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Inbox: He just couldn't stop himself

This is professional football

Former Packers kicker Chester Marcol
Former Packers kicker Chester Marcol

Margeaux from Tallahassee, FL

Good Monday Mike! The "Unscripted" draft preview was a hit, but I couldn't help but notice that the video team shrouded you in darkness unlike the light that Wes was bathed in. Are you required to get an invitation before entering a room?

Those Zoom cameras are not being kind to me in that location.

Ray from Phoenix, AZ

Will the Packers be doing another combined practice this training camp? If so, against whom and when?

LaFleur has indicated joint practices with another team in the works, but the details haven't been finalized or announced.

Andrew from Burke, VA

I agree Kelce, Kittle, and probably Andrews would be first-rounders in hindsight. But do you think Marcedes Lewis would be in today's NFL? I view Darnell Washington a bit more like Lewis, and I waver back and forth on whether I would use a first-round pick on him, especially a potential mid-first.

Lewis was taken toward the end of the first round at No. 28 overall, but remember, he had 58 catches for 741 yards and 10 TDs his final year at UCLA. He won the Mackey Award as the nation's top tight end. He's not the same tight end anymore in his late 30s, but he was absolutely a first-round prospect in 2006 and would be in 2023 as well, with that college career.

Kevin from Indianapolis, IN

Good morning! I am continually flummoxed by the fact that Aaron Rodgers' cap hit keeps coming up. Can't we all agree that we aren't in a place where a marquee free-agent signing will get us to the Super Bowl? Heck, we haven't even seen Love play for a whole season. Just accept the transition year this season and eat the cap hit now. If we put together a magical season, that's great. If it goes the way we might expect, that's fine. At least we'll be in a better cap spot this time next year.

Pretty much my thoughts, too.

John from New Richmond, WI

With regards to Leroy Butler and the Lambeau Leap. I think Chester Marcol was the first to try. Watch the end of the blocked field goal he returned for a touchdown. He attempted a leap, just lacked the vertical component to complete it.

No, I didn't see it that way. He just couldn't stop himself before he ran smack into the wall.

Steve from Toronto, Canada

I'm surprised when talking about draft busts in recent memory that nobody mentioned Derek Sherrod. He was our first first-round pick after the SB win who was chosen to hopefully become a future cornerstone of the offensive line, only to hit one snag after another. Was it just a story of injuries in his case? Or was it a doomed pick no matter what?

The leg injury he suffered his rookie year was one of the most horrific I've ever seen. The medical complications were seemingly endless.

Keith from Bakersfield, CA

The NFL's suspension of players for gambling – particularly Williams and Berryhill who did not bet on NFL games – has a real "do as I say, not as I do" ring to it. The NFL decided to rake in millions from sports betting outfits, with league royalty like the entire Manning family hawking these products. It hardly has the moral authority to then punish players for using the products. How does the league justify this apparent hypocrisy?

Players not gambling on NFL games is as clear a rule as can be. Players betting on other sports is allowed, just not while at an NFL facility. That's not a particularly difficult rule to follow, either. I'll save any outrage for when and where it might actually be justified.

Vinny from Arlington, VA

I noticed a lot of the Packers' top 30 visits have been leaked. Are they required to disclose publicly who they meet with? I would imagine GB and other teams would want to keep this information private and close to the vest.

Those visits are reported within the league via a daily wire. Reporters frequently get information from sources with access to that wire.

The Green Bay Packers, Essity and Green Bay Packaging Inc., donated 403 trees this year to 16 local communities through the 'First Downs for Trees' initiative.

Connor from Minnetonka, MN

I think a trade down is very possible in Round 1. Gute likes to move around early in the draft, and especially if they want to go tight end, there will be options in late Round 1. Maybe we pull a move like the year we got Jaire Alexander. Move back, get a 1 for next year, then move back up and get our guy.

Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. If there are deals like that to be made, Gutey will find them.

Jerome from Midland, MI

Insiders, I have not seen the Packers use the strategy of signing free agents to fill out their middle to bottom part of their roster, mainly for special-teams contributions. Is part of this due to the salary cap issues and Aaron Rodgers' large cap hit?

The Packers haven't signed a bunch of new special-teamers as free agents because they spent their cap space re-signing their own – Keisean Nixon, Rudy Ford, Dallin Leavitt, Eric Wilson, Corey Ballentine, Tyler Davis. They did sign two newcomers with special teams in mind, safety Tarvarius Moore and long snapper Matt Orzech.

Mark from Big Bear City, CA

Good morning Mike, not that I listen to the talking heads, it seems everyone has Darnell Wright at the end of the top OTs. I was watching path to the draft and the guy said when they asked Will Anderson who was the best OT he played against Wright was his answer. He's a brawler. Oh and they said he had typewriter feet.

If he's the last of the top group, it could be because he's legged mostly as a right tackle, though he did play both sides at Tennessee.

Roger from McGrath, AK

Wes listed David Bakhtiari, Sitton, Linsley, Lang, and Bulaga as solid starters going into the 2015 draft, the last time we didn't select a lineman. Do you think that says more about these starters or the confidence we had in the other offensive linemen on the team (JC Tretter, Lane Taylor, Don Barclay, and Josh Walker)?

That group of reserves had a lot to do with it, too. But maybe if the Packers had taken an offensive lineman in '15, it might've salvaged something from that draft class, the way things turned out.

Reed from Kansas City, MO

Hello II, has there been any indication of who will be announcing the Packers' picks on Friday and Saturday? I'm thinking about which day to visit the draft and this might help me to decide. I'm hoping one of my childhood heroes will be here, fingers crossed.

I've yet to hear any official word from the league on that. As soon as we get anything, we'll post it.

Pedro from Alexandria, VA

Should the Packers (or any NFL team) socialize their possible draft picks with the current starters? For example, should Jordan Love be advised a QB draft pick does not mean the team is already looking to replace him on the roster?

This is professional football, emphasis on professional, so everyone is expected to act accordingly. Keeping players fighting for their jobs is one way to get the most out of them. Any scout or coach would say so. Most draft picks are made with the idea they could replace players on the roster, if not immediately then eventually.

Matt from Cottage Grove, WI

How many draft picks will be used on pass-catchers in this year's draft?

I'd say at least three and maybe four.

Tom from Plymouth, MN

With the draft roughly a week away, the Packers have cap space in 2023 for their picks. However, there are a lot of other teams that are lacking in cap space. The draft class is expected to take up $9 million. But there are currently 15 teams that have less than that much cap space currently available. Why is it that so many teams don't have space when the draft is just around the corner?

Some clubs don't have a lot of picks due to prior trades, and without a full complement of early-round picks, they may not have as many top-51 contracts to worry about cap-wise right away. Others might be waiting to see whom they acquire in the draft to then decide which players to release.

Jackson from Wausau, WI

I wanted to comment on the obscure jersey conversation. Spoff is most likely familiar with this name being from the central Wisconsin area. Jeff Dellenbach from the '96-'98 Packers has got to be among the rarest obscure jerseys I have seen. I have seen it multiple times as I am friends with Jeff's nephew and family in the area. I'd be shocked to see it anywhere else. Jeff is very nice guy by the way.

Yes, he is. I'm sure I've told this story before, but back in my Wausau Daily Herald days, I did a large biographical feature on Dellenbach when he signed with the Packers (and won an award for it, actually). That piece was a lot of fun, learning all about his youth as a hockey goalie and reliving his role with the Dolphins in the Leon Lett Thanksgiving blunder.

Caleb from Knoxville, TN

If you could pick any sports media figure from any era, print or broadcast, and spend an hour or two talking ball with them, who would it be and why?

That's easy. Bob Uecker. No explanation needed.

Ron from Trempealeau, WI

Many people get pumped for the draft. Do you get pumped or is it more of covering it for the job for you?

The first two nights are usually a lot of fun. The third day is always a ton of work and we're all exhausted by the end.

John from Jupiter, FL

Come draft day all of the Packers' No. 1 draft board spots at positions of need are available. Edge, WR, TE and OL. In your opinion who would they be? Thanks.

I have no idea, but I think if the Packers have guys at each of those spots they really like, they're taking the edge rusher.

Zak from Huntington Beach, CA

According to my research, which could be wrong, Green Bay is currently one of only five NFL teams without a mascot. Is it weird that I would absolutely love to see a giant wheel of cheese (presumably named Cheddar) running around on the sidelines and throwing cheeseheads to the crowd during timeouts/halftime?

Weird isn't the word you're looking for there.

Josh from Waukesha, WI

I just bought Tin Cup from the $3.50 bin at Walmart. Never seen it. Have I wasted my money?

Grip it and rip it. Happy Monday.

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