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Inbox: There are so many ways the Packers can use them

Rudy Ford made the right call coming to Green Bay

TE Luke Musgrave and TE Tucker Kraft
TE Luke Musgrave and TE Tucker Kraft

Jonathan from Osceola Mills, PA

How often do you think the Packers will be lining up in two tight end sets next season?

Quite often, especially with how Josiah Deguara can be utilized as an H-back. If the offseason program was any indication, I think we're going to see Luke Musgrave and Tucker Kraft together on the field, as well. There are so many ways the Packers can use them.

Richard from Ham Lake, MN

Can you see Romeo Doubs becoming a Tee Higgins-like No. 2 WR in this offense?

That's a lofty comparison, but a healthy Doubs has the tools to be a consistent force in Green Bay like Higgins is in Cincinnati. He has a knack for getting open, which is why he started so fast as a rookie.

Margeaux from Tallahassee, FL

Good morning, Wes! Cliff's recollections on Milwaukee as the Packers' second home brought back memories. We left Green Bay before I was age 5. I have never been to a game in Lambeau, though I have toured the stadium. I have seen games in Milwaukee though including "The Roadrunner's" two-kickoff return game in the first quarter versus Cleveland on Nov. 12, 1967. To that point I had never seen a human run so fast in person. Did you or Mike have any Milwaukee game experiences?

Unfortunately, I did not. I went to County Stadium a couple times with my dad to watch the Brewers, but I was pretty young when the Packers stopped playing in Milwaukee. I remember watching the last game on TV in 1994, though.

Eric from Maplewood, MN

For the draft picks that don't sign their contracts before OTAs and mandatory minicamp, what's their insurance against a season- or career-ending practice injury?

Rookies sign good faith agreements before OTAs that ensures they'll get their contract and slotted signing bonus in case of injury. This question gets asked every year but it's not a big deal. Grant DuBose didn't practice all spring and the Packers still signed him in May.

Austin from Manassas, VA

David Bakhtiari is amazing. I can't understand how someone misses as much time as he did, then can only practice part-time, has an appendectomy, and still plays at an elite level all season. Can you think of anything that compares to this?

Charles Woodson would be the closest comparison. It was good to see Bakhtiari participating in team drills during the offseason program. NFL teams are so careful with players during the spring. The fact Bakhtiari cleared that hurdle speaks volumes about where he is at physically today.

Paul from Manitowoc, WI

To help calm the nerves of those people worried about the kicking game, don't the Packers have a pretty good record of success drafting kickers?

Green Bay missed wide left on Brett Conway in 1997, but the only other two kickers the Packers drafted in my lifetime turned out pretty well: Mason Crosby (sixth round, 2007) and Chris Jacke (third, 1989) combined for 2,738 points over 24 seasons in Green Bay. Hopefully, Anders Carlson can follow suit.

Benjamin from Bear, DE

Wow, I just finished watching the Green Bay/Dallas game and one player on defense continually showed up big in the run game and pass game, Rudy Ford. Simple question. Can he be a wrecking force on D? Is he the real deal? Where will he be lined up and what can we expect in 2023? usual. GO PACK GO!

Ford made the right call coming to Green Bay. All Ford has wanted was a chance to show he can be a starting safety and he got a taste of that last season. Ford flashed ball skills with his three interceptions and was a crucial piece on special teams. Consistency is what will win him the job during training camp, especially when it comes to tackling.

Paul from Ellensburg, WA

Hey fellas, do you think the Donald Driver effect gives this fan base unrealistically high hopes for late-round and UDFA wide receivers? Every year we postulate on training camp darlings and preseason studs, but they usually fizzle out. For every late-round steak such as Driver or Aaron Jones, we get J'Mon Moore, EQ, DeAngelo Yancey, Malachi Dupre and the list goes on. Heck, even Hail Janis and Kumerow didn't turn into much. At this point I enjoy the hype, but also feel "meh," we'll see…

If you think every seventh-round pick is gonna turn into the next Driver or Mark Tauscher, I have some bad news for you. However, that can't deter NFL teams from looking hard for those needles in the prospect haystack – and fans from getting excited about their incoming rookies' upside. You get what you put into this sport.

Dave from Germantown, TN

During the OTAs did either of the backup QBs (Danny Etling and Sean Clifford) take any reps with ones? What will happen in training camp as to the allocation of reps? I just want to make sure the Packers have covered the injury risk at the game's most important position.

It was all Jordan Love during OTAs and minicamp, and barring injury, I expect that's how it'll continue to be during training camp. He needs every rep he can get.

Steve from Milwaukee, WI

Next year's dream Super Bowl dilemma for Packers fans – the New York Jets vs. Green Bay Packers. Who do you root for? Aaron Rodgers' possible last chance for a ring or Love's first, hoping for many more. Obviously, the Packers, but a win for Packers fans regardless of the outcome. Or is there no dreaming in the Inbox?

We can respect everything Rodgers did in Green Bay without asking such a silly question, Steve. It's all about the "G" and the men wearing that letter on their helmet.

Jeffery from Brooklyn, WI

And just like that the field gets tilted. On offense, the best O-linemen, Aaron Jones, Christian Watson, Romeo Doubs, Hercules, Kraft and Jayden Reed, along with the best QB in the league, according to an All-Pro cornerback who by the way has covered Rodgers his entire career. Defense speaks for itself; way too many first-round picks to not tilt the field in our favor. So please explain to me why are the Packers being downgraded just because one player is no longer on the team?

Because people need something to talk about.

Paul from Barnsley, UK

A question for both of you. Now that we're in the dead zone do either of you take the opportunity to look at other major world sports that may not get much coverage in the U.S.? Sports such as Rugby League and cricket. I read that punter Daniel Whelan prefers cricket to baseball so maybe you could check out some cricket and ask him about his preference. Longform test match cricket is an absolute joy – five days long, six hours play per day and the epitome of a British summer. Give it a go I say.

I don't know much about cricket, but I'm reminded of a funny story. When I went to Germany in 2005, we had an English tour guide who brought his cricket bat, ball, and wicket with him on the trip. We got to playing in an alleyway and I was trying to impress my now-wife. So, I go up and do my best Prince Fielder impersonation, which I guess isn't really the goal of cricket. Anyway, I smacked the ball back at the tour guide as hard as I could and nearly broke his bat. Diving out of the way, he exclaims: "Damn Yank." I haven't had a chance to speak with Whelan yet but need to change that. The young man has a great story.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

You should sell the streaming rights for the dept. golf outing next year!

But then I'd have to watch my language when I slice off the tee box.

Fred from Solon Springs, WI

To piggyback on the putt question, which of you two is the best golfer?

Mike, and it's not particularly close. I'm a good social golfer. My dad had the foresight to teach me the game because it's a businessperson's sport. I enjoy the little victories of making a birdie here and there, but I'm not consistent.

Dar from Mansfield, TX

I love Larry from Birmingham's story about Bart Starr. A few years ago, I was chatting in an Irving restaurant lobby after a business lunch. I looked up and 10 feet away Mr. Starr was doing the same. Normally I'm not starstruck, but this was so random that I accidentally blurted "Bart Starr!" (Doh!) He smiled, came over, and introduced himself. Talked for five minutes and couldn't have been kinder about my gaffe. While there may be greater players to have worn the "G," there is not a greater man.

Bart Starr was cut from the finest cloth.

Tom from Harker Heights, TX

In 1967, my mom bought the first edition hard-cover copy of Bart Starr's "Quarterbacking." My brothers and I found it under the Christmas tree 11 months later with the inscription, "To Mark, Tom and John – Best Wishes, Bart Starr"! I have it to this day. I saw one advertised on eBay for $125. I could never, in good conscience, part with mine. To Wes: I think Bart was so well dressed because Cherry Starr dressed him like Bear Bryant!

The Starrs, and Bryants, had good taste.

George from Edinburg, VA

Wes, can Kevin drink out of the kitchen sink on all fours or herd sheep or both?

He is a massive pup who definitely rules the roost. Fortunately, Kev no longer jumps on us. That was an interesting/intimidating time in our lives.

Tom from Burlington, WI

Gentlemen, over the years I've been Tom from La Crosse, New York/Manhattan/Sunnyside/Queens/Jersey City, Brookfield, Fox Lake, and (for the longest stretch) Burlington. With a common name, and so many locales my dreams of HOF recognition always seemed unattainable, but I have a pretty great consolation prize. Starting next month, I will be Tom from Green Bay with the privilege of calling 1265 Lombardi Ave. my new work address. See you for training camp!

I must have missed that "New hire" notice from Chris Cohorst. Congrats!

Larry from Birmingham, AL

Hey II, I finally did it! I got published. I have submitted a few questions going all the way back to the Ask Vic days and finally got my name in lights. Is this it? Is it all over? Have I reached the very pinnacle of my existence? After years of anticipation, it finally happened. What do I look forward to now? How many days till kickoff?

It's like winning the Super Bowl, Lar. You get published once and you wanna do it again. Keep climbing.

Jeff from Greenfield, WI

Wes, who is your money going to be on, Musk or Zuck?

Pass…unless they're fighting Francis Ngannou. I'd pay $8/month for the rest of my life to see that.

Dar from Mansfield, TX (again)

As my Inbox MVP days wane, I wanted to again thank IIers everywhere. In the last year, I've met two fine journalists and so many kind readers. It's reinforced for me that Packers people are the nicest on earth. We share a passion, and I'm humbled to keep learning from you all. Though I never got to wave like a pageant winner (wrist-elbow-wrist-elbow) in a parade, I stand ready. I know our new honoree will be worthy of the standard Lori, Margeaux, and Dean all still set. Let the 2023 voting begin!

I cannot wait, Dar. Thank you for being a great ambassador for this forum. We've had a great response so far, so I'm gonna let the balloting go through the weekend, ending midnight Monday. I'll post the four finalists (or five if there's a tie) with the other 11 Outsider Inbox questions Wednesday. Have a great weekend, everyone.

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