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Inbox: Teams must build their own roadmap to victory

There’s no GPS for guaranteed success in this league

Team huddle
Team huddle

Tim from Charlotte, NC

Happy Birthday, Mike...assuming I did my Inbox Math correctly.

Everybody one clap. Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my partner in crime. Good morning!

Bob from Rome, NY

Wes, when I saw the length of Spoff's response to my question yesterday I thought I was getting scolded! Lol. A 279-word, number, abbreviations, etc. made me a proud II contributor!

There are two types of lengthy Spofford responses – eviscerations and articulations. Your submission was thought-provoking and Spoff responded in kind. Well done.

Nathan from Philadelphia, PA

Wes, what's your take on noon games vs. primetime games at Lambeau? At least we're not the Seahawks waiting on the outcome of the Mariners game Saturday to find out their kickoff time for Sunday.

I love it. There's nothing better than noon football at Lambeau Field. Primetime games are great but there's something special about walking into the stadium on a crisp Sunday morning with the smell of brats in the air. Someone bottle that up in a candle and sell it.

Dave from Edina, MN

You both have stated many times you prefer noon games. Do the players prefer them too?

Very much so. Adrian Amos was asked this question this week and he broke it down like this – not only is it easier on the body clock but it's also nice being able to go home and spend time with family before resetting for another week.

Tim from Sun Prairie, WI

No question. Just thank you all for the good work that you do. I always thought that it was written SOMEWHERE that NFL football was to be played Sunday at 12:00, after church/mass and before Sunday dinner. I am happy to report that this Sunday I have a proper schedule – Thanks again!

And it's gonna stay that week way for three of the next four weeks. Enjoy it!

Michelle from Ringgold, GA

What is it going to take for the Packers to play a complete solid game?

Relentless focus for 60 minutes.

Ross from Summerville, SC

Gents, good to hear coach's comments about Amari Rodgers. Watching him in camp he looks so smooth running in the open field. He just looks to be lacking a little experience and confidence.

Again, how is Rich Bisaccia not a head coach in the National Football League? He coaches his men hard but also doesn't kick them when they're down. Rodgers made a mistake last Sunday but it doesn't diminish all the strides the second-year returner has made under Bisaccia's watch.

David from El Segundo, CA

Hi guys. I don't know if it has been mentioned or maybe got lost in the drama of the loss, but how about that hit Jaire Alexander put on Barkley? Guy almost took him out of his cleats. What I love about Jaire is his desire to hit. Just don't hurt the shoulder again!

Postgame X-rays revealed that young man has that dawg in him. Alexander is such a complete football player. He doesn't back down from anyone or anything.

Zeke from Munich, Germany

Insiders, the Packers only used Christian Watson on end-around plays last week and the opponent appeared prepared as it pretty much got shut down. Is the success of the end-around more proficient if the opponent sees the player as a downfield threat, as well?

Every game is different. The Packers had success with Watson a week earlier on the end-arounds and obviously the Giants prepared for it. While it might not have netted a big gain in London, the motion set the table for the play-action pass on Marcedes Lewis' 2-yard touchdown. The end-around has been a staple of Matt LaFleur's offenses here. When run efficiently, it's been productive.

Vic from Livingston, TX

I have a feeling momentum will build and we will be in a good position going into the playoffs. It's a long season, the Pack is blessed with a solid coaching staff and highly talented players. Plus, special teams aren't killing us this year. Hang on to 'yer hats, ladies and gents...the going is about to get fun!

The stabilization of special teams is one of the most underrated parts of this Packers season to date. There will be adversity to overcome at some point, but that unit is built on a much firmer foundation this year. The infusion of Dallin Leavitt, Keisean Nixon and Rudy Ford has proved to me just how important it is to have veteran leaders who relish their roles on teams.

Kevin from Gurnee, IL

If LaFleur's offense is designed to "scheme" receivers open, why is everyone wondering why the receivers can't beat the coverage? I'm beginning to think the teams running the "Shanahan" offense (Rams, 49ers) are quickly being figured out.

Quickly? Even if I agreed with the premise of your question, you're telling me the offenses of Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan are "quickly" being figured out in Year 6 of their respective coaching tenures?

Nate from Manitowoc, WI

If you could bring back one throwback uniform for the Pack, which one would it be? I personally would love to see the 1984-88 uniforms with the numbers on the pants.

And the "G" logo on the sleeves. The Packers may not have won a lot back then but those were sweet. My personal favorite is the 1935-36 uniforms. It was the first time the Packers used the green-and-gold combination. *Chef's kiss*

Linda from Lakewood Ranch, FL

Good morning, Wes. There has been so much talk by the coaches and the players about why the team is not playing up to potential. They all claim to take responsibility for the problems, and they claim that they know what has to be corrected. Yet, the results seem to be the same each week – less than four quarters of performance and lack of adjustments during the game. I'm still waiting for the improvement that I trust will happen. My question is how long do I have to wait?

There's no GPS for guaranteed success in this league. Teams must build their own roadmap to victory. That's why you put the work in. With steady improvement, the prospect of playing a complete game becomes tangible. Five weeks in, the Packers remain on the hunt.

Stan from Merrill, WI

One of Vic's strengths was to point out the human confrontation element of football. The challenge of lining up face-to-face with an athlete who was intent on imposing his will against you. What matchup are you most looking forward to this Sunday?

David Bakhtiari and Elgton Jenkins vs. Carl Lawson and the Jets' defensive ends. It's going to be paramount to keep Aaron Rodgers clean after New York registered an astounding 16 hits on Teddy Bridgewater and Skylar Thompson last week. The Packers' offensive line also will be a catalyst for moving the ball with Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon against a formidable Jets front.

Rob from Sorrento, FL

Hi Insiders, what is the latest on Samori Toure? With Christian Watson unable to stay healthy and on the field, will we finally see him active? What do you see in practices from him? Sounded like he impressed during training camp, but then nothing since his move to the practice squad. Curious minds want to know…

Toure remains in the conversation (and on the 53), but the Packers also have a veteran on the practice squad in Juwann Winfree they can turn to. Winfree has just been elevated to the gameday roster once this season. He can do it twice more before the Packers would have to sign him to the active roster.

David from Presque Isle, WI

Young men, what is the procedure for bringing back alumni to be acknowledged at home games? Who selects them? Do they request to come back? Who pays for travel, lodging and meals? Keep up the good work in this time of trial and tribulation.

Our community outreach department handles all that, organizing schedules and arranging accommodations. It's always great to see alumni come back to Lambeau Field. I'm psyched for the return of Jayrone Elliott and Sam Barrington this weekend. Both former Walter Payton Man of the Year nominees for the Packers and two of my all-time favorites in the locker room.

Rick from Poulsbo, WA

Good morning. Jim from Tempe raised the issue of personal relationships between professional coaches impacting their game-planning and in-game adjustments. An interesting question. Given the closeness of the NFL coaching community and the number of friendships, is it unusual for coaches to put aside their professional rivalries to share a dinner or some personal time together in days before a game? After a game, might they share insights into each team's weaknesses?

That's what the offseason is for. Coaches might exchange pleasantries and conversation before a game, but I haven't heard of many getting dinner prior to a regular-season game. There's too much to be done. Even for brothers like Matt and Mike LaFleur, there is little time to be wasted.

The Green Bay Packers held practice at Clarke Hinkle Field on Friday, Oct. 14, 2022.

Josh from Barcelona, Spain

Why aren't the coordinators' and assistant coaches' press conferences summarized anymore on the site? I always appreciated seeing the key points each Thursday in written form.

We still do summaries of the assistant coaches' news conferences, but they post on Friday mornings now. Here is this week’s edition.

Ryan from Noblesville, IN

I'm not sure if making positive comments about division foes is frowned upon in II, but Justin Fields is a very mature, calm, and collected player. He seems to keep emotions inside, never begging refs for flags and letting them do their job, and a pro's pro. Pretty amazing for a young man just starting his career under a big light. I'm not rooting for him but am impressed by the man himself.

It's not easy to be a young quarterback on a rebuilding team. Just ask Trevor Lawrence. Fields has displayed a lot of toughness, though. The results haven't been optimal so far but there's still a lot of football left to be played.

Tim from Fayetteville, NC

What is the Packers' largest margin of victory during a playoff game?

The Packers beat the New York Giants, 37-0, in the 1961 NFL Championship Game. Y.A. Tittle thew for 65 yards and was picked off four times. His passer rating was 1.

Frank from Roanoke Rapids, NC

I think that the Packers shouldn't let opponents dictate to them what plays to run, but the Packers should do what they are really good at now and that's running the ball. The pass offense will eventually come around. Also, I think that the defense should put Alexander on the opposing team's best receiver.

Good to see "Insider Suggestion Box" is back.

Bruce from Jackson, WI

Gentlemen, to the anonymous Insider who asked Mike the critical question whether or not Wes would eat a pumpkin spice bratwurst I say... so long as the Packers WIN Sunday does it really matter? I mean I for one would be willing to start a Go Fund Me page to supply Wes with a year's supply of said bratwurst and any root beer of his choice for a win. That is unless the Packers organization has a policy of accepting gifts valued in excess of $100, in which case I'll eat said brats for you Wes! GPG!

Haven't we covered this topic before? If a brat's cookin', Hod is lookin'.

Bob from Lakeland, MN

I've been an avid reader for years. I've never asked a Q. So here we go! Do either of you guys use a CPAP?

All these years of loyal readership, Bob…and that's the question you run with…haha…and no.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

Sunday will be a special day as my son Noah attends his first Packer game. As I reflect back on 30 years as a fan, I am reminded that these moments are special and last a lifetime. I can remember my dad bringing me through the concourse and seeing the grass for the first time. It was a magical day through the eyes of a child. I hope for more wins and more championships, but what I really hope is for Noah to feel how I'm feeling someday as he brings his child to their first game. GPG!

Amen. Happy first gameday, Noah! Enjoy the game, everybody. I gotta go get me some omelets.

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