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Inbox: He's in a different place now

That kind of speed is everywhere

TE Josiah Deguara
TE Josiah Deguara

Dave from Huntsville, AL

Did you get home before your wife woke up? How was traveling with the team again?

It was a long, long way to go for a preseason game, and crawling into bed at 5:30 a.m. is less than ideal. She was awake and ready to start her day. I was not.

Jesus from El Paso, TX

Do you worry you'll someday write something so great Rashan Gary will want to celebrate with you? Yikes.

I might still be a tad sleep-deprived but this really made me laugh.

Kerry from Lakewood Ranch, FL

What is the protocol for a player to come off PUP? Who has the final say?

He has to pass a physical, first and foremost. Once that occurs, it's a collaborative conversation amongst the medical staff, GM and head coach as to the best way to proceed. Seeing those three guys come off PUP made for a newsworthy Sunday.

Anthony from Auburn, WA

It's incredible to see Elgton Jenkins and Robert Tonyan coming off the PUP list so quickly. I realize it's a little crazy to believe that either one will be available as soon as the first game considering the extent of their injuries, but it's definitely a good sign that they'll be practicing in August. Do you project one or the other playing within the first few weeks of the season?

It's on the table for both of them. Even Week 1, which is four weeks from yesterday. That would be an incredible achievement for Jenkins, potentially returning to the scene of the crime, so to speak.

Dennis from Waupun, WI

What are the chances on having Tonyan available for the first regular-game against the Vikings?

Much better now that he's back on the practice field, albeit in limited fashion for a while. It's funny – I happened to be walking through the bowels of Levi's Stadium after the game the other night, chatting with Tonyan on the way to the buses, and he was in a very positive mood about his recovery and progress. He felt he'd be back at practice soon, but I didn't think he meant this soon.

Emma from Davenport, FL

Who do you predict will be the next Packers player to earn All-Pro status who has never earned that recognition?


Evan from Durango, CO

I think our top five OL left to right once/if everyone is healthy is David Bakhtiari, Jenkins, Josh Myers, Jon Runyan, Yosh Nijman. I know Runyan has been entrenched at LG this camp and last season, but I don't see them plugging Jenkins in at RG. What are your thoughts on making Runyan switch sides?

It's not out of the question, but we also saw rookie Zach Tom taking No. 1 reps at left guard Sunday, so that's worth keeping an eye on, too.

Greg from Hales Corners, WI

I hope Friday night's preseason games have finally silenced the Packer fans who say Rodgers should be playing. I wish Zach Wilson a speedy recovery.

Robert Saleh's job is tough enough with the Jets. He didn't need that, but he also needs to develop his QB. Tough spot to be in.

Derek from Evans, CO

My takeaway from the first preseason game is that Kingsley Enagbare's arrow is pointing up, and he can easily be the No. 3 pass rusher. It wasn't just the four tackles and one sack. He was constantly collapsing the pocket.

Enagbare really was a presence in practice on Sunday, too. Looks like the rookie fifth-rounder could be coming on. Stay tuned.

Jeff from Ogden, UT

T.J. Slaton was the game MVP. He collapsed the pocket from the inside. He moved the line laterally when the play moved away from him. He gummed up the middle when the play came at him. A fifth-round steal from last year. Looks to be able to play nose or end. How do you see the Packers using him this year?

Potentially more than they did last year. Slaton has done nothing but improve since he arrived, and he continues to prove he belongs. I've been saying it since the Packers drafted Devonte Wyatt and signed Jarran Reed, this is the deepest they've been on the defensive line in quite some time. Slaton's growth is another key piece to that.

CJ from Kinderhook, NY

In your response to Greg from Downers Grove, Spoff, I can see and hear Vince looking at all the new facets of the game you mentioned and giving us a classic "What the hell's going on, out there?!?!"

That seems to be a popular take amongst the Inbox crowd. Felt too easy to me.

Randy from Arcola, IN

I liked Mike's answers to the question from Greg from Downers Grove, IL, regarding Lombardi's take on today's NFL. I think I would add the speed of today's players at all positions. Would you agree that today's pros play a game that is much, much faster than in Lombardi's coaching years?

For sure. Speed is also a more coveted trait, and it's available in greater abundance, no different than 300-pound linemen and guys who can bench press a Volvo. Back then, the league was sprinkled with a Gale Sayers here and Bob Hayes there. Now, that kind of speed is everywhere.

Eric from Kenosha, WI

Good morning, Insiders. Why are there three cut-down days this year? Wasn't it decided a few years ago that only one cut at the end of camp was best for both players and teams?

The league went to a single cut from 90 to 53 in 2018 and 2019. Prior to that, it was a two-step cut, first to 75 and then 53. In 2020, the league went back to two-step, 80 then 53. The move to three preseason games last year ushered in a three-step cut to coincide with each week of games, first to 85, then 80 and 53. I don't know why the process has changed so much in recent years. My best guess is the owners felt expenses were too high to carry 90 players all the way through the preseason those two years in '18-19.

Andy from Ellsworth, WI

During the game there was a sideline shot with Gutey and Aaron Rodgers standing beside each other seemingly at ease by doing so. Have you noticed any interaction by the two during training camp?

Last week when Rodgers took a vet rest day, he was chatting with Gutey off to the side during practice as well. All the talk from both parties about the improved state of their relationship isn't just talk.

Benjamin from Evergreen Park, IL

The backlash of the national media is gonna be horrendous...with respect to Jordan Love. As far as the eye test goes, he looked composed and in command despite the circumstances. Even his eyes seem to say, I know what's gonna happen next. We all know this is 12's team, but in a pinch do you see 10 having the ability to pull out some critical wins for this team this year?

We won't know until it's the real thing, but Friday night Love to me looked like a more poised and composed quarterback than the one I watched at Kansas City and Detroit in the regular season last year. There's plenty to scrutinize about his game, mostly sharpening up his accuracy, and I think that'll come around the more he focuses on fundamentals with Clements. But his overall command of the action took a strong step forward, even if he shouldn't have tried to force the ball over the middle to Rodgers on that haywire third down. Huge learning moment for him.

Richard from Greenwich, NY

So Jordan Love's third interception was due to receivers running the wrong route, an error compounded by trying to force the ball in there. Don't know the down and distance, but what would have been a better decision? Tucking it in and running, throwing out of bounds, checking down?

It was third-and-8. I'm not sure he had a checkdown, because not all third-and-long plays do, depending on the defense. Just throwing the ball away wasn't really an option because he was in the pocket and would've been risking an intentional grounding call. LaFleur said he should've gone "off-schedule," which means escaping to extend the play.

Jim from Chetek, WI

So I understand and appreciate the positive reports we seem to always hear, but guys, don't the stats eventually tell us who a player is? Jordan Love throws some great passes, but too many inaccurate ones, and too many interceptions to be a quality starting quarterback in the NFL. Isn't it time to accept that?

You're deciding that based on three preseason games and 1½ games of regular-season action for the young man? I don't think that's fair. As I said Friday night in the live blog and in the wee hours writing this column, inaccurate passes can turn into killer mistakes that get you beat. Love is learning that. But who he is and will be remains undefined as far as I'm concerned. I don't get the obsession with stats and rushing to judgment.

Ron from Waukesha, WI

I don't understand all the Love hate. If Tyler Davis catches the ball for a TD and our corner doesn't trip and fall, we easily win this meaningless game and Jordan Love is the next coming. Is it ignorance about the game of football or is there no patience to develop a quarterback? Or what do you think it is?

I don't care about the final score. I do think there's a segment of the fan base that didn't like him being drafted in the first place and therefore wants him to fail. Disagreeing with the front office is arguable, but projecting that disagreement onto the kid's future is childish and shortsighted. As for all the submissions I've read about how much better a quarterback people think Danny Etling is than Love right now based on Friday night's game, you have to understand we're at practice every day, and what we see is clear and reflected in the depth chart. I have nothing against Etling and I thought he showed some spunk in San Francisco, but based on the daily body of work, he is nowhere close to being the No. 2 QB on this team. Nowhere close, and that's not an opinion. That's factually where he stands.

Levi from St. Paul, MN

I think 87 could be a solid WR early. He just seemed open every play. I'm sure it won't be so against a No. 1 CB but he sure made getting open Friday night look easy. Clean up mistakes and get on AR's good side and I could see a very solid rookie season. What do you think?

It's trending that way. Doubs is going to face better corners than he saw Friday night, but the guys he's facing in practice right now are going to help get him ready for them.

The Green Bay Packers held training-camp practice at Ray Nitschke Field on Sunday, Aug. 14, 2022.

Tom from Reedsville, WI

I also was impressed with Isaiah McDuffie. Where has he been with we-fense? Has he been working with the first or second group? Also, any word on Dallin Leavitt? I know the staff has high regard for him.

Leavitt left the game Friday night with a shoulder injury, and LaFleur said he'd be out awhile. McDuffie has worked on a lot of the first units on special teams. He's definitely shown up way more during his second training camp than he did as a rookie.

Dominic from Newark, DE

While watching the game I liked what I saw from Josiah Deguara especially in the fullback-adjacent role he was playing. Do you think that could be his niche long term as he is both a good blocker and pass catcher? If so, how long until he gets a handoff?

I don't see Deguara taking handoffs, but he does seem to be taking to the multi-pronged role the tight ends are asked to play in this offense. I did a story on him after minicamp wrapped up, and he was coming into this training camp so much more confident in what he could bring to the table after getting a real NFL offseason for once. His rookie year was the Covid washout, and last year he was rehabbing his knee all spring. He's in a different place now and I thought this preseason opener gave him another building block. He just has to keep building.

Mike from Las Vegas, NV

Welcome to the "NFL preseason," the games where everything's made up and the points don't matter.

And playing fields get destroyed by music legends, apparently. When the Packers have concerts at Lambeau, there's a reason they're in May or June. Goodness gracious.

Anthony from Sturgeon Bay, WI

Wake up….WAKE UP! Turn your alarm off, it's Monday morning, the Saints are in town and yes, getting home at 5 a.m. Saturday morning was not a bad dream.

It should be an interesting week, starting tomorrow, with another team in town. Happy Monday.