buy the Bucks – and demand the new owners keep the team in Milwaukee – I don't think we're enjoying this run the Bucks are having. The same can be said for Bud Selig bringing baseball back to Milwaukee and Mark Attanasio preserving the Brewers. Wisconsin, as a state, may not be big enough to have its own televised sports network like New York and LA, but the fans turn out and support its teams – through the good, the bad and the glory.

Michael from Berrien Springs, MI

Hey Wes...I just wanted to say thanks for the "Countdown to Camp" series. It's one of my favorite things to read. Though I try to read much of what's on the Packers website (when time allows), I don't always know the whole roster, etc. But the position-by-position series is such a great way to get to know the names and positions as well as potential position battles. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

It's a great table-setter for what's around the corner. I like it because it not only provides readers with an overview of the roster, but also helps review the position battles the Prince of Platteville and I will be covering over the next month. Spoff's preview of the running backs will be posted later this morning.

Ross from Roswell, NM

Gents, a player to watch for me is Equanimeous St. Brown. When healthy, it seems that he is so fluid in his routes and catching the ball. Would be nice to see him make the jump this training camp.

I'm writing the receivers/tight ends position-by-position series story for Wednesday. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is going to be the most compelling battle at the position during my 10 years on the Packers beat. In addition to a rookie third-round pick, the Packers have seven receivers under contract with at least one accrued season on their NFL resumes. Both jobs, and starting spots, will be on the line. The stakes couldn't be higher.

Dan from Elizabethtown, KY

With three cut dates this year, does that make every rep even more important for the guys at the bottom of the roster?

Speaking of high stakes…I'm not a fan of the return to multiple cutdown days, but I get why owners moved in this direction in the post-COVID world we live in. Undrafted free agents and longshots will need to come out swinging on Day 1. You have two weeks to make a big impression or your NFL dream could be over.

Ben from Pensacola, FL

I find the uncertainty with the possible absence of Kenny Clark to be alarming. Yes, it would be a huge issue for our defense if Jaire Alexander went down, but hands down, Kenny would be an issue, too. I know he's been so underrated at times, not only by the league, but also some of our Packer fans, too. The kid keeps growing, his game keeps evolving – and by the way, there's only one name in NFL that receives more double teams, and that's Aaron Donald....That's gotta say something, right?

I agree, which is why Clark was included in my response. No words do proper justice to how valuable Clark is to the Packers' defense. He's a five-tool player at defensive tackle who has no issue playing more than 80% of the defensive snaps. He can defend against the run, eat double-teams and generate pressure on passing downs from the interior. He makes life easier on the other 10 defenders on the field.

Katherine from Milwaukee, WI

Who will have more rushing yards this season? Aaron Jones or AJ Dillon?

Jones. Dillon will have a bigger role this year, but Jones is still the featured attraction in the Packers' backfield.

Benjamin from Evergreen Park, IL

My question is about the tight ends. This regime just has that position down so well. Robert Tonyan broke out last year but was actually on the verge the previous year. Josiah Deguara's game against Minnesota was something else; Dominique Dafney also showed consistency; Jace Sternberger has had some flashes; Marcedes Lewis is a juggernaut. Who is your camp favorite to ascend in a more expanded role?

Deguara. There's nothing he can't do when healthy and nowhere he can't line up. By all accounts, Deguara's recovery from the ACL injury has gone according to plan. Once Deguara is back, I expect him to pick up right where he left off last September.

Jeff from Milwaukee, WI

Which QB will get the most playing time in the preseason?

As I said last month, everything depends on whether Aaron Rodgers is here for training camp. If Rodgers reports, I'd expect Jordan Love to play a lot in the preseason. If Rodgers isn't here, then the Packers would be wise to treat Love as the starter and limit his preseason work. Whatever experience Love misses out on in an exhibition game can be matched, and even perhaps surpassed, with first-team snaps in camp.

Neill from Hot Springs Village, AR

It seems as though everyone has forgotten about Blake Bortles, just like they did Robert Tonyan. Bortles is still with the team, isn't he? He took a no-offense team to the AFC Championship game. He has a lot of NFL experience and the Packers didn't go out and get him for him to be a non-factor. That being said, has Love or Bortles been practicing at the No. 1 QB spot?

Last time, for anyone out there who hasn't been listening (or is doing their darnedest not to), there is no quarterback competition between Jordan Love and Blake Bortles. If it's not Rodgers, then Love is the guy. Bortles' job right now is to compete with Kurt Benkert and Jake Dolegala for that No. 2/3 job, depending on what Rodgers does. That's it.

Robert from Chandler

Exhibition games will not be dull this year, assuming we see plenty of Jordan Love, whose talents remain a bit of a mystery. What qualities will the coaches be looking for in the young quarterback as he takes snaps in some actual games?

Adapting to what's happening around him. Love took a big step this spring in terms of playing on time and trusting his instincts, but that gets ramped up even more in preseason games when you're playing 11 other guys, who are fighting for jobs and roles.

With 55 days until the regular-season opener, packers.com looks back at those who have worn No. 55 in Green Bay.

Bryan from Valencia, CA

Please remind us of the strengths and weaknesses of Jordan Love in scouting reports prior to his being drafted.

My go-to for the NFL Draft is NFL.com, so that's where all this intel comes from. Love's strengths included a natural throwing motion, good pocket awareness, confidence and swagger, ability to make plays out of the pocket and the arm strength to throw the deep ball and deliver passes throws through tight windows. His perceived weaknesses were tendency to telegraph throws, deep-ball accuracy and the spike in interceptions during his final season at Utah State.

Jan from Frankfurt, Germany

No disrespect to the UK Packers fans, but based on how often I meet people wearing Packers gear in Germany, I think that a possible future Packers visit in Germany would definitely be a home game! I guess Packers Nation will sell out every stadium worldwide!

Supply and demand, right? I'd love to see the Packers play in both countries. If the can hadn't been kicked down the road for the past 10 years, the Packers might have already.

Bob from Accounting

Wes, you know why I'm disgruntled? Because the numbers never stop. They just keep coming and coming and coming. There's never a let up. It's relentless. Every day they pile up more and more and more! And you gotta keep crunching, and the more you crunch out, the more they keep coming in! And then my green visor breaks and its payroll day, payables day and end of month!

And here I thought it was because I stole your stapler.

Geoffrey from Rosemount, MN

Thinking about prime numbers now. Per packers.com the open double-digit primes are 29,47,53,61,73, and 79. Some solid players wearing double digit primes in Allen Lazard, Davante Adams, Alexander, Adrian Amos, De'Vondre Campbell, Josh Myers, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Lewis, and Clark.

I stand corrected. My deepest and sincerest apologies to prime numbers.

Curt from Oronoco, MN

I wore '61' in high school; it was indeed unpopular. But you want me on that wall; you need me on that wall…

I admit, Curt, it takes a real man to wear '61.'

Erick from Vancouver, Canada

Wes! The rabidity of Packer fans is well known. However, how would you rate the average Packers fan's knowledge of the game? Does your work give you any perspective on Packers Nation's relative football intelligence compared to other markets? I would think Inbox allows you to see us at our best... and (God help you) our worst.

I think this fanbase is very informed compared to most NFL cities. And when fans don't know the ins and outs about something, they're quick to ask the right questions. The fact we can produce a Q&A six days a week, any month of the year, is a credit to this fanbase's knowledge bank and its desire to learn more about the team it loves.

Rudy from Cedarburg, WI

What is the hold up on signing Amari Rodgers? It seems everyone is talking about him on ST and jet sweeps, etc. If he doesn't sign, Rodgers won't be here to help. Git r done.

Rodgers will sign at some point…and please, please, please don't ever use a "Git r done" reference in Inbox again.

Mike from Mercer, WI

Hi boys, Just a comment on geography. As a former resident of Dubuque, IA. East Dubuque is in Illinois, not Iowa. Also, I could not wait to move back to Wisconsin and be in a state that does not root for the Bears or the Cubs! Thanks for the opportunity to educate others in geography.

A regrettable geographical error that could be easily remedied by people writing which state they live in again, like we've done in Ask Vic/Inbox for the past 10 years.

Paul from Spencer, WI

Wes, have you tried Point root beer yet? It is brewed in Stevens Point. We buy it two cases at a time! Try it! You love it!

I have tried it. Frankly, I've pretty much tried them all. Point makes a very good root beer, though I prefer its Black Cherry soda. Delicious.

Nick from Reston, VA

Hi Wes, you mentioned you stopped by some antique and card shops during your time off. Did you pick up anything interesting? Who are some of your favorite players to collect? Thank you!

Believe it or not, I only collect sealed products. I grabbed some packs along my journey, including one lucky stop at the Wal-Mart in Fishers, IN, where I parachuted in after the M.J. Holding stocker had just arrived. Some guys already had grabbed the Prizm boxes but one gracious gentleman gave me one of his NBA blasters. It's the first one I've ever secured in-person and it made my entire trip.

With 56 days until the regular-season opener, packers.com looks back at those who have worn No. 56 in Green Bay.

Adrian from Chula Vista, CA

No question. Just amazed at the cognitive abilities of NFL players in the heat of the moment. I'm sitting in my backyard drinking my first cup of coffee reading "Take Your Eye Off the Ball 2.0." The various permutations that players on both side of the line have to process instantaneously is mind blowing. Thanks to you guys for helping me to see beyond the TV screen. Hope things stay on track; I plan to be in Lambeau for the Bears game.

I feel like I should get some residuals from Pat Kirwan for all the readers I've driven to the book. I'm kidding, of course…I think…sorta…

Ray from Random Lake, WI

Welcome back, Wes. Spoff kept us entertained in your absence and since its dead period covered lots of non-football topics. This is what we learned about him: Favorite actor: Kelsey Grammar. Favorite rock band: The Whom. Favorite camping outfitter: Active Tents. Favorite phrase: Gerund. Looking forward to a great Packer season!

Spoff's favorite actor is Kelsey Grammar? I don't know if Grammar cracked my top five of favorite actors on his own show.

David from Owasso, OK

For "Luke in Kenosha" regarding his sons ACL tear, his son should be in a ROM (range of motion) machine by now. However, the knee is made to bend so it will come back. The bigger issue is straightening out the back of the leg. I advise his son to lay face down, whether on the couch or bed, and hang his leg off the side from the knee down. If in the floor, face down with a coffee can, etc. just above the knee. Allow the leg to "hang." And rehab 12 months. He'll be golden.

Inbox is truly the only place where you can go from a Kelsey Grammar submission to actual medical advice in one paragraph.

Kurt from Sartell, MN

Bob from accounting is disgruntled? The horror! Do you have someone in the wings ready to take over in case he doesn't report?

No. We put all our eggs in the Bob basket.

Sreedharan from Pewaukee, WI

Hi Wes! Disgruntled Bob? Another swipe at Demovsky? Wow, you're on fire today! Loving it :)

I kid because I care. If Rob and I didn't playfully joust with each other on a regular basis, I'm pretty sure we both would have quit by now and opened a hot-dog cart.

Vinny from Arlington, VA

One topic not talked about leading up to training camp are the new Insider Inbox photos of Mike and Wes. You've both traded the blue collar (or is it a green collar?) everyday man look for the white-collar professional look. Wes forced to shave his beard. How has this fallen under the radar of so many II readers?

We were asked to take new headshot photos this offseason. This was devastating for me. My masterplan, if I work here for the remainder of my career, was to only take two headshots – one on the day I started working for the Packers and one the year before I retire. I was going for a drastic year-over-year change in the Packers media guide. Oh well.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

Welcome back Wes. The past year has seen an unpresented awareness in mental health issues and I'd like to thank you and Mike and the Inbox for all you do. With turbulent waters all around us, the Inbox is there six days a week to calm the seas. Thank you.

This was the hardest year of my life – as I'm sure it has been for a lot of you. If Inbox can make someone's day better in any small way, then it makes everything worth it. I appreciate everyone who joins us on this wacky ride. Go Bucks!