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Inbox: Rashan Gary looks like he belongs, every time he's on the field

Darnell Savage is going to play a big part in a big year for the Packers’ defense

LB Rashan Gary

9. Who is your pick for breakout player of 2021?

Jacob from West Allis, WI

My pick for breakout player of 2021 is Darnell Savage. He was absolutely flying at the end of the season last year and you could argue that he has already "broken out" amongst Packer fans. I am predicting national recognition for him this coming year. All-Pro, Pro Bowl, jersey sales...you get the picture. I expect big things from the Packers defense this year and Savage will play a big part in that.

Mike from Cascade, ID

My breakout player for 2021 is Darnell Savage. His stats are impressive. He's on a high learning curve and improving each year. He and Adrian Amos are quite the pair! Six interceptions in his first two seasons, tied for No. 6 among NFL safeties over that span. The most by a Packer safety in their first two seasons since Tom Flynn (10) in 1984-85. First Packers safety to have two-plus interceptions in both of his first two NFL seasons since Aaron Rouse in 2007-08.

Aaron from Brooklyn, NY

There are so many great options among Savage, AJ Dillon, and pretty much any receiver not named Adams, but there's just no way that I can't pick Rashan Gary for breakout player of the year. We know he's got the physical tools, and every time I see him on the field, he looks like he belongs. Three years is when you can truly start to grade a draft class and I have a feeling the Packers are going to come out near the top on that one.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

My breakout player prediction is Rashan Gary. We have seen the talent and athleticism. I believe and increased workload and the experience he has accrued will make him a household name by the end of the 2021 season.

Nick from Plainwell, MI

Rashan Gary is my pick for breakout player. I think he can get double-digit sacks this year. If they can get a nice rotation between him and the Smith Bros., I believe we could have the most dominant pass rush group in the NFL.

Craig from Johnson City, TN

Eric Stokes. If he has a great year, then it means this is a top-five defense.

Brian from Urbana, IL

My pick for Packers breakout player in 2021 is Elgton Jenkins. I think he takes over at center and silences everyone who worries we haven't plugged the hole. (Editor's note: I don't think Jenkins will be playing center this year, but I agree this is the year Jenkins becomes a household name in the NFL.)

Thomas from Cedar Rapids, IA

My breakout player is Kingsley Keke. He has shown flashes so far and with all the attention going to Kenny Clark, Z, Gary and an expected resurgence of Preston Smith, Kevin King should see a lot of single blocks. Want to see our defense emerge into a top 10 or even top five? A breakout year from King is how it can happen.

Brian from Twain Harte, CA

My breakout player for 2021 is Kingsley Keke. He showed flashes last year, but I do believe he will have a monster year in 2021, as will the entire DL.

Mark from Geneva, IL

In an effort to have a different selection, I will go with Kingsley Keke. He flashed signs of his potential last year. I think the schematic changes this year will provide the platform for him to really shine.

Keith from Andover, MD

The answer has to be Thigh-ran-a-saurus Wrecks, himself: AJ Dillon. He's gonna bust through D-Lines like the Kool-Aid Man. OH YEAH!

Bob from Riverside, CA

Breakout player: Choosing a defensive and offensive player: I believe Eric Stokes will shine this year and AJ Dillon will show us why he is the Quadfather.

David from Appleton, WI

Hello Insiders! Breakout player for 2021 really depends on the QB situation. If AR12 plays for Green Bay, I think the breakout player will be AJ Dillon. If not, it better be Jordan Love.

Jason from Austin, MN

JK Scott. I hope he doesn't have to punt the ball a lot, but I can see him having a Pro Bowl-type season. The real breakout, however, is going to be when he tackles the returner, causing a fumble.

Charles from Ripon, WI

My pick for breakout player for 2021 is Marquez Valdes-Scantling. MVS in the NFCCG reminds me so much of Jordy in the Super Bowl. Both were young receivers still trying to make a splash. Both had great plays and bad plays. Jordy used that Super Bowl to springboard himself into a WR1 and I think MVS will do the same this year. I predict 70 catches for 1,600 yards and 14 TDs and zero talk next year of getting Aaron Rodgers or Jordan Love more weapons.

Bret from Hertel, WI

Friday I am going to leave rookies out of the discussion because draft and develop means just that. My breakout player is Josh Jackson. He gets a fresh start with Joe Barry as his defensive coordinator and Maurice Drayton, special teams coordinator. Jackson's experience, work ethic, contract year, and depth are premium in today's game especially at cornerback.

Shannon from Ovilla, TX

I see Amari Rodgers as the breakout player of the year. Slot receiver, jet sweep and motion guy, and punt returner should give him plenty of opportunities to make plays. This offense was great without someone with his skill set last year imagine what it can do with him.

Ryan from Milwaukee, WI

I'll go with Amari Rodgers for breakout player of 2021. I'm hoping we get to see at least one kickoff or punt returned for a TD!

Sal from Hailey, ID

Breakout player of 2021 has got to be Amari Rodgers. I think he's going to get a lot of play time between the sweeps and returns. We have been missing the Special Teams third of our game for a while, and between Drayton and ARod2, this could be our year.

Michael from Signal Mountain, TN

Josiah Deguara and Amari Rodgers…two very different receivers, but both potentially having impact years. No matter who is the quarterback (hoping it's '12'), these two have the ability to get open in multiple formations. Rodgers also will be impactful in the return game. Defenses must deal with Davante Adams, MVS, Robert Tonyan and Allen Lazard, which should provide many opportunities for Deguara and Rodgers.

Joshua from Appleton, WI

My breakout player for 2021 is Jon Runyan. You could see him progress with every snap last season. He seemed to take care of his business without any glaring flaws. I believe he will take giant strides this year and look forward to it.

George from North Mankato, MN

My breakout player for the upcoming season is Ty Summers. He will be a force on special teams and generate more impact plays in the defensive reps he earns throughout the year. Now if only we had two of him on the roster!

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Joshua from Houston, TX

As an Aggie and Packers fan, I'm really hoping that Jace Sternberger is the breakout player for 2021, but if I had to bet money, I'd probably pick Rashan Gary to breakout to the rest of the league and Jon Runyan to breakout internally as external fans don't really know other teams' linemen.

Doug from Neenah, WI

My pick for breakout player of the year is second-year linebacker Krys Barnes. If he can stay healthy, Barnes should be near the top of the league in tackles. Creating some fumbles and an interception or two would help. My 2020 pick was Robert Tonyan so I've got that going for me, which is nice. Thanks.

10. What's your go-to gameday recipe?

Ed from South Beloit, IL

It's hard to beat my venison chili and broiled venison loin with blue cheese. Good recipes to initiate those who've never eaten deer before and great to eat while watching the Pack!

Benjamin from Albuquerque, NM

Along with the usual suspects, such as brats and nachos, my wife makes these awesome Cuban sliders. Basically, take a full tray of mini Hawaiian buns, layer Black Forest Ham and slices of roast pork loin that has been glazed in mustard and honey, top with swiss cheese, beer mustard, and a single large dill pickle slice. Put them all in a glass tray, top with another tray and a couple bricks, put in 350-degree oven till the cheese is fully melted. Cool and enjoy!

Verne from Davenport, IA

My go-to gameday recipe is….spicy BBQ wings.

Jeff from Littlefork

I'm not sure I can still call it my go-to gameday recipe. For a few years after a successful black bear hunt, I made sure to thaw out a package of ground bear meat for a pot of chili whenever the Packers played the Bears. I loved devouring a big bowl of bear chili while my team was also destroying the Bears. Sadly, my supply of bear meat has run out and I haven't restocked the freezer since.

Kathie from Pasadena, TX

Buy one dozen of jalapeños, split in half, and seeded. One pound of pork sausage cooked crumbled and drained. One package of Philadelphia cream cheese, soften. Add a slice of cream cheese inside the peppers , add the pork sausage on top. Place on a cookie sheet with parchment paper and baked in a preheated 350' oven for 10-12 minutes.

Jordan from Virginia Beach, VA

Best game day meal for me is buffalo chicken sliders and homemade Mac n cheese. Chicken breasts in the crockpot with Frank's Red Hot for six hours and whatever magic my girlfriend works for her mac and cheese. You gotta try Martin's Potato Rolls for the sliders with a dab of ranch. We add a side of fried green beans or okra if we want to a healthy element. A cold IPA matches well every time.

Sal from Hailey, ID

This year, my go-to game day recipe was poached shrimp with cocktail sauce. Bring a pot of water with lemon halves, bay leaves, peppercorns, and salt to a simmer, then throw in your shrimp and cover the pot for five minutes. Transfer the shrimp to an ice bath, stir a good tablespoon of horseradish into prepared cocktail sauce, and serve with lemon wedges! Bonus: not going to kill you if you eat them all by yourself, in quarantine.

Jason from Austin, TX

Chips and queso. Not just any queso, but the grocery chain down in Texas (HEB) makes a brisket queso. You buy that and mix in some spicy guacamole. Mmmm.

Todd from Winona, MN

I always cooked salmon on the grill for Packers games. The following spring, I was grilling a salmon and my 10-year-old asked me, "What time do the Packers play?" I am like what? They don't play in the spring. He said he thought there must be a game since I was cooking salmon. Too funny.

Steve from Steamboat Springs, CO

Over the past few years, in effort to expand our family's horizons beyond brats, hamburgers or chili, we started to make gameday meals associated with the team they are playing. So, for example, when the Packers played New England a couple years back, we made clam chowder, and when they played KC, we made barbecue. It's forced our family to get more creative and do a little research for games. Our cooking skills are improving, but lots of work yet to do.

Erwin from Leesburg, FL

Shrimp dip, BABY! Eight ounces of cream cheese and 8 ounces sour cream. First sauté 1/2 onion minced in butter by itself then add the cream cheese and sour cream, two tablespoons of lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1/2 tablespoons white pepper, 1 tablespoons tabasco, 1.5 teaspoon chili powder, 1 tablespoons Worcestershire, 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt and 1/2 teaspoon Paprika. Boil one-pound of 41/50 count shrimp peeled/devein with crab boil. You can add more chili powder if you like it spicier. I usually do. Heat it up till creamy and shrimp & serve with tortilla chips.

Gretchen from Dousman, WI

Go to game day recipe: My husband and I have a small horse farm and we have laying hens who supply us with lovely eggs. As they are free range chickens and eat a large variety of fresh foods and bugs, the egg yolks are very dark yellow. Whenever I take in a game with friends I bring "Packer Eggs" which are deviled eggs topped with chopped fresh herbs.