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Inbox: One makes the other that much more dangerous

Equanimeous St. Brown is one to watch for the Packers down the stretch

RBs Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon
RBs Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon

Brian from Chesapeake, VA

Has II formally welcomed our old friend? Maybe the bye threw us off, but may I be the first? Welcome December football, it is now real.

When the temperature dips, it's championship season. So, bring on the snow. Bring on the cold. Until, of course, it's 57 degrees next week and everything melts.

Sal from Hailey, ID

I'm more impressed each week with Aaron Rodgers' gameplay, given his continued absence in practice. Do you think we'll see more work from the other Aaron this week? AJ Dillon is a great back, too, obviously, but I miss seeing Jonesy with the over-the-shoulder grabs and the jukes into the end zone. He's a special talent, and it feels like we've been missing his energy.

Aaron Jones no longer is on the injury report so I'd expect to see a lot of him Sunday night. The Packers have run the ball sufficiently this year, especially in short-yardage situations, but they need more explosivity. That's where Jones comes in. To have both Jones and Dillon healthy and available this time of the year is huge for the Packers' offense. One makes the other that much more dangerous.

John from Stevens Point, WI

Who is next man up with Randall Cobb out for an extended time? Rookie Amari Rodgers? A combo of Equanimeous St. Brown and Allen Lazard? Inquiring fantasy football owners need to know.

It won't be just one wideout. Davante Adams, Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Allen Lazard can all play inside, but the guy to keep an eye on is Equanimeous St. Brown. If you recall, it was actually EQ who stepped in for Cobb when the veteran receiver was banged up in 2018. St. Brown is healthy again and confident. He's one to watch down the stretch.

Steve from Ankeny, IA

Unlike Spoff, I am not nervous about the chance we could face the Vikings in the playoffs. After watching Kirk Cousins throw the ball up for grabs so many times in our game against them, I am confident our defensive secondary will make those picks the next time. Bring them on!

I get what Spoff was saying. The Vikings are so up-and-down right now but they can beat anyone when things are clicking. The Packers are probably OK as long as they're playing at Lambeau but I, too, won't be upset if Minnesota chooses not to participate in this year's postseason.

Roger from Lakewood Ranch, FL

Good morning, Wes. Disappointed in the Thursday night game. Guess the Packers will just have to do it the old-fashioned way: Win one at a time. GO PACK GO!

The only way that matters.

Thomas from Oviedo, FL

With playoffs approaching, Packers fans are hoping we get the No. 1 seed but a close No. 2 on our wish list is hoping the Vikings are left out completely. If the Packers stay at No. 2, there's a good chance we get them in Round 1 and, with that explosive offense and them being a familiar foe, that would be awfully dangerous. The only teams to root for this weekend, besides the Packers, are the 49ers, WFT, and Rams.

The stakes of that Cards-Rams game are sneaky high. Arizona wants to stay atop the NFC, whereas LA needs to keep the momentum going after snapping its three-game skid. Both teams have a tough slate ahead of them, while Tampa Bay is in a very different boat. That's why I feel Buffalo is the real team Packers fans should be rooting for. That could be the last time the Bucs face an opponent with a winning record until the postseason.

Dana from Eau Claire, WI

What have you seen in Justin Fields' games so far? Is he the franchise QB Chicago has been searching (and drafting and trading) for?

A lot of ups and downs so far but it's clear Fields needs to be the quarterback. He still has a way to go in his development but his arm, athleticism and poise have come as advertised. Fields isn't backing down from anyone or anything. The Bears are much more explosive with him behind center.

Mike from New Orleans, LA

Thinking about Cobb's injury and potential playoff return, does the NFL have any different rules on rosters in the playoffs like the MLB? I remember there being a story last season about Jared Veldheer switching teams, mid-playoffs, and some griping by the talking heads.

No. Besides actual trades, teams can make any changes they wish to their roster in the playoffs. We'll have to wait and see if any practice-squad veterans with expiring contracts factor into that picture.

Tom from Burlington, WI

Good morning, Insiders. Last week on the game broadcast, the Seahawks were mentioned for using six DBs with great success, going back to the Legion of Boom. Do the Packers have any packages to get Jaire Alexander, Eric Stokes, Rasul Douglas, Kevin King, Chandon Sullivan, and Adrian Amos/Darnell Savage on the field together in some combination? 3-2 front with 6 DBs on first downs and passing downs would be formidable.

If Joe Barry has a seven-DB "Dollar" package up his sleeve, he's yet to reveal it. Whoever starts, the Packers are going to need all those DBs for a deep playoff run – if not one week, then probably the next.

Cody from Dickeyville, WI

I agree Pat McAfee is an entertainer more than a journalist but I still trust anything out of his mouth more than the majority of "reporters" or "journalists" out there. That goes for more than just sports reporting too. I have gotten spoiled reading you guys over the years knowing there isn't an agenda you are trying to sell me. Thanks.

I just feel like information doesn't need to be all of this or that. You all should seek different voices to form your own opinions, whether we're talking about the Packers' red-zone defense or the best ingredients for a shepherd's pie. Pat is great at what he does – reimagining sports talk. As far as his questions, I still get more out of his interviews than most over-the-air personalities. I like McAfee's personality and delivery. That video he did Thursday with his donations was like a 1985 Mid-Atlantic Wrestling promo, great storytelling. I enjoy his content for what it is, especially the positivity. Our world needs more of that.

Chuck from Rhinelander, WI

Anyone who hasn't watched the James Campen NFL video narrated by Aaron Rodgers is missing something special.

It was well done and perfectly captured the essence of the man. Like I tweeted, I think everyone in this building has a Campy story or 20. He's the absolute best. I'm so proud to call James a friend.

Aaron from Livermore, CA

In response to remote access to games in the future. VR from any player's perspective would be awesome!

The Professional Fighters League started doing this with referee cams and I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. Maybe it would be different in the trenches of a football game. When it comes to watching a football game, I prefer to see the field more than the faces.

Al from Green Bay, WI

I noticed in the "Path to the Playoffs" that the Lions have not been mathematically eliminated. Isn't it great for a franchise that has struggled for so many years to be playing meaningful football in December?

Some may see the glass as half full. Others may see it as half empty. I appreciate Al emptying the faucet and just topping the whole glass off.

Arthur from Eau Claire, WI

Just out of curiosity what (if you know) is "The Janis" up to? Still in football in some capacity or out among the masses?

He runs Janis Tire & Auto back in Michigan. If you recall, Janis sold Jordy Nelson some tires back in 2019.

Rob from Louisville, CO

Wow, Mike, your response about Robin Yount just blew me away. As soon as I saw it, "210 hits, 46 doubles, 12 triples, and 29 homers" popped into my mind. 1982 was the year I started my Milwaukee Journal paper route, and reading the sports section every day turned me into a huge Brewers fan. That worked out really well until the last game of the World Series. So how about it, Wes? Do you have a favorite stat you keep in your head?

There are two. Ben Sheets' 2004 season – 264 strikeouts and 2.70 ERA (I forget the 12-14 record part) and CC Sabathia's 2.70 ERA in 253 innings pitched during a contract year in 2008.

Michael from Pound, WI

Gentlemen, please let Rob from Aiken, SC, know that he really doesn't have a bad memory. He has just been conditioned to believe he has. My wife does the same thing. "Why did we get a new stove?" Response: "We just talked about it last week!" "Hey where did this cat come from?" Response: "We just talked about it yesterday!" And so on and so forth. I just play my part, but I know...I know...

I felt this. I really felt this.

Shilo from Murrieta, CA

Lori from Brookfield getting into II poetry is like Amazon getting into groceries! Look out everyone!

Lori has come here to do two things – submit questions/comments and chew bubblegum. And she's all out of Wrigley.

Linda from Lakewood Ranch, FL

Good morning, Biff. I noticed that your Twitter account states "I run a family business. Moonlighting as a Packers digital reporter." I always thought you were a full-time Packers employee. What's the scoop? And what, may I ask, is your family business?

I'm an importer/exporter.


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Darrick from Kimberly, WI

In my estimation in 100 years, games will be played on other planets. Requiring the use of laser data transmission. Likely to be emitted from the stadium's goalposts.

I don't know Darrick. I haven't seen him submit a question before. But I can tell this guy is going places.

Brandon from Orlando, FL

Would you be as scared as I would to witness Rodgers ripping into a WR if they pulled what Chase Claypool did?

Brutal. I get it. It was a key conversion, fourth-and-1, but it wasn't worth the eight points your team needed. Get back to the line of scrimmage, win the game and then really celebrate.

Sid from Burlington, WI

Let's take a brief moment to honor Demaryius Thomas. Packers Insider Inbox or not, it's always bigger than just football. It's life and struggle. From what I've seen and heard DT was a class act on and off the field, great human being from the people who knew him most. Thomas was a stud and a competitor. May his soul rest in peace.

It's incredibly sad and hits a little different since I'm only a few days older than Thomas. I only got to watch him play a handful of times but I'll never forget Thomas' eight-catch, 168-yard performance against Green Bay in 2015. The guy was unstoppable that day. I know Aaron Rodgers thought very highly of him, as did many of his NFL peers. May Thomas' family find peace during this difficult time.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

Rivalry renewed,

Ownership up for debate,

Don't step on his toe.

I'm not asking for a "Win one for the Gipper" speech, but I may be asking for one "We must protect this…toe!" to break the pregame huddle.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

Past performance does not guarantee future results

Now game No. 204 in the league's oldest and most-storied rivalry, Packers vs. Bears

Beware the wounded Bear and remain focused on the here and now

Stay the course green and gold

The road to No. 14 lies straight ahead

I see what you did there, Dean. Enjoy the game everybody.