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Inbox: The rest is coming

They’re finding their way

QB Jordan Love

Lori from Brookfield, WI

I could hear Mike's weary sigh of relief from here.

That game was wild and ugly, entertaining and head-scratching, beautiful at moments and bumbling at others, all rolled into one.

Bob from New Britain, CT

Yet AGAIN, we shot ourselves in the foot. But the Chargers shot themselves in both feet. And their hands. Glad we got the "W," but I can't help but feel for Justin Herbert.

I'll save my sympathy for all the tough injuries, but that dude came as advertised. Glad I got to see him in person for the first time, and he's impressive. That was an absolute dart down the sideline to Johnston on the final drive that he dropped. Superb throw.

Ed from Framingham, MA

A win is a win. It was refreshing to see we aren't the only team to self-sabotage to lose a game.

It's rather fitting both of those teams are now 4-6.

Tim from Charlotte, NC

A lot went right for the Packers, all of which was necessary, for them to win.

As I mentioned on our "Three Things" video last week, both of those teams had lost four one-score games this season. It looked like it Sunday. I'm not at all surprised one team got hung with its fifth and left the field with a ton of regrets.

Richard from Madison, WI

My God, talk about a war of attrition! Any chance we can get Patrick Taylor back?

Taylor is on another practice squad. So is Tyler Goodson. It takes two to tango. They have emergency lists. We'll see how the personnel staff goes about this.

Shin from Shimoda, Japan

Was that a coming out party for Tucker Kraft?

That was one heck of a catch-and-run down the sideline, even if he did step out at the 12. I've been impressed with Kraft's progress as a blocker this season. If more parts of his game are starting to come together, all the better.

Paul from Ledgeview, WI

Mike, quite a few interesting story lines to watch this week … RB, LT, RG … What position or position group am I missing? Did we have one preferred starter in the defensive backfield or zero?

Not sure where the rotation at those two spots on the offensive line goes. As for the secondary, the Packers started the season figuring by this time their dime group would be Jaire Alexander, Douglas, Keisean Nixon, Eric Stokes, Darnell Savage and Rudy Ford. Only one of those guys was on the field Sunday.

Dave from Lake Zurich, IL

Jordan Love is progressing quite nicely but he does seem to overthrow a wide open receiver every game. I'd like to think the timing on the longer throws will happen over time.

I believe it will. If he can float that TD pass to Christian Watson to the perfect spot, and put the ball right on Dontayvion Wicks over the middle multiple times like that, the rest is coming.

Mike form Lady Lake, FL

No question, just a statement. This was Jordan Love's best game of the season-no ands, no ifs, no buts, and no doubt about it!

No lie told. I thought last week was his best game, even with the two late picks. He kept it going Sunday and took another step.

Anthony from Provo, UT

No matter what NFL team you cheer for, as a football fan it has to be inconceivable to think that Jordan Love just had the first 300-yard passing game by a Packers quarterback since 2021. As Packers fans we've always taken this for granted, but it's amazing that it's been that long, even with Rodgers at QB for most of that time.

Yeah, Rodgers topped 255 passing yards only once all last season. For a guy who had 77 career 300-yard games (including playoffs) in Green Bay, he went his last 22 games here without one. It is hard to believe.

Isaac from Columbia, TN

For as many times as the calls go against the Packers, did we get bailed out on third-and-20?

I want to take a closer look at it later today, if I have time. I questioned in the live blog at the time whether the pass was catchable. Huge call.

Mike from San Diego, CA

Dontayvion Wicks is the truth. No question just a statement game.

So is Jayden Reed. Both guys had monumental mistakes against Minnesota a few weeks ago. Wicks dropped that slant near the goal line. Reed had the ball ripped away for an interception by the Vikings. Since then, both guys' games have sharpened up and they're finding their way.

Bob from Galena, IL

Insiders, the offense has been a work in progress, but it seems to be clicking a little more the past few games. The roles of our young receivers seem much different than what most expected. I really liked the way Doubs attacked the ball on his touchdown. Which of our pass catchers do you think has gained the most confidence and trust of Jordan Love this season?

Hard to say. What I sense most is Love doesn't have a lack of faith in anybody.

Stephen from Madison, WI

We've been waiting for a turning point. I would argue the heads-up adjustment by Doubs and Love seeing it was a breakthrough for the team on that TD. Combined with the energy of the crowd I see this team being energized and focused. Who knows what they'll do this year, but it felt like the future just happened.

In addition to that go-ahead TD, as I wrote in my Rapid Reaction piece, hearing after the game the TD pass to Watson was improvised on the sideline by the coaches – and the players pulled off the execution without a hitch – was rather noteworthy.

Reed from Myrtle Beach, SC

We voted 3-0 in our household to throw on the final third-and-6 instead of running with virtually no chance to pick up the first down. The odds of winning seemed to be better trying to gain six yards passing instead of running against a stacked front and then punting, giving Hebert ample time to drive to at least a tying FG. Thoughts on the play call?

I was stunned the Packers didn't throw the ball. LaFleur took the blame for the call and explained, in a nutshell, he put too much on Love's plate at the line of scrimmage there. It's takeaway No. 4 in my game recap.

Caleb from Knoxville, TN

Guess we … unplugged the Chargers.

I've read that the team name was picked based on the owner enjoying the crowd yelling "Charge" at games. I've also read there was a connection to credit card ventures. Two stories that have nothing to do with electricity. Yet their logo is a lightning bolt. Go figure.

George from North Mankato, MN

Thank goodness Mr. December showed up a little early this year. Kenny Clark stepped up in a big way. Forced a fumble and then knocked down the final pass attempt. Was he the defensive player of the game?

I think so, yeah, and he was credited with just one tackle.

Eric from Land O'Lakes, WI

Just a comment. I'm watching a lot of football the last two weeks and reading everything you two write. What a day for our Pack. And what a day for Rasul Douglas, two picks and a fumble recovery. He and Micah Hyde seem to really enjoy playing together.

Douglas truly has a knack for showing up with a new team and quickly making a name for himself. Amazing.

Paula from Apple Valley, MN

Loved the Mannequin Prank video. Who was the prankster in uniform, was it actually Nixon? And how about no-flinch Romeo Doubs? Good to see we can still have a little fun despite the win-loss record of this team.

It was not Keisean. It was a member of the team's video department (not website video, but football ops video).

Emma from Draper, UT

It was hard to tell while watching on TV, but it looked as if Lambeau was a packed house once again. It's great to see the fans continue to support the team despite their struggles this season.

The place was loud in the fourth quarter. Loudest it's been since the comeback vs. the Saints in Week 3. It was great to hear.

Derek from South Point, OH

Feels good to get the win. I want to thank the Packers for offering the radio broadcast online to those of us who cannot watch the game. Wayne and Larry do a superb job. Besides the "dagger," my favorite call was Larry screaming "Ball" when the Chargers fumbled deep in our territory. Go Pack Go!

I think I did the same thing in the press box. Under my breath of course.

Sam from Reno, NV

Good morning II. Mike's answer to Tim from Olathe, KS, sparked a question I've had for a long time. He said we haven't been very good at running screens for some time. Any idea why? Is it bad timing when calling the plays, poor overall execution, inability to "sell" the look, blocking, picking the wrong lanes? This seems to be for wide receiver screens as well as a normal screen to the RB. I see other teams run the same plays and execute them with very good results.

I agree and wish I knew the reason for the Packers' struggles. Others asked where the blame lies. I don't know. I'd be guessing. As usual with ongoing issues, if it were one thing it'd get fixed. I do think the lack of continuity on the offensive line is one factor in the spotty execution, because injuries to that unit have been a recurring theme in LaFleur's tenure. The 2020 season is the only one I recall that unit not really being in flux (until the end of the year).

George from Duluth, MN

I'm gonna attribute fat thumbs to Matt from Waunakee, WV, since we all know there's only one Waunakee in the world.

The number of submissions pointing this out kinda floored me.

Mike from Niles, IL

Without armchair QBs, the II of you two would not have jobs.

I worked on this website for five years before I ever answered a question from a fan.

John from Austin, TX

Hoping and praying Dan Campbell will take the Texas A&M job! Sincerely, a Packer fan

He already expressed his lack of interest.

Alexandrea from Auburn, WA

What is your key to victory this Thursday against the Lions? Earlier this season the Seahawks controlled the line of scrimmage and ran at them all game long to beat them in Detroit. Without Aaron Jones and Emanuel Wilson, it's a lot to ask AJ Dillon to carry the load by himself.

The Packers have to stop the run, take the ball away (the Bears did it four times Sunday), and find a way to contain Aidan Hutchinson. Other than an interception on the opening drive of the game, Green Bay did none of those things two months ago against Detroit.

Matt from Walford, IA

Not a question, just a comment. All season, one of the reasons for a lot of problems has been "growing pains," with the unofficial emphasis being on "pains." It looks like the "growing" part is finally starting to catch up.

True that.

Bob from Madison, WI

"Have you ever not recognized a player when out and about?" "I don't know." We're all just the straight man for the Wes and Mike Experience.

We all have a role to play.

Phillip from Wonder Lake, IL

When can we begin to think the Packers are on a winning streak?

When they win two in a row. Happy Monday.

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