Aaron Rodgers



Experience: 18 years

Height: 6-2

Age: 38

Weight: 225 lbs

College: California


  • TDS
  • INT
  • YDS
  • RTG


2021Green Bay Packers1653136668.941157.87537421340.15530188111.9
2020Green Bay Packers1652637270.742998.27848521641.15720182121.5
2018Green Bay Packers1659737262.344427.47525220033.5554935397.6
2017Green Bay Packers723815464.716757721668535.7212216897.2
2016Green Bay Packers1661040165.744287.36640722236.45735246104.2
2015Green Bay Packers1657234760.738216.76531817330.2554631492.7
2014Green Bay Packers1652034165.643818.48038521942.15928174112.2
2013Green Bay Packers929019366.625368.78317610837.23521117104.9
2012Green Bay Packers1655237167.242957.87339821138.25451293108
2011Green Bay Packers1550234368.346439.29345620841.46436219122.5
2010Green Bay Packers1547531265.739228.386281118338.55431193101.2
2009Green Bay Packers1654135064.744348.28330719736.45550306103.2
2008Green Bay Packers1653634163.640387.571281318234483423193.8
2007Green Bay Packers2282071.42187.84310932.12324106
2006Green Bay Packers215640463.11600213.3031848.2
2005Green Bay Packers316956.2654.11601318.8032839.8


2021Green Bay Packers16331013.11831030.3002
2020Green Bay Packers16381493.91431539.5003
2018Green Bay Packers16432696.32322046.5302
2017Green Bay Packers7241265.21801041.7000
2016Green Bay Packers16673695.52342537.3303
2015Green Bay Packers16583445.91812034.5000
2014Green Bay Packers16432696.31922046.5003
2013Green Bay Packers9301204180930001
2012Green Bay Packers16542594.82722037200
2011Green Bay Packers15602574.32531830100
2010Green Bay Packers15643565.62742234.4102
2009Green Bay Packers16583165.43552543.1202
2008Green Bay Packers16562073.72142137.5104
2007Green Bay Packers27294.1130342.9000
2006Green Bay Packers22115.560150000
2005Green Bay Packers3273.580150000


2021Green Bay Packers161-4-4-400000
2020Green Bay Packers161-6-6-600000
2018Green Bay Packers16
2017Green Bay Packers7
2016Green Bay Packers16
2015Green Bay Packers160000000
2014Green Bay Packers16
2013Green Bay Packers9
2012Green Bay Packers161-1-1-100000
2011Green Bay Packers15
2010Green Bay Packers15
2009Green Bay Packers16
2008Green Bay Packers16
2007Green Bay Packers2
2006Green Bay Packers2
2005Green Bay Packers3


2021Green Bay Packers16302
2020Green Bay Packers16421
2018Green Bay Packers16631
2017Green Bay Packers7
2016Green Bay Packers16
2015Green Bay Packers160
2014Green Bay Packers160
2013Green Bay Packers9
2012Green Bay Packers16
2011Green Bay Packers15
2010Green Bay Packers15
2009Green Bay Packers160
2008Green Bay Packers160
2007Green Bay Packers2
2006Green Bay Packers2
2005Green Bay Packers3


2021Green Bay Packers16
2020Green Bay Packers16
2018Green Bay Packers16
2017Green Bay Packers7
2016Green Bay Packers16
2015Green Bay Packers16110000
2014Green Bay Packers16110000
2013Green Bay Packers9
2012Green Bay Packers16
2011Green Bay Packers15
2010Green Bay Packers15
2009Green Bay Packers16110000
2008Green Bay Packers16220000
2007Green Bay Packers2
2006Green Bay Packers2
2005Green Bay Packers3


  • Ranks No. 3 in NFL history (min. 1,500 attempts) in career passer rating (104.5) and No. 1 in TD/INT ratio (4.83, 449/93) and interception percentage (1.31).
  • Has been named the NFL's Most Valuable Player by The Associated Press four times in his career (2011, 2014, 2020, 2021), one of only two players (since the award's inception in 1957) to win the league MVP more than three (Peyton Manning).
  • Has posted the top two single-season passer-rating marks in league history (122.5 in 2011, 121.5 in 2020).
  • Was named to the 2010s All-Decade Team by the Pro Football Hall of Fame, one of two QBs (Brady) selected to the team by the HOF's 48-member selection committee.
  • Has been selected to the Pro Bowl in 10 of the last 12 seasons (2009, 2011-12, 2014-16, 2018-21), with his 10 career selections the most in franchise history.
  • Has posted five of the eight seasons in league history with 500-plus passing attempts and five or fewer INTs (2014, 2018-21), with three other QBs doing it one time.
  • Has registered three of the four seasons in NFL annals with 35-plus TD passes and five or fewer INTs (2014, 2020-21).
  • Among QBs with 30-plus passing TDs in a season, holds four of the top five single-season marks in NFL history for TD/INT ratio, including a league-record 9.60 mark (48/5) in 2020. Among QBs with 500-plus attempts in a season, holds the top six single-season marks for TD/INT ratio.
  • Has the only three seasons in NFL history with 40-plus TD passes and seven or fewer INTs (45/6 in 2011, 40/7 in 2016 and 48/5 in 2020). His three seasons with 40-plus TD passes rank tied with Brady for No. 1 in league annals.
  • Has led the league in INT percentage an NFL-record six times in his career (2009, 2014, 2018-21), with his current streak of four straight seasons the longest streak in league annals (no one else has done it in more than two straight).
  • Among QBs with 500-plus attempts, holds the top three single-season marks for INT percentage in NFL history (0.34 in 2018, 0.70 in 2019, 0.75 in 2021) and five of the top six marks.
  • Set an NFL single-season record in 2018 with his interception percentage of 0.34 (two INTs on 597 attempts), besting the previous mark held by Chiefs QB Damon Huard (0.41 in 2006). Also set a league record in 2018 for consecutive passing attempts without an INT (402).
  • Has thrown 224-plus passes with a single-digit INT total in each of the last 11 seasons (2011-21), the longest streak in NFL history ahead of Alex Smith (seven, 2013-18, 20) and Neil O'Donnell (five, 1991-95).
  • Set NFL records for passing TDs (432), passer rating (104.3), TD/INT ratio (4.70) and the fewest INTs (92) at the time of his 200th start.
  • In the franchise record books, holds nine of the top 10 single-season marks for passer rating (2009-14, 2016, 2020-21), six of the top eight for passing TDs (2011-12, 2014, 2016, 2020-21), eight of the top nine for completion percentage (2010-14, 2016, 2020-21) and seven of the top 10 for passing yards (2009, 2011-12, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020).