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Inbox: You always need 'em in this league

How teams overcome adversity is what defines them

WR Dontayvion Wicks
WR Dontayvion Wicks

Scott from Hayward, WI

I'm still in disbelief of what I witnessed in that comeback, but my mind is quickly jumping to one question. Aside from eliminating stupid penalties, what is it going to take for this team to play all four quarters and beat the Lions? With the poor starts that the Vikings and Bears have had, our two games with the Lions could very well determine control of the division.

Fast start, clean finish. That's it.

Eric from Springfield, VA

I always say, as you have, one must always watch the game till the end. What a fun game. Does this provide a stronger argument that Jordan Love is "The Man"? Because liked you've stated before, his poise was on full display. He seemed calm the whole game. Jordan "Cool as Cucumber" Love. But his deep throws are not connecting. Is Christian Watson's speed versus the other receivers throwing a wrench in that connection?

Love was sensational when the Packers needed him to be at his best on Sunday. I was thinking when Green Bay got the ball back with 8 minutes, 27 seconds remaining that the offense needed four or five explosive gains to pull itself back in this one – and that's what happened with the two defensive pass interference penalties, the 24-yard scramble, and the 30-yard pass to Jayden Reed. It's not only impressive how Love led that comeback but also doing it without his top receiver, top running back and two top offensive linemen.

Jason from Austin, TX

No way I'm the only one that noticed that play-action pass from Love that was straight up out of Aaron Rodgers' book with that fake handoff. That was beautiful!

There was definitely some déjà vu on that one. Dontayvion Wicks made a nice play on that ball, too.

Ian from Kirkwhelpington, UK

Wes, I thought we saw the first coming of "The Man" on the two-point conversion. Jordan Love's situational awareness, pocket awareness, foot movement, eye movement, patience and then execution was up there with the best of his predecessors. I thought it was outstanding; did you?

Love's poise matters. It's not just a cute thing to build a narrative around. When the play breaks down, he doesn't panic. Love keeps his eyes downfield. That's exactly what he did on the pass to Toure.

Carl from Holmen, WI

I instinctively want to do the belt celebration after Love's runs but catch myself and stop. What should I do now instead?

Maybe try that "Love" hand gesture Romeo Doubs and the skill-position players have been doing recently?

Austin from Manassas, VA

Great to see the defense have a bounce-back game. How much does the D-line rotation and overall lower snap count help on a short week?

The fresher legs, the better, right? The Packers have some injuries to weather at inside linebacker and in the secondary, but they remain stacked in the defensive front. That'll be important against Jared Goff and Jahmyr Gibbs.

Nick from Plainwell, MI

Good morning! This Detroit team has looked really good these three weeks thus far. Who do you see as the most dangerous players on each side of the ball for the Lions?

Offensively, Amon-Ra St. Brown is off to another brilliant start and one of the top receivers in the game in my opinion. Gibbs also is a problem in space and coming off a confidence-building performance vs. Atlanta. Defensively, I love everything I've seen from Brian Branch. Every week, Branch reminds the NFL he should have been a first-round pick.

Claus from Honefoss, Norway

I get that we do not have a superstar WR like "Megatron" or Davante Adams, but this young group is exciting and seems to have tremendous upside. How are the coaches supposed to juggle all those jars when Christian Watson returns?

You'll need 'em. You always need 'em in this league.

Riley from Loves Park, IL

Any thoughts on Dontayvion Wicks' role within the offense once Christian Watson returns? Wicks has had some nice moments and has played at least 50% of offensive snaps in each game, but I'm curious what his role will be once health improves.

First and foremost, the Packers need to get Watson back before any of this conversation becomes relevant. Even when Watson returns, he'll likely be on a snap count like Doubs was. There's also a chance somebody else gets banged up. That's where the "jars" idiom comes into play. Teams need depth and options to survive this five-month slog.

Tom from Grafton, WI

Is Rashan Gary the most underrated pass rusher in the NFL? You hear a lot about T.J. Watt and the Bosa boys, but it seems like nobody puts Gary in that category. The man is an absolute beast. Imagine what will happen when he recovers from the ACL. Yikes!

Gary had four quarterback hits and three sacks on 23 snaps against the Saints. The NFL can keep sleeping on Gary, but the Packers know what they have in the fifth-year linebacker.

Richard from Santa Ana, CA

What does the rotation look like if David Bakhtiari and Zach Tom are out, along with Elgton Jenkins? Does Yosh Nijman step in at RT? I must say I was impressed with the O-line allowing Love to stay upright most of the game. It's gonna get tested against Detroit for sure.

Nijman finished the game at right tackle.

Paul from Ledgeview, WI

Wes, of the O-linemen who initially made the 53, how many are currently available?

As of Monday? Seven.

Justin from Los Angeles, CA

One other unsung hero for that win: Anders Carlson. The go-for-two-down-eight gambit doesn't work if he shanks the extra point, and as we saw a short time later, a high-stakes kick in Lambeau Field for a rookie is far from a gimme. Both of his fourth-quarter kicks were huge.

Carlson has been calm and steady for the Packers. For all the consternation about Carlson's kicking during training camp, he's been lights out in games aside from a couple missed extra points in the preseason. He made two primetime kicks on Sunday – that 38-yarder to get Green Bay some badly needed points and then the extra point to ice it.

Bob from Ocean View, DE

Sorry if I missed his interview but did Coach Bisaccia address what went wrong on the punt return for a TD? I'm not looking to throw anyone under the bus, just in general, schematic terms.

Bisaccia was asked during his press conference on Monday, and the explanation is in our coordinators’ rundown. Bisaccia thought Whelan responded well after the TD, though.

Jake from Greenfield, WI

It looked like the Saints threw one of their towels up during one of the Packers' PAT attempts. If the towel actually hit the ball and made it miss what's the ruling on that? That can't be legal, right?

*I can't imagine it would be legal. If an opponent's shoe comes off, you can't use that to knock down a pass, right? *

Jake from Greenfield, WI

Any chance the coaches were being extra careful with Watson, Aaron Jones, Jaire Alexander, and Bakhtiari knowing they have a super important division game on Thursday and that's why none of them played?

They weren't able to make it for Sunday. We'll see what happens Thursday. Jones was estimated as a limited participant on Monday, though. That's a good sign.

Bruce from Appleton, WI

What do you think the turning point in Sunday's game was and why?

There are a few of them and no right answer. For me, it was the game Keisean Nixon and Darnell Savage ran in kickoff coverage with seven minutes left in regulation, leading to Savage's tackle of Rashid Shaheed at the New Orleans 17. Lambeau Field was hopping at that point.

James from Panama City Beach, FL

Wow, I have no voice left after that stunning comeback! One thing that I took away from this game is this defense can be dominant, especially when they attack and not sit back in zone. Rashan Gary is a game wrecker! Jordan Love proved to me his poise and calmness in the heat of the battle even though some of his throws are off target. My biggest worry vs. the Lions is their TE and can the Packers' safeties handle them?

I think so. Savage is playing some good ball for the Packers right now and Rudy Ford seems to be getting comfortable back there. Sam LaPorta definitely presents a challenge, especially with Amon-Ra St. Brown's presence across the middle. Each week, LaPorta is getting more and more opportunities. His 18 receptions through three games are the most by a rookie tight end in NFL history. The Packers will need to have a plan for both of those playmakers.

Blake from East Northport, NY

Before the two PI calls at the end in favor of the Packers, did you guys notice the six or seven missed pass interference calls on the Saints...especially Alontae Taylor? The announcers kept saying how great he was doing, but he should have been flagged five times. It was ridiculous. Also, there was a blatant hold on the punt return.

The Saints play physical football. You don't need to be an NFL scout to realize that, and it certainly didn't come as a surprise to Green Bay. The Packers adjusted, though, and made the plays that were there to be made in the fourth quarter.

Margeaux from Tallahassee, FL

Well Wes, with the available responses given to you in my query from Saturday you choose time of possession. Did the clock advantage of five minutes and change wear their defense out in the fourth quarter? What was the possession advantage in the second half?

The Saints had more possessions but also more three-and-outs. That led to their defense being on the field more and the Packers winning the time of possession battle (32:35-27:25). Overall, I just think the Packers got back to playing their brand of football in the fourth quarter and the result came with it.

Kyle from Osceola, WI

One bad fourth down aside, I feel like Patrick Taylor is more than deserving of a spot on the 53. Agreed? Hoping Gutey can figure something out this week.

The Packers will need to make a call there if they want Taylor on the gameday roster this week. He's now out of options to be elevated from the practice squad.

Mike from Green Bay, WI

This is my first time writing in and I want to say thank you for having this great resource available to us! I was really confused by the illegal formation penalty. The ref said there was no one lined up on the tackle. Why was the offense penalized for how the defense lined up? I saw a play later on where the Packers had nobody lined up on the Saints' left side and they weren't penalized for it. What was the difference?

That's not what it was referring to. What the referee was saying is the Packers didn't have anyone lined up on the line of scrimmage on that side of the offensive line. Teams must have seven or more players on the line, with eligible receivers on both ends.

Todd from Brighton, MI

The Inbox was 14 minutes of game clock or 14 inches from the north end zone right upright from being a very different vibe, no?

That's sports. You're always one moment away from success or failure.

Rob from Prospect, KY

So, are we calling it a quarter-to-quarter league now?

Or minute-to-minute.

Derek from Campbellford, Canada

I know it got lost in the failed flea flicker on fourth-and-2 on Sunday, but how about Jordan Love slinging the ball around 30 yards while slipping into the splits? That's some arm.

Dude's got a cannon. Like Rodgers, Love throws the ball so effortlessly. That's those first-round intangibles for you.

Brian from Madison, WI

Do you think wanting to avoid overtime with a Thursday game on the horizon factored into LaFleur's decision to go for two after the first touchdown?

LaFleur hinted that was an analytics-driven decision. The Packers were simply playing the percentages.

Robert from Atlanta, GA

The year is 2010, 86 games missed by starters, 15 players on IR, young talented team, opportunistic defense…We know how that ended! I'm getting the same vibe with this team, should I temper my expectations?

Many of you fall into this trap of saying, "Oh, Players A and B are injured, and it feels all like 2010 again." Only 2010 is 2010. Every season is different. How teams overcome adversity is what defines them. This team needs to write its own story.

Rich from De Pere, WI

For most of the first three quarters, you could hear a pin drop in Lambeau, except for the occasional fan screaming out of frustration as the team did their best impression of the inept 1980s Packers. Then in the fourth quarter, you couldn't even hear the person next to you! I'm not sure I have ever heard the crowd so loud. Could you hear that in the press box? Do you think the players picked up on that crowd energy?

The crowd was exceptional. There was one close call with the wave when the offense was on the field in the fourth quarter, but it was quickly quelched. Lambeau was rocking. The Packers need another dose of that Thursday night.

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